The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 70

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Change Borolda name to Borold(ボロルダ=Bororuda). Also, changing Seiselk’s name to Seizelk. I somehow miss the dakuten in his name. Seizelk(セイゼルク = Seizeruku), ゼ <–this one, the (“) at the top.


Chapter 70 How to Erase Presence

While receiving the explanation of the town, we head to the square for adventurers.

With Loukreek who has a family and Shifal who has a girlfriend, had someone who was waiting for them.

Nouga and Marleek are, going to meet an acquaintance it seems.

The ones left are Seizelk, Latrua, Borold, and Rickbelt.

They seem to spend time together in the square, but their base is in this town.

I’m sure there’s a house where they are living in. Is it okay?

In the square, there are many adventurers there.

In the place where many people are watching, isn’t it okay to be alone?

“Don’t worry about it, Ivy. Both of me and Leader has no place for us to go anyway”

Looking at my state, he probably knew what I was thinking about.

Latrua talks happily.

“That’s because both of them were driven out of their girlfriends’ house before the subjugation. So no problem”

Continuing after that, Rickbelt add another information like he was having fun.

“You guys…..or rather, why do you know about that?”

Borold asks Rickbelt in a pitiful voice.

Moreover, he only shrugs his shoulder, with no intention to answer it seems.

For now, it’s not a problem for two of them, how about the last two?

“Is it okay for Latrua?”

“Aa, that’s because I don’t have a family”

He seems to have a pained expression just for a moment but soon returned to his usual smile.

Perhaps it’s best not to touch this topic.

“Is that so. But it gives me peace of mind having Latrua around”

“There’s no problem for me too. My family told me to get out of the house, I was kicked out, basically”

…..That is, I wonder if you could really say that there is no problem?

I feel like you have a different problem.

Rickbelt is smiling cheerfully.

“Err, thank you very much”

Having them together with me is very reassuring.

So, even if it’s only gratitude, let’s say it firmly.

When arriving at the square, just like the town, it’s pretty spacious.

There seems to be no permit but, at the entrance, there’s a person who supposed to be the administrator standing there.

Seizelk and the others raised their hands towards him, as for me, I bow down and enter the square.

“Amazing, it really is wide isn’t it”

“Isn’t it~. There are also four other squares for adventurers, so there’re five in total. The others are also as wide as this”

There are five squares, amazing.

Borold then pointed to a vacant place.

Around there, the wide should be good. It’s also has a slight distance away from other tents”

“That’s true”

Seizelk also agrees, so we set up the tent in the space we found.

The tent the four people brought out doesn’t seem to be the large tent I saw at the subjugation.

“It’s a different tent, isn’t it”

“That’s because we always go with our companion. This tent is for personal use”

“Is that so”

Even though he said that it was for one person, it’s still bigger than my tent.

There are four, and they are getting installed one after the other.

I also hurriedly set up my own tent.

While preparing the tent, I become a little worried.

It’s about Sora’s potions, I want to go to the dump and take some.

And for that, I need to be alone.

What to do.

sora’s remaining potions are, it will only last until tomorrow morning.

Somehow during today, I have to go to the dump.

Going out of the tent, an adventurer I saw at the time of the subjugation is talking to Borold.

“All right. Go tell everyone to gather”

“Understood. Then, excuse me”


The adventurer seems to be in a hurry, he runs away immediately.


Looking at the back of the adventurer who ran, I was called by Borold.

When I turn my eyes, there was Borold with a serious expression.

I become a little uneasy, so I go to his side.

“Something just came up. Are you okay being alone?”


Recently, the time I was alone was few.

So I’m a little anxious, but I can’t stay like this forever.

It’s also necessary for me to go get a potion.


“Be careful”

Nodding, my head was lightly patted.

The other three also seem to have finished setting up their tents, and they seem to go to the meeting place as it is.

Latrua is waving while looking back over and over again.

That makes my heartfelt warm.

I return to the tent once, close the entrance tightly and fasten it with the metal fittings, and then take out Sora from the bag.

“Sorry, you can’t get out at all”

I stroke the swaying Sora.

“Not yet, I’m still being targeted. That’s why, be patient for a while, okay”

Still, it was good that I could set up the tent.

That’s because I wasn’t able to use the tent while on the journey.

Because if it is inside the tent, I can take Sora out of the bag.

I watch Sora’s extending exercise.

It is cramped inside the bag after all.

“Sora, after you finished your exercise, let’s go get a potion!”

I want to secure as many potions as possible.

I bring the bag with the largest capacity I have.

It’s my first time acting alone since I knew that I was being targeted.

I let out a big breath, and pay attention to the presence outside.

I don’t feel any presence looking over here.

“Sora, let’s go”

With a pyon, Sora bounces and comes under me, I put him in his exclusive bag and carry it on my shoulder.

Out of the tent, I close the entrance firmly.

After looking around, I leave the square.

I probe the surrounding presences but, there are so many people on the main street that it’s hard to read it.

Nevertheless, it’s no good to walk on a road with few people.

Don’t let your guard down even inside a town, is what Latrua warned me.

I show the permit to the gatekeeper and get out of town.

I check the surroundings and then estimate the location of the dump.

The location wouldn’t be that far away.

With a town that size, there should be a lot of garbage there.

If the place was too far away, someone will throw it in a different place.

“Found it”

As expected of a big town, the size of the dump is amazing.

But, it’s only about the same as Ratme village.

It might be because there’s a lot of tamers.


Honestly, because I was searching for presence many times, it was more tiring than walking in the forest usually.

I can’t relax my guard down at all.

In this state, I can’t let Sora out of the bag.

Let’s just pick up the potions quickly and go back.

Entering the dump, I put the necessary potions in the bag as quickly as I can.

The ones I picked up are, only the blue and red potions that are essential for Sora.

Everything other than that is still okay.

I packed the degraded magic bag with potions to its full capacity.

When I out of the dump, as expected, it was getting a little dark, maybe because there was a lot to take.

Let’s hurried back.

When I turn to the town, I know that there is a presence coming here.

I immediately hide behind a tree.

Like I thought, it’s approaching here.

My limbs get cold due to tension.

Take a deep breath so that my presence won’t be read, harmonize my awareness with nature. (T/N: Not sure, raw: 深呼吸をして気配を読まれない様に、自然と調和するように意識する。)

Match my breath with the wind, quietly……quietly……

After a while, I heard the sound of things thrown to the dump.

And then, the presence returns to the town.

I’m glad, it doesn’t seem to be the one who was aiming for me.

I take a deep breath and search for presences in the surroundings again.

It seems okay.

Now that I think about it, was I able to erase my presence?

In the middle of the travel, Seizelk taught me how to erase my presence.

Inside a forest, it seems that the best way to erase the presence is to be in harmony with nature.

Borold also said, that his one exhibits the best effect when in hiding.

I hurriedly return to the town.

I probe the surroundings for presence, I don’t feel uneasiness or discomfort.

I show the permit and enter the town, the fatigue suddenly rushed in.

So tired…….

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