The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 71


Chapter 71 Fear and Specialty

On the way back to the square, I suddenly felt discomfort.

It is stronger than the discomfort I felt in the open space where I was sleeping overnight during the subjugations.

Following that discomfort, there are multiple presences of people.

My legs stop for a moment, there aren’t many people in the place I am in now.

I hurriedly go to the square while being careful to not run.

In places where there are many people, your attention will be distracted so it’s no good.

But if it’s too little, I can’t call for help in case of emergency, so it’s also no good.

I choose the route back while keeping in mind the precautions I heard from Latrua.

I bow to the administrator and enter the square.

There’s also the chance that you might be ambushed from inside the tent, so I was told to check the presence before entering.

It was scary so I check the presence a little far from the tent.

There is no presence, that was good.

I enter the tent and close the entrance tightly and secure it with the metal fittings.


Both of my hands were trembling slightly when I see them.

Come to think of it, I was so scared that I couldn’t confirm who they were.

I take out Sora from the bag and hug him tightly.

Perhaps he felt something, he doesn’t let out a sound when inside the tent, even a small “Pupu~”.

I search for a presence around the tent.

From the distance, I could hear a voice.

There are also the sounds of people moving, but there is no presence to be concern about.

“Thank you, Sora”

I line up the potions in front of Sora.

After making sure that he starts eating it, I sort out the potions for Sora picked up from the dump.

I then put it in an exclusive bag but, I couldn’t fit it because there were too many.

So I put them in the corner of the tent.

While doing that, I check for a presence outside many times over.

Fuu~, I can’t calm down without doing something.

But, I don’t want to go outside the tent.

I put my hand in the bag that contains the potions.

And then, I pick up a small knife.

It entered my sight when I was picking up potions, I then picked it up without thinking.

When leaving the village, I had a small sword.

However, I dropped it when I was running around in the forest, I haven’t had a weapon since then.

It was too big for me and was a hindrance when I fled.

But when I saw this knife, I picked it up naturally.

I wonder if I can do something with this knife…..maybe I can’t do anything.

According to Seizelk story, it seems that there is a possibility that the organization has many people who are familiar with it.

I don’t have any offensive skills, so there’s almost nothing I can do with a single knife.

Nevertheless, holding the knife makes me calm down a little.

Sora, who has finished eating, with a pyon-pyon starts to bounce around me.

Somehow, looking at that figure makes the extra energy inside me seeped out.

“Thank you, Sora”

Saying my thanks, I slowly stroke the shaking Sora.

I’m glad to have Sora.

There’s a sound coming in from outside the tent.

When I look for the presence, it was a presence I know.

This is, Seizelk’s and Latrua’s presences.

“Ivy, you there?”


I answer back to the voice of Latrua.

I put Sora in the bag and open the entrance.

“I’m glad. I brought dinner so let’s eat”

“Eh? Dinner?”

Looking around, I can see the tent that is already lit.

It was already night before I even noticed.

“That’s right. It’s a specialty of this town. I bought it because I wanted Ivy to eat it”

“I’m happy. Thank you very much”

When I out of the tent, I confirm the surroundings.

Borold and Rickbelt are preparing the desk and lining up the items they bought.


When I heard the sound of heavy object placed, there’s a large bottle of alcohol placed in the middle of the desk.

It seems the alcohol ban is lifted today.

“Alright, let’s eat!”

Borold who says let’s eat, pours alcohol into a cup and drink it.

“Ah~, alcohol after a long time is delicious!”

“That’s because you were going to be the subjugation leader, right. And because of that, we couldn’t drink either”

Rickbelt complaint to Borold.

“It can’t be helped right, there was no other guy in town at that time. I had told you about that~*” (*T/N: Not really sure about this sentence. Raw: いたらしてね~よ)

Borold and Rickbelt alternately drink with vigor.


It was like they are drinking water.

“Both of you, drink a little quietly”

Seizelk picked up the bottle of liquor, amazed.

“”Ah~……the alcohol””

Laughter arises seeing the figure of the two who were reaching for the liquor that was taken.

“Seizelk, give it back!”

When Borold takes backs the liquor that was taken, he pours it to his cup and drinks it.

Seizelk has an amazed look on his face.

The impressions of Borold in me keep changing more and more.

What a mysterious person.

“You don’t have to worry about it, Ivy. Here, the specialty of this town. It’s Maw stewed soup!”

The soup served on the plate is a thick soup with a large amount of Maw meat.

When I put it in my mouth, its taste was almost like nostalgia.

What was it again……the nostalgia was probably from the previous me.

The word beef stew comes to mind.

Apparently, it tastes similar to a dish called beef stew.

“Is it not delicious?”


When I stayed still thinking about the taste, I seem to have made him misunderstood that the taste was bad.

Latrua looks at my face anxiously.

“That’s not it. It’s a taste that I was familiar with, that’s why”

Ah, this is bad.

“Familiar taste?”

“….Yes. A slightly long time ago”

Explaining it is impossible.

In Ratme village, the meat was only a wild rat.

Moreover, most of it is dried meat.

How is it, I hope there’s no problem.

“Is that so~, is it good?”

“Yes. It’s delicious”

“I’m glad. This is my favorite”

“I also like this taste”

“Hee-hee, I’m glad”

Latrua looks a little shy, just that he also showed a slightly lonely smile.

He sometimes shows this expression.

In the end, he hides it but, looking at that expression makes me sad.

I’m sure that adventurers have various things.

Even painful things.

“Ivy! You drink too!”


Rickbelt who had a half-open eyes offer me a glass.

What is it, so suddenly.

And also, you know that I’m a minor right.

“Stop it! Geez. Sorry, Ivy, Rickbelt is pushy* drunk today” (T/N: Thanks to GlacialFires for suggesting this. Raw: 絡み酒)

Seizelk takes the glass that was offered to me.

Also, Rickbelt looks dissatisfied.

Somehow, it’s a new side of him.

Just that, he was really scary with his eye squinted.

“Gosh~, Rickbelt really is bothersome today huh”


“That’s right, there are 3 types when he became drunk. Laughter drunk, pushy drunk, and also pride drunk*. Today is the most troublesome pushy drunk”(*T/N: Here too, I’m not really sure about this one. Raw: 笑い酒、絡み酒、あと自慢酒。)

Ratlua explained with a bitter smile.

“After finish eating, I wonder if I should go back to the tent. Ah~ this is going to be long”

I look at Seizelk who is involved with Rickbelt.

“Listen, this time, I really did my best. And yet, who is it, who take my credit~!”

Talkative drunk, or rather, could it be called non-stop complaining to someone next to you.

But it certain that I don’t like it.

Alright, let’s clean up the things around and quickly return to the tent.

I clean it quietly, such as dirty dishes.

I return to the tent quietly while making sure Rickbelt doesn’t notice me.

“Good night”

Seizelk who noticed my small voice raise one of his hands.

Tomorrow, will everyone be okay?

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