The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 79


Chapter 79 Slave

“We’ll be together starting today”

I grasp the hand that Latrua offered.

The two of us will be exploring this town for a while from today.

The problem is how far the people in the organization are willing to go.

“Then, what should we do today? Looking around the city?”

“Um, before that, can I go to the river to do some laundry?”

“Eh? ……Washing in the river?”

Ah, because it can be wash with clean magic, it’s rare for people to do that.

I wonder what the good way to say it.


“Could it be Ivy, can’t use clean and water magic?”

There is no hiding this.

I prepare myself.


“Is that so. …..There’s a laundromat in town, do you want to go there?” (T/N: 洗濯場(Sentaku-ba)=Washhouse. Or laundry place fits better? But I’ll use laundromat for the time being)


I have never heard of it.

“What kind of place is it?”

“Nn? I see, I wonder if it’s only in a big town? A laundromat is a place that’s open to people who can’t use clean magic or water magic. Well, the people who can use it is also using it” (T/N: “People who can use magic is also using it”, if it’s not clear)

People who can’t use clean and water magic?


Shouldn’t anyone be able to use magic for everyday needs?

“Um, person who can’t use magic is…..”

How should I ask it?

Are there many of them?


It’s something I didn’t expect to hear, so I can’t put together what I want to ask.

“Nn? ah I see, Ratomi is a small village huh. You see, maybe you were taught that anyone can use fire, water, and clean magic for everyday needs, but that’s a misunderstanding”

“A misunderstanding?”

“That’s right, it’s a misunderstanding that anyone can use these three. Some people can only use two or one of the three, and some can’t because of the amount of magic they have. Didn’t you notice when you were using the square? A flint to start the fire was prepared. That’s because even among the adventurers, there’s someone who can’t use fire magic”

It was certainly there.

Not only in this town, but also in the village.

“By the way, I can’t use water magic”


“It seems you didn’t notice”

I hadn’t noticed it at all.

Eh, but……when we were cooking, I think he was the one that prepared the water.

…..Ah, could it be, that was a magic item?

“The thing you used to fill the pot with water, is it magic item?”

“Correct! Shifal went out of his way to find and buy it for me because I couldn’t use water magic”

“Is that so? Shifal is kind, isn’t he”

“Well, something like that. ……Unless you really piss him off”

Aa, certainly, Shifal was scary yesterday.

But still, it was mother who taught me but, it’s a misunderstanding huh.

Then, it’s not necessary to hide the fact that I can’t use life magic, isn’t it?

Ah, but I wonder how many people can’t use it because of the amount of magic they have.

“Um, are there quite a few people who can’t use life magic due to their low magic power?”

“I’m not sure how much. But I do know someone. Maybe Ivy is due to the lack of magic power?”

“Yes. I could use the magic itself, but the amount of magic power I had was completely useless”

“I see…, and you still go on a journey? Even though it’s dangerous”

“Well, that is right”

“If you could use fire magic, it would be useful in case of emergency. Nn~, after all, a slave is…..”

Come to think of it, Latrua recommends slaves.

Why is that.

“Why slaves are good? Um, I’m a little unfamiliar with it”

“Ah~, it’s been around since I was little, so I don’t have any particular feelings about slaves. Of course, a criminal slave is a different matter. There are also adventurers I know who became slaves. There is also a feeling of camaraderie. There’s also the feeling to meet a good master. And if it’s a little debt, it would be a several years contract, so the sooner they sign up and pay off the debt, the quicker they comeback becoming adventurer, right?”

“A few years contract? Return to becoming an adventurer?”

“Eh? You don’t know?”


“It’s impossible if it’s a large amount of money, but if it’s a small amount of debt, you become a slave in the form of a 3 or 5-year contract. A lot of these adventurers are mostly in small debts, so a several years contract applies to them”

“That’s right. I thought slavery was a lifetime contract. I’ve heard the adventurers talk about it once, but there was a sense of sadness in the air”

“Hahaha, that contract would make slaves very expensive. And while the minimum for a criminal slave is 10 years for a misdemeanor, don’t you think a lifetime for a small debt slave is too heavy”

“Certainly, that’s true”

When you register with the Adventurer’s Guild, there is a short course you have to take but, the first thing you will learn about is money. Thinking when you fail a request, you have to have it prepared. Also, if you can’t pay the debt, you will fall into slavery. Well, it’s already well known”

“Guild’s short course…..”

