The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 74


Chapter 74 Special Products

“A sticky gaze huh…..what the heck”

Rickbelt quiet voice trembles slightly.

I can’t feel any emotions in that voice, because I felt a strange fear.

The other three, who looks uneasy, avert their eyes from Rickbelt.

An indescribable atmosphere dominates the field.


Rickbelt suddenly screamed and scratched his head.

Surprise by the unexpectedness, a small voice jumps out from my mouth.

“Ah, sorry. My bad, Ivy. For frightening you”

“No……are you okay?”

The feeling of strangeness I have felt since yesterday.

I don’t know what it is but, I’m sure it’s about Mira and the others.

“Yesterday, Maruma was there together with Mira”


“Maruma is my childhood friend. He was also my lifesaver. …..Where did it go wrong?”

The answer is not here.

It’s a question that no one can answer.

To Rickbelt who stifle a laugh with expression that about to cry, I felt like my heart tightened.

“Rick, it’s alright if you want to step down from this matter”

“No, I want to catch him with my own hands. And also…..I still want to believe in him”

“Is that so”

Borold taps Rickbelt’s shoulder several times.

Both Latrua and Seizelk also seem to be pained too.

They really are their important companions.

Both Mira and Maruma and also Torto.

How sad.

“Fuu, the talk has to continue. It seems better to tell Ivy everything. You have questions too, right?”


Like what happened yesterday, and what did they see.

I calmed my self and face Borold.

“A while ago. there was a crackdown but failed, do you remember that story?”

“Yes. About the information that was leaked, right”

“That’s right The information was known only to a limited number of people. In short, there is a traitor among those who knew”

“The Vigilante Captain, the Vice-Captain, and it seems that Gilmas* investigated those who knew the information independently. However, they couldn’t find any evidence. But it was confirmed that there was a traitor the day before we went to the subjugation” (*T/N: ギルマス(Girumasu), probably guild master)

“Only the four of us were told that story. I had a chance to drink with Gilmas, that’s why”

Both Borold and Seizelk keep on talking.

Those who decided to investigate their fellows’ companion must be really in pain.

And also those who heard about it.

Aa, I see, they stayed together with me because they knew about this story.

“After the subjugation yesterday, I went to say hello to the Guilmas, and I was given a request there. And that is about a piece of evidence that was found about a merchant that’s dealing with a special product. The evidence was still weak so he wants us to collect information”

“What the merchant is dealing with are people but, that is….well, what. It’s hard to tell Ivy, but…..”

What is it?

Borold suddenly becomes incoherent.

Seizelk also has terrible wrinkles on his forehead.

Is it really that hard to say?

It is predictable that the merchant deals with people.

It was probably the slave merchant behind the scenes who kidnapped and sells people.

Is there something that is harder to say than this?

Moreover, to me?

“Ah~, in short…..if you feel sick just say it, okay?”


Because Borold says it so seriously, my tension increases.

“The product this guy handles are people but, it’s children. Especially boys. About that…’s for adult, who had special inclinations, that…..there’s a guy who directs wrong love to children, it’s a merchant for those guys…..are you okay?”

I see, a pedophile…..a pervert.

Being targeted by that merchant means that, right……for sexual desire towards children?

“Are you okay, Ivy?”

Worried about me who is pondering, Latrua called out to me.

He must be thinking that I feel sick because I keep silent.

“I’m fine. Errr, ……it’s okay”

No, I’m not okay.

The inside my head is spinning and I feel sick.

That target… me…..

Let’s calm down a little and think about different thins.

“Umm, Flame Sword and Thunder King are high ranking adventurer, right. Even though I’m with that kind of people, what is the reason for targetting me? The risks are high, right?”

“….It’s money. And also, the self-confidence they have cultivated so far”

“Money and self-confidence?”

“Because it’s an inclination that can’t be revealed to the public, the children targeted for that purpose will be traded at a fairly high price. Especially because the nation’s crackdown becomes more severe and the punishment became heavier, the price jumped”

Borold makes a big sigh.

It is good that the crackdown was strengthened, but on the contrary, the value has risen and it has become a money-making business.

somehow, I don’t feel like doing it.

“Also, concerning the organization, so to make them think that nothing has been discovered yet, high ranking adventurers sometimes won’t be in their ways, is what we make them think. There should be no problem if we work as usual”

Seizelk’s voice is mixed with disgust.

“This time too, if the traitor wasn’t known, the information about the merchant should have flowed to the Green Wind. If that happens, the merchant will immediately disappear, and we won’t be able to get close to the organization”

I see, guild information is communicated to high ranking adventurers.

Because they got that much trust.


“Is Green Wind also high ranking adventurers?”

“It’s different but, the same information was flowing due to their achievements so far. That’s because there’s a noble that support them”

To Seizelk’s words, a question pops up.

How can they speak with the noble?

Is it an acquaintance?

“That noble, is he close with Green Wind?”

“No, I have never heard of that. Moreover, if they are close, that will be a problem”

They are not close.

“Then, because there are few high ranking adventurers, are they sharing information just in case?

“….Are there few high ranking adventurers in this town?”

“Nn? No, there are 7 groups including us so it’s quite a lot. ……Don’t tell me, Ivy, do you suspect the noble?”

Seizelk makes a surprised face.

Borold and Rickbelt too.


If there are lots of money moving, then the person who has a lot of money is suspicious.

The first is the nobles.

Also, the one who supported the Green Wind is noble.

There may be some reason, but I think it’s suspicious…

Why did I think about this?

“Sorry. I’m a little….”

“No, it’s fine. There’s no problem with the nobles we just talked about now, he is a person that can be trusted”

“I wonder about that. Is he really trustworthy?”


Latrua and Borold stare at each other.

What’s wrong?

The atmosphere of Borold suddenly changed.

“Borold may be grateful to that person. However, in this situation, is he really trustworthy?”

“That’s obvious”



“Can you say the same thing based on Mira?”

“That’s! ……..”

“Calm down, both of you”

Rickbelt hit the shoulder of the two excited people.

Their voices seem to become a little louder.


This talk, won’t the surroundings hear it?

Looking around, there doesn’t seem to be adventurer who cares about this.


“Eh? You just realized? I use soundproofing items. It’s magic items dropped from monsters. Amazing right”

Latrua proudly points to a soundproof item on the desk.

I just realized it.

Even so, a drop item from a monster huh……that’s just like a game, isn’t it……nn?

What was it just now, aah, my previous knowledge huh.


Borold’s voice reaches my ears, so I switch my awareness.

He, has an indescribable look.

He wants to belive him but, is it really okay to believe him, he seems to be at lost.

Since Mira was a traitor, he didn’t know who is an ally and who is an enemy.


How did he know that Mira was the traitor again?

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