The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 72


Chapter 72 Mira of the Green Wind

I slightly open my eyes.

It’s probably dawn, looking from the faint light which touches the tent.

I probe the surrounding for presence which makes me felt discomfort, but there is none nearby.

Letting out a relieved breath, I stretch my arms and loosen my body.


When I got up and looked to the side, Sora seemed to be in a very pleasant deep sleep.

I suppress my desire to sleep again and reach for my clothes.

Yesterday, the reason I go to the dump was because of potion but, I also wanted to check one more thing.

It’s whether I really was targeted or not.

The discomfort I felt several times in the open space, I couldn’t detect any on the 2 days travel.

Perhaps, because I was unaccustomed to the atmosphere of the subjugation team, I might have a hallucination, is what I thought.

I believe in sora, but there’s also a slight feeling of wanting it to only be a misunderstanding.

But there is the discomfort I feel yesterday, and aside from that, I could also feel eyes that are sticking to me.

Honestly, I didn’t expect things to happen so quickly.

But, to understand the situation, I have no choice but to take it into consideration.

If I’m being targeted was not a misunderstanding, what’s the best thing should I do?

And then, about Mira……

Latrua and Mira looked to be very close.

Should I believe her?

Worries crossed my mind but, it would be better to speak honestly, right.

For example, that is……being hated, or even being abandoned.

“All right!”

I make sure that Sora isn’t sticking out of the blanket and open the tent entrance.

Outside the tent, I stretch my arms again to loosen my body.

Looking around……I found Rickbelt and Borold lying down on the desk and sleeping.

They seem to drink until they are dead drunk and fallen asleep.

Err, for the time being, a breakfast that is easy to digest, should I makes a refreshing soup.

If I’m not mistaken, there are still supposed to be medicinal herbs left.

To get them to listen, I have to make them wake them up properly.

Start the fire, put a thin slice dried meat inside the pot with water, and put the root vegetables that are good to use in cooking and let it simmer.

When the vegetables become soft, put in the medicinal herb, and then it’s done.

Next is…..

“What a good smell”

Was it because Borold catch on the smell, he got up from the desk.

Rickbelt got up too, and curiously looking around.

“Ehh? ……Why I’m here?”

Borold who was watching the situation let out a big sigh and scratch his head.

“Just that, you who involved me completely lose your memory……you really are troublesome” (T/N: Not sure, raw: あれだけ、俺に絡んでおいてすっかり記憶から消し去るんだから……ほんとお前ってめんどくさい)


Both of their voices which somewhat like a whisper are a little difficult to hear.

Do their throats hurt?

“Ivy, good morning! Sorry, I overslept”

“”Uwa….my voice…..””

To latrua who speak like usual, Borold and Rickbelt hold their heads.

“Are you okay?”

“Ivy, morning. If it’s those two, you can leave them alone. It’s just a hangover”

Seizelk gets out of the tent and gives a paper bag to Latrua.

“Yeah yeah. That’s the only thing you have to be careful about”

“Keep your voice down. It reverberates”

Said Rickbelt, with a face that dislikes it from the bottom of his heart.

He seems to be really in pain.

“Leaving that aside, sorry. I also overslept”

To Seizelk who apologizes, I shake my head.

When I distribute the soup in a bowl, Borold arranges it on the desk.

Latrua is, he is taking the black bread out of the paper bag and cut it into pieces.

“Thanks for the meal”

The two people who have hangovers, after hesitating a little, they put their hands on the soup.

“Ah, it really refreshing”

“You’re right”

I was relieved that it tasted good even if they have a hangover.

We drank tea after the meal.

What should I do, is it okay to suddenly start talking here?

Or is it after they calm down a little?

“Ivy, there’s a little thing I want to talk about, is it okay?”


I also have something to say so it’s just right.

Eh….what is it, somehow, Seizelk has a really pained expression.

Moreover, Latrua looks gloomy for some reason.

Borold too, he has an indescribable look.

Rickbelt is looking down so I don’t know what expression on his face.


“…….Err you see”


“If it seems impossible, it’s okay for you to refuse. I want you to listen to the premise. I want Ivy to help with catching the organization….I want you to be the bait”

“……It’s ok”

I can’t keep running away.

That what should I do, I have always been thinking about it.

Considering my current state, the word bait comes to my mind.

Honestly, I’m scared, but I felt it was the best way to break the current situation.

“That’s not good, Ivy! To decide that easily!”

Latrua grabs my shoulder with a face that’s about to cry.

When I see that face, I feel sorry.

But, if there are any other ways, Seizelk won’t tell me this.

There is probably no other way.

“I was also thinking about asking this. If it stays like this, I won’t be able to move. So I want your cooperation”


Everyone made surprised looks.


My heart makes an unpleasant sound.

If I say this, there’s probably no one that would help me.

But still, I have to say it.

“Mira and the rest from the Green Wind might be the member of the organization” (T/N: Organization’s member = 組織の人間(Soshiki no Ningen), thank you, Oak and Yasyar for pointing it out.)

I was looking at Latrua but, in the end, I look down.

They may not believe me.

They even may think of me as a liar.

I’m scared.

But, I can’t hide this.

“……I know that Ivy was suspicious. Also……I knew that Mira was a traitor yesterday”


I raise my head to the lonely voice of Latrua.

Right there, there was him with an indescribable look.

“You were trying to hide something when we were in the subjugation team’s open space, didn’t you? I didn’t understand it at first. But, I noticed it while watching. You were very scared of Mira”

During the subjugation, that way back?

But, yesterday?

“When Latrua asked for a dinner together at that time, I heard about the reason. But I didn’t believe him, because Mira is a companion. However, when I saw Mira and the others yesterday, I understood who the traitor was”

To the words of Borold, a question arises.

About having dinner together, when is it?

And also, did he know that there was a traitor?

“Still that was surprising. “When we just return from the subjugation to the open space, Latrua suddenly bowed his head”

To change the gloomy atmosphere, Borold said it in a bright voice.

Caught by it, Seizelk and Latrua also laugh.

Dinner at the time of the subjugation…..ah, it’s the day when Latrua took a break from the subjugation.

When Mira asked to have dinner together with me that day, I was thinking about what to do when Latrua said “We already have a plan with Leader”…..or was it different.

I see, he noticed my attitude, so does that mean he saved me.

“Thank you very much, Latrua”

“Well, at that time it was only a half suspicion. But after talking a lot with Ivy, I thought that you weren’t trying to trick anyone”

I bow my head deeply.

Honestly, I didn’t expect him to believe me.

After all, Mira and the others are companions who experienced a hard time together.

And yet, even though it was only a half suspicion, he always protected me.

My tears spill.

My head stroked gently.

“Sorry. I should have spoken about it earlier. But…..I wanted to believe in Mira”

I shake my head.

It’s no wonder, because they are companions.

When I think about it, more tears spill over.

I somehow managed to take a deep breath and stop the tears.

When I raised my face, Borold gently wipes my face with a towel.

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