“That’s right. So, many adventurers are making preparations to avoid falling into slavery. Even when getting a request, they will think about when they failed the request. However, even when making complete preparations, it’s still difficult. So if they fail a request, they may end up with a little bit of debt. That’s how they fell into slavery. But, because it’s a small amount, most will come back in 3 or 5 years”

“I see”

“The guys who were giving off that grief are probably spending all their money. Even when receiving a warn by the guild, an idiot like that is also exist”


“If you are a skilled adventurer slave, there’s also sometimes an acquaintance who makes a contract with them. Well, this is on the condition that he knows an adventurer who has accumulated so much gold”

Somehow, it’s not quite the slave I thought it would be.

When falling into slavery, I thought they would be a slave for the rest of their life.

I don’t know where this kind of knowledge got mixed up from.

……From the previous me huh.

Nn~…..betrayal is rampant, and when you’re a slave it would be for life…..I wonder what kind of world did I live in before.

Definitely, it’s a tougher world than here.

“Ivy? Are you okay?”

“Ah, sorry. I’m okay. …..Those few years, what would happen to the things you want to keep secret that they knew at the time?”

“Aa, as for the information they learned when they were a slave, they can’t talk about it when they’re freed from slavery because they’re magically bound to it”

I see, magic.

Somehow, the rejection I felt for the slaves has diminished.

But slaves are too expensive to afford, though.

“It’s here, eh there are lots of people today”

In front of me are people who are doing their laundry.

When thinking that people can’t use magic, it feels a bit strange.

That’s because, until now, the people I had thought not existed is right in front of me.


“What will you do……Ivy, are you okay?”

“There are more people than I expected… surprises me”

“Hahaha, is that so”

It’s not like all of them are people who can’t use it but, there were more people in the laundromat than I had imagined.

I look for an empty spot in the washroom and wash my clothes.

The tub is like a magic item, when the water inside the tub were dump, the tub will automatically be filled with water.

I was a little excited about my first time using magic item and Latrua laughed at me.

Washing clothes and other items that have accumulated on the journey can be quite a lot.

I finish washing everything and put it in the basket I brought with me.

“Good work~, are you finish?”

Ah, I was so frantic in washing that I forgot that we came together.

…..Also about the decoy.

The feeling of relief that Latrua is with me is a bit dangerous.

Let’s be more focused.

“Sorry. I have made you wait”

“It’s fine. Then, it’s no use if you not dry it so, shall we return to the square”


As we head to the plaza, I have him give me information about stores.

As expected of someone living here, he knows a lot.

It’s quite detailed, especially about sweet shops.

Speaking of which, about the Mirpa yesterday, he seemed to like it a lot.

I saw a building where many people entered.

When I turned my eyes to it, I saw a cross on the roof of the building.

It’s a church.

…..A place that changed my life.

It’s a place I keep avoiding.

I turned my eyes towards another direction, so that I wouldn’t notice it.

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  1. So I guess they’re more like indentured servants? Of course, I guess that depends on what the magic actually does. Making them follow through with spoken promises (like keeping a secret) would be fine and it does feel like a classic magic-esque idea. But if the magic is actually forcing them follow the master’s orders, then they are slaves, no two ways about it.

    1. I guess like usual slaves, they have to follow what their master said, but maybe their livelihood is guaranteed by the contract they sign when they were becoming slave/bought. Like what Latrua said, they were magically bound by the contract to keep the secrets. So maybe something like that.

      I have re-checked the raw but it wasn’t explained about the life situations of the slaves. Maybe it will be explained in the future chapter.

  2. i mean it still bothers me that they have no protection during the time they are indentured… like what if their owner decides to abuse them? do they have rights??

    1. It wasn’t explained about the slave’s livelihood but maybe they were protected by the contract they sign when becoming a slave or bought. The master will also have to sign a contract when buying a slave, so the master is probably bound by the contract to take care of their slaves properly. We can only wait for the author to explain it in the future chapter.

  3. The tub is like a magic item, and when you dump water in it, the water automatically fills the tub.

    Sooo it’s a normal tub??

    1. Damnit, I was laughing hard reading your comment, but sorry it was my fault.

      It should be like “when the water inside the tub was dump/throw away, the tub will automatically be filled with water”. I thought I already fixed it. Thanks for pointing it out, even though unintentionally.

    1. Heeeyyyyyy. Mr Police officer, there seems to be something dangerous over hereeeeeeee!

  4. Muchas gracias por los capitulos, cuando leí el manga me encantó y la verdad soy poco de leer novelas, esta sería la 3° y no pensé que me gustaría mucho, solo la empecé por curiosidad y ver como iba la historia, pero me encantó y sin darme cuenta ya voy al día, mil gracias por su gran y fantástico trabajo (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

    1. Thank you!!! Glad you enjoy it! I will try my hardest to deliver a good translations!!

      Una vez más, muchas gracias!! (Using google translate 😆)

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