The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 9

I’m sorry I cant upload yesterday. My house was flooded yesterday and it took a full day to remove the water. It was knee high, I’m just glad that my friend’s laptop that I borrowed aren’t submerged in the water. Well to made up for it, I’ll upload another chapter in a few hours. See you later and enjoy!

Chapter 9 Giant Ants

While moving along the animal path, I try to search for small animals, but they are hard to find.

I can only hunt small animals like rabbit and mice.

I wish I could hunt something bigger, but if I get greedy I’ll get hurt.

I learned this from experience.

It’s still impossible with my ability.


“…..There’s none~…..what a shame.”


There seems to be no small animals around here.

I can’t find them even after searching for their presence.

I’m glad I picked the nuts I found on the way.

Otherwise I’m going to put my hand to the last piece of dried meat.


But, somehow I feel that not only small animals but also large animals are few in this place.

Once again, I check for presence around me, but I didn’t catch anything.

That’s stange……


I looked for a while, and gave up.

Eat the nuts and find a place to sleep today.

There are no holes or caves that can be used as a place to hide … Is it on a tree today?

Look around for trees and choose the one with a thick trunk.

It’s branch is thick and felt more stable than usual, so I decided to rest on a branch that was a little higher.

A little early, but let’s rest for today.

I’m somewhat tired.

The most inconvenient part of a journey is sleep, you can’t sleep well.

You’re likely to die if you sleep well.




I woke up feeling a sense of danger.

It ’s still far away, but it’s heading to this place at great speed.

What to do, should I move?

Or keep hiding like this?

Calm down my heart, and check it’s presence.


Given the speed of it’s movement, it seems that I can’t outrun it.

I pressed my body against the gap in the tree I found.

Hold my breath, hide my presence, and wait for it to pass is the only thing that I can do.


After a while, the sound of fallen leaves being step gradually approches.

The sound come not from one but a few dozens.

The presence were mixed, so I can’t figure out the numbers.

Hold the body that seems to tremble, and harden it so that it doesn’t move as much as possible.


If I move they’ll notice!


Under the tree where I lurk, a lot of noise passes by.

Move my line of sight slowly and check the origin of the sound.

Through the gap of the tree I could see a glowing body, lit by the moonlight.

…..Certainly that is, Huge Ant that I’ve seen in the book.

They’re supposed to be a monster that attacked in group.

If I look closely, there are several black lumps moving under the tree……

It’s size is over 1 meter and it’s movement is…!

When I look, my body is trembling, so I shut my eyes tightly and erase my presence.


How much time has passed, the presence of the Huge Ants has moved away.

But, I still can’t move.

If I move now, they might come back and attack me.

After quite a while, strength finally left my body. (かなり時間がたってから、ようやく体から力を抜くことができた。)

…..I’m exhausted.


The presence are no more, but I still check my surrounding to make sure.

This forest may be close to the Huge Ant’s nest.

….So that’s why there are no animals around…..

Haah, I didn’t notice.


The reason for the unusually small number of animals is that there was a cause.

Speaking of which, it seems that there were multiple traces on the ground…..

Are this their footprints? (あれが足跡だったのだろうか?)

I don’t know about it for the first time, but I’ll remember it. (初めての事で分からないが、覚えておこう。)

Even so, their numbers are amazing.

I’m glad they didn’t notice me.

It was really scary. (恐かった~。) (I know what it means, I just can’t phrase it better UwU )

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