The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 73

T/N: I’m sorry about the quality of this chapter. There are many kanji that I see for the first time and didn’t really know its meaning.


Chapter 73 Added Value

I take the towel and wipe off the water remaining around my eyes.

“Thank you very much”

“Ivy, in what way did you notice about Mira?”

Rickbelt’s question is obvious, isn’t it.

How do I, an inexperienced adventurer, noticed it.

How should I answer it.

I don’t want to lie.

To people who believed in me.

Should I only say what is necessary……

“I, am a tamer. And so….I tamed an unusual slime. That child taught me”

Because of the tension, I said it in a slightly strange way.

Is it okay?

“Eh, you’re a tamer? Moreover, a slime told you…..”

Latrua has a surprised look.

After all, is it unreasonable?

But, there are various types of slimes, and I heard that there are still many unclear aspects about them.

“There is no doubt that it is a very rare slime. It’s a type that is unknown to anyone. That’s because there are still many numbers of places unknown about slime”

I’m a little relieved hearing Seizelk’s words.

If it’s said that it’s an unknown existence, it could be deceived even if it has been seen a little.

I may have a little room for future journey.

“The slime that you tamed, is the one who told you that Mira was a traitor?”

Borold asks curiously.

At that, I shake my head.

“That’s not it. Sora, is what I use to call the slime, always gives various reactions to my story. But, he didn’t respond to the story about Mira. I was curious so I gave out the names of other people and confirmed his reactions. Then, like I thought, only Mira’s name that has no reaction”

“I see, the reactions……but, if that’s the case, that means Ivy’s slime can distinguish people. That’s pretty rare”

“Distinguish is it?

“Aa, when a common slime is tamed, it can recognize the one who tames it, but can’t distinguish the people around it”

I didn’t know.

Because the reaction was different between Captain Ogut and Vice-Captain Verivera, I ended up thinking that he can distinguish them.

Is it just my imagination? No, the movements are different depending on the person.

If it’s about the same person, he always gave the same reaction.

After all, there’s a distinction. (やっぱり区別はついている)

This too, is it something like it’s possible because it’s Sora?

Borold furrows his eyebrows thinking about something.

Seizelk too looks a little complicated.

Is there some sort of problem?

After all, is it useless talking about Sora?

“Ivy, that slime, is there possibility that it was seen by Mira?”

Seizelk’s heavy voice quivers a little.

“There isn’t I think”

“I see. Are there others who know?”

“…..There is none I think”

“Then, don’t show it to anyone until the problem is resolved. Absolutely”

Seizelk’s serious eyes is scary.

My voice won’t come out so I just nod, but why?

I have no intention of showing my defenseless side but…..

“Once known, Ivy’s value will go up. For them, they will do anything to get someone who has added value to them, that’s why”

Increase in value?

By taming a rare slime, you will get added value?

Such a thing?

To the words of Borold, my body becomes stiff.

In my tightly grasped hands, I felt something warm.

Looking at it, Latrua wrapped my hands in his.

“It’s alright. Because we are here”


Looking at my state, Rickbelt makes a new cup of tea to calm me down.

Drinking it slowly, my heart quickly calmed down.

Even my stiffen body loses its power.

It’s okay.

There are people who will protect me, there is also Sora.

That’s why, it will be okay.

“Yesterday. We even go so far as to come back once you know. Slightly before evening”

With Latrua’s bright voice, it made the atmosphere of the place a little brighter.

“Eh, really?”

“Yeah, and yet, Ivy wasn’t there, it made us panicked. Maybe she was kidnapped, was what we are thinking”

“Ah, sorry. I, have to confirm it no matter what. During the travel, I didn’t feel any discomfort, maybe it’s just my imagination, is what I thought. That’s why, if I were to be alone, I thought that I might understand something….”

“Eh, so that’s why. We are….”

Borold slightly panicked voice becomes smaller.


“See, Ivy is tough for someone of his age, I told you that you’re mistaken!”

“My bad. Ah~, in short, except for Latrua, we all thought that you went to play around defenselessly, well……like that?”

I was surprised by Borold’s words.

To think that they see me like that…..but yeah, even though I’m being targeted, I was moving alone.

“Sorry. For acting so rashly…..”

To my apology, Borold with a serious expression

“Is Ivy really an 8 years old?”

asks that.

I’m 8 years old but, what about it.


But today is definitely the beginning of August, then.

“I have become 9 years old”

“…..That’s not what I mean though. Wait, 9 years old? Eh, you were 8 years old a few days ago, right?”

“It’s yesterday. I heard that the end of July was my birthday. I’m probably 9 years old now”

“To say that so lightly……that’s not it, congratulations”

Latrua smiled for some reason and says happy birthday to me.

I feel like it’s been a while since I have heard it.

The last time I heard it was on my 5th birthday.

For the past few years, my birthday was already over when I noticed.

“I’m so happy. Thank you very much”

Hearing Latrua’s words makes my heart softened.

This is a little bit, even I was surprised by this.

To explain it in one word, my heart really becomes nice and warm. (T/N: ぽかぽか(Pokapoka) = pleasantly warm, nice and warm)

Latrua, who looked a little surprised for some reason, gently patted my head.

He really is kind.

“Once the problem has been resolved, let’s make a big birthday celebration”

“Eh, that is, I don’t really”

“No problem, no problem. That’s right, let’s have Borold and Seizelk who doubted to treat you”

“You don’t have to, because I’ll feel bad about it. And also, it was my fault for acting without permission”

I was flustered hearing Latrua’s words.

I really feel happy but, after all, I’ll feel bad.

“All right. Thanks to Ivy’s actions, I think I can solve various things now”

My actions?

“Did I, do something?”

Seizelk and Borold are hit by silence.

Borold holds his head.

I wonder what happened.

“Geez. Choose your words properly”

“But I did”

“You sucks”

Seizelk really has no mercy towards Borold.

Borold’s standing during the subjugation should be higher, is what I thought. (T/N: Not so sure: 討伐中はボロルダさんを立てていた様に感じたけど)

But seeing this it’s wrong huh, is what I think.

Maybe it was because he was the leader of the subjugation team at that time.


“That’s not it, Ivy’s action is. What’s the good way to say it…..yesterday, you sense it on the street, right?”

Yesterday, his talking about the discomfort, right.

I silently nod.

Borold shows a slightly sad expression.

“At that time, there was Mira on the other side of the street”

“I see, Mira huh”

“At that time, it was Mira and the person who was with her that was the problem. Well, thanks to that, we were able to determine who the traitor was”

The person she was with?

I wonder if that person was the one who sticks his gaze on me.

If it’s just Mira, I feel like it’s only the discomfort.

“What’s wrong?”

“Eh……ah, it wasn’t only discomfort yesterday, but also a sticky gaze from someone who makes me feel anxious….”

To my words, the four people gasps.

And then looks at each others’ faces

What is it, did I say something strange?

“Is there something wrong?”

“Ivy, other than tamer, do you also have see through skill?” (T/N: 看破 = penetration, see through, fathom, reading another’s thoughts. I really need help with this one)

“See through? No, I don’t have” (T/N: Ivy said it in hiragana here “かんぱ” while the one before is in kanji “看破”)

I wonder what see through is.

I haven’t heard of it.

“Is that so, then maybe you sensed it with your intuition”

I don’t get it.

But, my skills are just tamer and unknown.

There is no mistake in this, so it’s different from see through, right.

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