The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 7


Chapter 7 Magic Bag Picked Up At The Dump


About an hour away from the dump.

I take a short break.


The magic bags I brought are heavy.

As I expected, 10 were too many……

There is no time stop function on the degraded version.

Other than capacity, some of the degraded magic bags has weight reduction, some hasn’t too. (他にも入る容量、入れた物の重さを軽くする、しないなど)

Because it is different for each, you can’t use it unless you check it.


Of the ten pieces, six are larger than the ones I used.

However, one of them cannot be used because there’s no weight reduction function.

That said, five magic bags can still be used, which is a surplus.

While changing the contents, I check the potion.

Because there is no time stop function,the color of the potion may change.

It can’t be use if it happens.

I’ll throw it away at the next dump.


Swap my luggage and see the remaining magic bags.

I replaced 3 magic bags with the newly picked bags, so 2 old bags remains.

I have been using 4 of them so far.

The one remaining magic bag are used to hold the 6 empty magic bags. (T/N: the bag that she wrapped with string on her waist.)

There’s still a lot of capacity left, which make me happy.


For the rare version of the regular magic bag,

it seems that there are that can hold magic bags with stuff in it.

It’s no use expecting such a thing on a degraded version, but I’m jealous.


Hold two bags to the right and two bags to the left, and tie the remaining bag to the waist with a string.

It looks the same, but one still has more capacity.

….I forgot the trash. (T/N: i guess it’s the content of the newly picked bag.)

I finish put the trash in the bag.


Now that I have finished changing my bags, I’ll head for the next village.

That village dump was great~. ( あの村の捨て場はよかったな。)


Walking for few hours, I hear the sound of river.

Thinking about replenishing the water, I walks to the depths of the forest off the animal path, relying on the sound of the water.

I put a mark here and there, so that I wont get lost.




I see a beautiful river flowing.

There’s fishes swimming, so the water is okay.

Replenish the water in the bamboo tubes, and clean my feet by putting them in the water.

It feels good~.


I feel refreshed, so I walk back to the animal path.

After a while I felt a presence.

Hide myself in the shadow of a tree and look around.


I could see a man a little distance away.

He seems to be accompanied by a slime.

I wonder if he’s a 2 star tamer.

Slime is a monster that requires two stars and is used to process organic matter.

It is a very important job, it’s called the garbage man. (ゴミ処理屋さん)

Some slime may treat inorganic materials, but it seems to be quite rare.


What is he doing here?

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