The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 78


Chapter 78 Role

The sweetness spreads when I put the white stuff in my mouth. (T/N: Fck)

“Delicious. ……It’s really delicious”

The gentle sweetness naturally makes me smile.

Borold looks at me and pats me on the head.

Come to think of it, it was Borold who bought this for me.

“Borold, it’s delicious. Thank you very much”

“Hahaha, Ivy really is a good kid. It’s called Milpa, and it’s a milk-based sweets” (T/N: Milpa(ミルパ/Mirupa))

So it’s a milk candy, this is.

I take another bite of the Milpa.

I can’t help but smile at the fluffy sweetness.

Have the previous me ever eaten something called candy before?

I was very nostalgic when I heard it was sweets, though.

But still, it’s delicious.

It’s heavy to think about what’s to come, but it’s a bit of happiness.

Nouga and Loukreek cleaned up the dishes and other dirty things, and I prepared tea beside them.

All of us return to our seats once more and slowly drink our tea.

“Isn’t it about time we started talking?”

I’m a little nervous at what Marleek words.

Borold, who had gone to report to the guild, said, “Right”, and looked at the four people who had joined later.

“What about you guys? If it’s impossible then it can’t be helped that you think that way”

I’m a little confused because there’s no subject, but perhaps it’s about fighting the organization or believing the story?

I’m a little nervous about how they made their decision.

“There’s the feeling of not wanting to belive…..are our voice okay?”

“I’m using a magic item so people can’t hear us”

“Then it’s fine. I don’t want to believe it in terms of my feelings, but I trust the judgments of my companion based on what they see and experience. I don’t want to run away from the facts. I’ll fight with you”

The other three nodded at Loukreek’s words.

I felt amazed that they were able to be prepared in this short amount of time.

If it were me, I’m sure it would bother me a lot.

Is this the judgment of high ranking adventurers?

So amazing.

“Then, what did Gilmas said?”

At Nouga’s words, everyone’s gazes drawn to Borold.

“Maybe he had something on his mind. He wasn’t surprised when I talked about the Green Wind. And so, I talked about Ivy. That includes about the decoy. “It’s dangerous but, I’ll count on you”, is what he said. I can’t meet with Gilmas right now because they’ll know our moves, but he wants to say hello when all is over”

“Ivy, are you really okay with it?”

Nouga’s face getting a little scary.

This is his face of concerns, I know because I have been with him for a while.

“Yes. I’m fine”

Since I have no power, I travel with the basic premise of escaping.

If I’m being targeted, I’ll run, that is important, but as far as talks go, I have no confidence that I can escape.

Then, I just have to jump in.

This time, I have eight people in front of me who I can trust.

So it will be okay.

“So, what do you want Ivy to do as a decoy?”

“It’s not natural to let him act alone when he knows he’s being targeted, right”

Seizelk answer to Latrua’s question.

Certainly, Mira and her companions, who know the personalities of the eight people here, would wonder if I acted alone.

“That’s for sure. They know our personality. They will definitely feel something”

Borold seems to feel the same way.

“In the meantime, we’ll just check out what the Green Wind guys are doing. As long as the merchants are here, there’s a chance they’ll take some action. ……There’s maybe some chance that they will make contacts with the other traitors. Gilmas also said he’d go over all the adventurers again”

Maybe Gilmas still thinks there are traitors among the adventurers.

Thinking of the Green Wind, we also need to be wary with other adventurers.

If I make a move, wouldn’t the lookout of the organization will also make a move? Even when I were alone and aimed, they won’t know if I were being watched, what do you think?”

“Is Ivy really 9 years old? Sometimes I feel you are much older than that”

My heart jumped at Marleek’s words.

It’s definitely the influence of the previous me.

But, I wonder where did he feel like that about what he just said.

Especially when it sounds like a 9 years old could say.

……I don’t get it.

“Then, I’ll be together with you”

Latrua puts his hand on my head and laughs.

If it’s a decoy, one would be better, but it certainly wouldn’t create any suspicion if we were together.

‘That’s true, There’s no way you would leave Ivy alone”

Everyone nodded at Seizelk’s words.

