The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 Dumping site = Illegal Dumping

Men take out trash from his magic bags and let the slime dispose them.

…..He looks like an adventurer from afar.

When I check for presence around me, I felt a number of presence at a distance.

The presence was so thin that I didn’t notice it.

It may be a team of high ranking adventurers.

I quietly move away in the opposite direction from them.


When I return to the animal path, I breathe out.

I was so nervous.

In the depths of the forest a little farther, there are signs of the adventurers.

That said, it is quite thin and difficult to read.

I managed to feel their presence and see if they were coming to my direction.

……It seems they didn’t, what a relief.


Perhaps they notice my presence.

But not interested.

It’s the first time I’ve ever seen an adventurer with such a thin presence.

It’s a little scary.


Take a deep breath and walk towards the next village.


I stop several times to check for presence around me.

There are various presence, but it’s not hostile.

I can no longer feel the presence of the team of adventurers.

If they deliberately hide their presence, I wouldn’t be able to find them, but it’s probably fine.


I walk while avoiding monsters and animals.

Since I have never seen an accurate map, I do not know the distance to the next village.

For the time being, I choose a path that doesn’t stray too far from the village road


Four days before arriving to the next village. (次の村を目指して4日。)

This is weird.

There’s a garbage dump in front of me.

But there are no villages around.

I heard that a dump is always near a village.

I look at the things that has been thrown.

Discolored potion, a broken bottle.

A broken sword, and possibly a broken magic bag.

…..What I know is, there are more broken things than the dump in the village.

Perhaps, it’s been abandoned by adventurers? (もしかして、冒険者の捨て場だろうか?)

I heard about it, but this is the first time I see it.


Looking at the trash, there’s seems to be nothing that can be taken.

I take out the trash that I had planned to dispose from my magic bags.

…..For some reason I have an unpleaseant feeling, let’s just not throw it away.


I can always throw it away in a village, so I won’t do it here. (村には捨て場と言うものが必ずあるが、認められてはいない。)

There is also a slime to process it in the village.

But, the number is not sufficient.


Two stars tamers can tame up to five slimes per person.

There’s only a few who do it, I heard that most people only tame two.

The amount that can be processed in one day varies depending on the slimes.

I heard that the capital and towns are hiring many tamers.

Villages can give money to a town to process it, but most villages can’t afford it.

Therefore, there’s a garbage dump.

I understand, but i can’t overlook it. (村は知っているが、見て見ぬふりだ。) (T/N: help me with this one please)


I heard that things in the forest are abandoned by adventurers.

Adventurer’s team must always has a tamer with a slime in their team.

This seems to be decided by law.

You can throw away things that your slime can’t handle in a dedicated place.

But the reality is the illegal dump in front of me.

Since the broken things became a burden, they will be left in the forest.

Few adventurer’s team have slime to handle inorganic matter.

At least S ranked team has one, the Forunte Teller said so to me.


It doesn’t matter if I throw it away, but I stopped.

Somehow, I feel like it will only be in the way. (……なんとなく、前の私が邪魔をしたような気がする。)

I wonder if this is the one called [Illegal Dumping]. (『ふほうとうき』ってなんだろう。)


……Let’s continue to the village.

Let’s throw it away in the village garbage dump.

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