The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 75


Chapter 75 Sora Tried


“What’s wrong?”

“It’s about Mira, why did you judge her as the traitor?”


Everyone looks at me strangely.


Could it be they already talked about it?

…..No, I feel like they haven’t talked about it yet.

“We haven’t talked about it huh….it seems like, somewhere in our hearts, we still don’t want to admit it”

Seizelk said with a bitter smile.

The two other than Latrua share the same look.

“For now, the reason I judged her as the traitor huh. I was curious about Latrua’s story, that’s why I noticed it. What the merchant, Mira, and Maruma showed, just a moment when they see Ivy……before, I sense the same evaluating gaze slave traders showed. That is the start of the suspicion. After that, the story of Rickbelt and Maruma became the decisive”

“I didn’t notice their line of sight. Or rather, I didn’t believe Latrua’s story at all. How could you doubt your own companion, something like that. That’s why I’ll prove it, I called out to the two who separated from the merchant ‘Is that stranger your acquaintance’, is what I wanted to say. However, ‘He seems to be lost, he asked for some directions’ is what they answer”

“Rick’s actions were rash. However, thanks to that, I was able to judge that they had a relationship with the merchant that they wanted to hide. Well, I guess this is where I started to feel uncomfortable with the two of them.

‘We went to get supper together afterward, and he concealed it cleverly that you wouldn’t have noticed if you hadn’t suspected him, but he was wary of us. I felt the same thing as every other traitor I’ve ever met”

“So that’s how”

I wondered if the strange looks I sometimes felt from Rickbelt were because he was suspicious of me.

Well, it’s not surprising that you’d trust your companions more than me who suddenly appeared.

With that in mind, I wonder why Latrua moved so quickly.

“Haa, you have to make your resolves. Things are about to get a lot worse.”

Seizelk sighs heavily.

Both Borold and Latrua nodded.

Rickbelt looks a bit lonely.

“Ivy, there’s something I need to talk to you about”

“If you are talking about the decoys it’s okay”

“No, that’s part of it too but. “First is, I’d like you to think about who you’re going to talk to about this”

Um, I’m not sure I understand what Borold is saying.

Who do I talk to about this?

…Maybe he hasn’t talked to anyone about it yet?

I see, the traitor isn’t limited to Green Wind only.

“Are you thinking that there are other traitors out there?”

‘Well, I don’t want to think like that but. Ratlua said he’d talk to the five of us first, he wouldn’t budge”

“That’s because you said you’d get Ivy involved, right. Then we should listen to Ivy’s opinion too”

Latrua seems opposed to my participation

But rather than getting involved, I feel like I’m already in the center of it.

I’m the one being targeted anyways.

“Thank you, Latrua”

“Haa, if Ivy is up for it then it can’t be helped. However, be really careful, you hear”


“Let’s continue the talk. I will talk to Gilmas about everything, including Ivy. I’ll have Gilmas to decide to some extent. However…..I’ll keep quiet about the noble”

“Borold, are you sure?”

“At this current situation, you shouldn’t rely on my opinion”

“Come to think of it, Rickbelt says Maruma saved his life. Borolda was also helped by that noble. As I recall, both of you are grateful”

“Aa, for me, he was my life…..saver…..somehow, it’s becoming more and more suspicious”

Borolda’s complexion changes as he answers my words.

Come to think of it, there’s a way to ingratiate yourself to deflect suspicion.

This is, my previous knowledge, right.

The previous me, I wonder why she knows this very well. (T/N: I’ll just assume she was previously a girl)

Does that mean we’ve been living in a world infested with betrayal?

That’s a pretty scary world.

“You okay, Ivy. Because I won’t mind”

“Ugh, ……ah, Sorry. I’m fine”

Oops, I ended up pondering about it.

I’ll think about the previous me later.

Besides, I am grateful for the knowledge.

“Speaking of which, the person you called Gilmas, can he be trusted?”

“Nn?……ah, Gilmas is the guild master of the Adventurer’s Guild, the top you could say. If it ‘s him, it will be fine”

Aah, Gilmas is guild master is that what you mean, I see.

I thought I’d heard that somewhere….eh, when was it?

….Well, whatever.

“I’ll leave it to you to decide who to talk to”

“All right. I will speak to our Thunder King and the members of the Flame Sword of Seizelk. Gilmas would probably talk to the Captain and Vice-Captain of the vigilante corp. Next is, maybe it will be better to keep quiet about it from the rest”

“…..Maybe. The two at Borold’s place are okay, right?”

“I believe in them. Or rather, I want to believe in them”

“…..Would you like me to ask Sora?”

“Ah, we have that hand too huh…..wait, does he remember the two members of Borold?”

“……I wonder, I’ll go ask him”

“Ivy, can I join you?”

“…..I’ll ask Sora”

I go back to the tent and wake up the sleeping Sora.

Or rather, he still asleep huh5.

Sora being at his own pace sometimes surprises me.

“Sora, Latrua wants to see you, is that okay?”

Shaking with purupuru, Sora looks at the entrance of the tent.

I wonder if this means okay.

“Latrua, please come in”

Latrua quietly walks into the tent.

Looking at Sora……did he solidifies?

What is it, is there some problem?

“Eh, what’s with that color. Translucent slime? Eh, really?”

I thought that it was never seen but, I guess translucent slime is rare.

After all, even after this problem is solved, I wonder if it’s better to prevent Sora from being seen.


“Uoh, ah, sorry. Errr, is he Sora?” (T/N: Latrua use -chan here when calling Sora’s name)

Yes, is a translucent one rare?”

“I’ve only heard of it in stories and legends” (T/N: *Pikachu face)


Ah, right now, that kind of thing doesn’t matter.

“Sora, err, do you remember Borold’s companions?”

He bounces up once.

“Does the four from the Thunder King poses a problem for me?”

He shakes and then jumps.

“It seems it’s okay”

“Hmm~, does he really understand?”


“Excuse me a little Ivy. Sora, I’m one of the Thunder King”

Sora is just staring at Latrua.

No shaking or jumping around.

After all, he does understand.

“It looks like he thinks that it’s wrong”

“Hmm, wait a minute”

What is it.

Is it strange that slime, after all, is aware of its surroundings.

But…..I thought it’s understandable.


Rickbelt shows up in the tent.

Then he looked at the slime and was surprised.

I knew he’d be surprised.

“Just Sora is okay, right?”


“Sora, I’m Seizelk”

Sora doesn’t respond.


“Sora, don’t sleep. Because it will end soon”

“Kukuku, my bad, just one more. I’m Rickbelt”

He glances at Rickbelt and shakes.

But he seems a bit grumpy.

“He seems to be angry that he was tested. Sorry, Ivy. That’s because it’s the first time I see slime-like Sora”

Rickbelt was making some noise outside when he left the tent.

Apparently, Sola’s reaction was interesting.

Thank you, Sora”

He rubs his body against my hand and trembles.

When I pet him slowly, he bounces around me, pouncing around as if his mood has improved.

…..A sullen Sora was cute.

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