After all, Latrua must be quite concerned and caring.

As a result of the discussion, me and Latrua will be working together for a few days.

In the meantime, the others’ going to find out who is watching over me.

The rest of the day was spent investigating the actions of the Green Wind, especially Torto and Maruma.

They seem to disappear sometimes.

The explanation so far seemed to be that they were doing special training in the forest and completing requests with just the two of them.

That, too, appears to be suspicious behavior when you consider that they are traitors.

“Ivy, Latrua is a high ranking adventurer and also strong. But there are limits to what he can do alone. But we’ll cover you from the shadows, of course.”


“If the organization catches you, don’t provoke them to save your life. We’ll definitely come and get you”


I kept on thinking about what would happen if I got caught.

I believe they will come and save me.

But as long as we don’t know how huge an organization it is, there are no things that are certain.

…..I’m sure there are times when you can’t help them even if you want to.

But still, I’ll believe them.

“I’ll be counting on you”

“Me too, I’ll be in your care!”

Latrua hugged me tightly…..and suddenly let go.

“Sorry. You’re already 9 years old. ……But I still get the impression that you’re still 7 years old”

“…….No, it’s okay”

I see, it’s because he still sees me as 7 years old.

…..Although my childish appearance helped me, it still reminded me that my growth is slow.

How sad.

“It’s gone”

I turned my gaze to the somewhat tragic voice.

I see Rickbelt coming out of my tent. (T/N: Lmao XD)

I’m glad I evacuate Sora from there.

“Rick. Don’t go into people’s tent without permission!”

“Geez. Can’t you do something about that sickness in Rickbelt?”

“I think it’s impossible. It didn’t heal even when Gilmas warned him”

“Aren’t you all terrible? And that Gilmas warned was a hell called special training”

He seems to have been through something before.

At the word “warn” from Gilmas, Rickbelt’s face turns blue.

But still, a sickness huh.

I see.

“Ivy, that thing in Rickbelt is not a sickness, you know”

“Eh? But, you said it was sickness”

Shifal shrugged.

“Abnormal…..hmm~, is a situation where you like something too much, something like that” (T/N: The word Ivy use here is “病気(byouki)” which means illness, disease, sickness. While Shifal uses “病的(byouteki)” which means abnormal. Ivy thinks that it’s literally a disease, while Shifal pointing it out as an abnormal condition(or addiction maybe). And those two words almost sound the same. Which why Ivy didn’t truly understand in the next sentence, maybe)

So difficult.

Somehow I understand, and I don’t at the same time.

At any rate, I guess that means that Rickbelt’s love of cute things has gone too far.

“Ivy, can you show the slime for a moment?”

An expression of curiosity floats across Shifal’s face.

Seizelk wouldn’t talk to it to Gilmas, but he wanted to talk about it to his companions, so he allowed them to see it.

About what explanation he gives to them, I haven’t heard it.

“It’s okay but”

I turn my gaze to Rickbelt.

He’s been looking at me ever since he came out of the tent.

His gaze won’t budge at all.

……Honestly, it’s scary.

“Aa, wait a minute”

Shifal puts his arm around Rickbelt’s neck and moves a little further away.

I can’t hear what he’s saying because of their small voice.

What is it?

Borold glanced at me, but for some reason, he looked away at great speed.


Borold’s complexion looks a bit pale, I think.

“Borold, are you all right? You look so pale….”

“Hahaha, I’m fine. Kind of”

His face is somewhat stiff, is he really okay?

“Sorry for the wait”

Turning my gaze to Shifal’s voice, I see Shifal laughing softly and Rickbelt, who is pale.

…Some things are better left unspoken, for sure.

I returned to the tent and showed Sora to Shifal.

“Certainly, this is right in Rickbelt’s strike zone” (T/N: It was supposed to be “Surely, this is right in the middle of Rickbelt.”, But it doesn’t make sense so I change the “Middle” to “Strike zone”. This is the kanji: 真ん中だわ. If you know what it means, please tell me)

Sora is bouncing around Shifal.

Apparently, Sora likes Shifal.

…..This, I guess it’s better to think of measures for Rickbelt.

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