The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 76


Chapter 76 7 Years Old!

For now, Sora’s judgment was trusted.

That’s fine but……Rickbelt won’t leave Sora.

I think he has grown fond of it.

After stroking Sora and poking him repeatedly, he was attacked in the face.

…This is the first time I see Sora’s attack and it doesn’t seem to be very effective.

The look on Rickbelt’s face when he was attacked is……a feeling of disappointment.

He bounces back and rolls over, I hastily pick up and pulls Sora away from him.

“Hahaha, my bad. Seeing a slime that expressive is the first time for me”


The more I learn about Sora’s rarity, the more convinced I am that I can only show him to someone I can trust.

It’s rare to find a translucent one, also with individual judgment, and incidentally, rich in expressions.

And best of all, I haven’t said it yet, but the food he eats is potions, moreover, even the bottle. 1

…..Sora is too rare.

Rickbelt’s hand wagged at the sight of Sora in my arms.

It’s a small tent, so it’s only one step away from him.

Even if he’s trustworthy, Rickbelt is a little… feels like a mistake. (T/N: What she means a mistake is for showing Sora)

Borolda peers into the tent and looks dumbfounded.

Then he grabbed Rickbelt’s clothes and dragged him out of the tent.

He seems to be protesting but, now is not the time time to do that, he was scolded like that.

That’s certainly true.

Somehow, thanks to Sora, the depressing atmosphere that had been clinging to us for so long has been renewed.

“Sorry, Sora. Because there’s still something that needs to be talked about, so I’ll be off”

I Go outside the tent and close the entrance tightly.

Then standing in front of it.

Rickbelt looks very disappointed when he sees me.

……From weirdo…..protect Sora. (T/N: Not sure, raw: ……ソラを変た……守らないと。)

“Errr, what was it”

I turn my gaze to Seiselk’s voice, but the tension seems to have been dissipated after some break.

Somehow, everyone was laughing.

“Haa, ok. Let’s talk to Gilmas first….let’s not mention about Sora. He is too rare”

Seiselk chuckles.

After all, Sora is too rare.

I’ve heard everyone talk about it, and I’ve wondered if that’s true, but it carries a lot of weight when it’s said by a higher ranking adventurer.

“Next is, we will talk to the other four later today. The name of the gathering is, celebrating the completion of the job seems to be good”

“Yeah. So where should we go to talk? It would be strange to use an item for too long”

‘Then we’ll talk individually in the tent. We each need time to think about it. It’s also to calm down”

“All right. Seizelk, I’ll count on you for our companions. I’ll go meet with Gilmas. Rick is…..I’ll takes you along. If we leave him here, he’ll rush to Sora”

Rickbelt has been looking at the tent the whole time.

I’m a bit confused as to what makes him so crazed, what a slightly problematic situation it is.

“Eh, no, I’m fine. I’ll be waiting here with Sora”



Your greed is leaking though, will it really be alright.

Even if you look at me, there is nothing I can do.

“Have a safe trip”

When I sent the words, Seiselk and Borolda laughed.

Rickbelt hangs his head down.

“Despite looking like that, Rickbelt likes cute animals you know. Just that, because he touches them too much, he was often disliked by them”

Latrua has an amazed look.

But, Sora is certainly cute.

If he likes cute things then it will fit.

But even so, you touch them until they don’t like you….come to think of it, just now, Sora has already….no, he shouldn’t have hated him just yet.

‘Well, now that we’ve got our talk done, I’m off to the guild. Come on, Rick, get a move on!”

Rickbelt looked back and forth, so Borold dragged him away.

I don’t know what to do because my impressions completely changed.

…..Let’s just focus on protecting Sora for now.

Seiselk called the four companions to assemble and then left the square.

The one reaming is Latrua.

“Look, is Ivy really nine years old?”

Suddenly saying that makes me surprised.

Come to think of it, I don’t know why everyone was surprised when I told them I was 8 years old.

“Yes. That’s right but, is there anything funny about it?”

What is it, is there something weird about it?

I look at my hands…..but, I don’t know.

“Ah~, and one more thing. Are you really a boy?”

Because of the surprise attack, my body stiffens.

And this is a reaction that I shouldn’t have done.

What to do…..I can’t think of a way to trick him.

“Uwa~, sorry. Please don’t make such a crying face!”

Before I realized it, my face becomes like I was about to cry.

Gently, I look at Latrua.

He just looks at me with concern and doesn’t seem to be angry.

That makes me relieved.

“Sorry. For tricking you”

“That’s not it, Ivy was just taking steps to protect yourself. Traveling alone as a girl is dangerous”

“Thank you very much. But, I had the opportunity to say it many times but I didn’t say it. How about the others?”

“Hmm~, I wonder if Borold and Seizelk aware of this. Because the have a lot of experience. Rickbelt is probably unaware. …..Because he is dense”

I don’t know what it was, but it was like I saw a little black thing just when he said Rickbelt’s name.

No way, especially for the kind Latrua, there’s just no way.

“After all, they will find out”

What should I do from now on, to continue on my journey.

“Hm~…..I guess it’s just a matter of feeling uncomfortable after being together for so long. Or rather, I’m more surprised about the 9 years old age”

Speaking of which, I was asked about it.

I wonder what that means.

“Eh? Could it be, you didn’t notice it”

I nodded my head and he pondered for a moment.

And when he looks at me, he gives me a difficult look.

I don’t know what it is, He’s very nervous.

‘You know, Ivy doesn’t look like she’s nine years old. You look like you are about 7 years old”


About 7 years old?

Well, that’s just…..because, like clothes, it’s become tighter when growing up…

Come to think of it, how many times is it between the ages of 5 and 9 that I felt my clothes were too tight, once, twice?


I haven’t really grown up, am I?


“Do-Don’t be so downhearted……because when you grow up you won’t be seen as a boy” (T/N: I think what he meant here is for the plan. You know, Ivy was targeted because she is a young boy.)

That’s, should it be better to not grow up, or was it bad?

I guess it was a good thing that I won’t be exposed.

But in terms of not growing up……it’s sad.

“We all estimated that you were about 7 years old before we asked you. Who could let a child go on a journey, Nouga was seriously angry. And after we asked for your age……he got sad”

“Become Sad?”

“From the way you’re eating meal together, there’s no sign of illness. But if the growth was slow then, we can only imagine how harsh you’ve been living your life”


…….Is that how it is?

Was it really harsh?

Everything has changed since I was 5 years old.

After that, I was alone, but with the help of a fortune teller, I manage to live.

Well, speaking of harshness, it may have been a harsh life.

“That might be so”

“Since when you are on a journey?”

“I started my journey this year. But, living in the forest…’s been 4 years”

“I see. I’ve heard that the village chief and lord of Ratomi village are pretty terrible. According to the Adventurer’s Guild, about half the villagers may have fled”

“……That much……”

That much had fled huh.

Come to think of it, the village where the head of the village was corrupted was very quiet.

Is that how it’s supposed to look like.


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  1. T/N: I don’t know what the last one, ビンごとだ(Bin-gotoda). Maybe it means trash, so something like a thrash bottle? or it means thrash as trash potions? So maybe like “….but his food is potions, moreover, a trash potion(degraded potion). Something like that?

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