The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 77


Chapter 77 Appearance Countermeasure

I honestly don’t care about Ratomi village…

More importantly, we need to find a way for me to be seen as a boy.

Right now, do I fool them by looking younger than my actual age? ….I suppose but, considering the future, countermeasures will be necessary.

Anyway, what’s the measures when I grow up….I’m, going to grow up, right?

It will be okay, right?

Come to think of it, when I first started living in the forest, the only food I ate was nuts.

And even though I learned how to make traps and set them up, I couldn’t even catch a wild mouse.

Come to think of it, I once ate a poisonous plant by mistake, and there’s also the time I got my hands on a fruit that contained poison.

……When I calm down and think about it, I was living a rather harsh life.

I didn’t think about it at the time because I didn’t have time to think about it, but…

Fuu, it’s all already in the past.

Right now, the priority was to find a way to makes me seen as a boy.

If I ask Latrua, will he tell me something?

“Latrua, what can I do to keep my gender hidden?”

“Eh, that’s really difficult. The best way would be to cover your face, but hiding your face is forbidden in the towns and villages”

That’s true.

If only we could hide our faces, but to keep criminals from sneaking into towns and villages, hiding your face is prohibited in the country.

‘Hmm~…..I guess covering your mouth you can fool them a bit… but even so, you can still attract some attention. Come to think of it, that’s a pretty polite way to talk, but is there a meaning to it?”

“No, I was just imitating the way adventurers often talk in Ratomi Village”

‘Well, he’s probably the third son of a merchant who became an adventurer. Because merchant families are thoroughly taught how to speak from an early age. But when you’re the third son, you can’t follow in his parents’ footsteps, so many of them became adventurers”

“Is that how it is?”

“That’s according to what I’d heard. Talk a little more boyish”


“Hmm~ it’s hard right, changing the way you talk. It will suddenly revert back to the original”

“That’s true, isn’t it”

“Hmm~…… Ah~……”

Latrua looks at me all the time, thinking.

Was it such a difficult question?

My hair is cut quite short and I choose boy’s clothes to wear.

What more could I do.

“I think it’s impossible”


“Even now, it’s just barely, you know. It’s because you look so young that you’re able to fool them with your clothes and hair. When you grow up, there’s no doubt that it will be impossible. Ivy’s face is completely of a girl. It might be better to give up”

That would be a problem.

The journey is still going on…….Is it better to not grow up?

“Maybe you should think about protecting yourself in other ways”

Another way?

…..If it’s getting stronger, I think it’s impossible.

I look at my arm……it’s something I say myself but, it’s thin.

I’m a little confident if it is about escaping, but that is not good enough.

Is there any other way?

“The best thing is to join a group of adventurers but, I can’t just say that anyone is okay. Speaking of which, is Ivy registered as an adventurer?”


‘I see, then making a group is impossible huh. Next is…..a slave, maybe”


“You go and buy a slave. Then, have the slave to protect you”

“Um, but I don’t have any money”

“Ah~, what else…..let’s talk about it when Seizelk returns. He knows a lot more than me”

“Sorry. Thank you very much”

“Hmm~, but slavery might be a good way”


‘It’s possible to make them keep secrets, and then there’s also the strength in the case of a former adventurer. But there’s money for it~. That’s because slaves of former adventurers are expensive. And cheap slaves are weak…..”

Slave huh……there’s a problem with money so its impossible.

I wonder if I should train my body once again.

But I already tried my best for about a year in the forest of Ratomi village, but there was no change.

The Fortune teller had told me to give up too.

Come to think of it, I remember being strongly advised to attained power in other things.

…..I guess I didn’t have much of a chance.

“Should I meditate on a weak slave to create a group of adventurers?”

What do you mean? Adventurer group?

“Aa, it’s not that known. If you have slaves, you can register them with the guild. It’s not a problem with only using their owner’s name”

“……Doesn’t the owner’s skill necessary too?”

“Skill? Ah, the one who will fight is the slaves, so the strength of the owner is not needed”

Is that so.

Even slaves can register too huh.

“They’re back”

I looked at the doorway of the square and saw Borold and Rickbelt.

I could also see Seizelk and Shifal behind them.

“Welcome back”

“”We’re back””

Rickbelt was about to head straight for my tent when Borold grabbed him by his clothes and stopped him.

I quietly go back to my tent, put Sora in my bag, put it on my shoulder, and leave the tent.

Incidentally, he was arguing with Borold and didn’t notice.

Seizelk and Latrua chuckle at my actions.

“Ivy, how about making dinner together?”

Latrua shows a big paper bag and beckons me.

Looking inside the paper bag, it looks like it’s packed with a lot of ingredients.

If it’s like this, I can make various things.

“You seem to use seasonings well, so I bought lots of them”

As he says this, Seizelk takes out another paper bag.

When I open the bag, I find there are more than 10 different types of small bags.

All of it seems like different seasonings.

I’m happy.

“Thank you very much. I’ll do my best to make it”

Seizelk calls out to Shifal and walks into the tent.

I’m afraid of how they will react when they find out the truth, I can’t help but worry about it.

I’ll do my best to do what I can.


But still, the things they’ve bought don’t seem to be organized.

I guess they just crammed everything together, right?

There are a few lumps of meat and even some vegetables that aren’t suitable for soup.

There are some veggies I don’t know about so I’ll check the taste for the time being.

While cooking, Nouga, Loukreek, Marleek gathered together.

And it seems they are called into the tent to speak in turn.

Worryingly, I check to see how they come out of the tent.

Shifal and Loukreek have a complicated look on their faces.

Nouga is…..has a terrifying look, the moment I saw it I turned away.

Mr. Marleek comes out of the tent with a terrific smile on his face.

…..Eh? Smile?

“Ivy, I’m sorry for doubting you. I’ll make sure to pay for it”

When he says doubt, he probably means that he didn’t believe what Latrua was saying.

That is something that can’t be helped.

When I look at him to tell him that it’s okay, I notice that he’s smiling but his eyes aren’t smiling at all.

When my waist feels about giving up, I managed to return a nod.

Marleek has a different kind of fear from Nouga.

“……I’m tired……”

Seizelk came out of the tent and stretching himself.

“Thank you for your hard work. Dinner will be ready soon”

“Aa~, as expected of Ivy. It smells so good”

Meat and Vegetables grilled on a plate.

Soup and bread.

And an unfamiliar white thing.

“Latrua, what is this white stuff?” (T/N: Sigh, me and my dirty minds, dammit)

“Something you eat after dinner. When you eat it, you’ll be surprised”

I wonder what it is.

I’m curious.

“For the time being, thanks for all your hard work~…….Nouga, Marleek, calm down a bit. The food will turn bad when seeing your faces”

With a big sigh, Nouga lifts the cup with the alcohol in it.

“”Cheers for the hard work””

Somehow, they both seem to have calmed down.

I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future, but for now, let’s enjoy the meal with everyone.

Also to do my best from now on.

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