The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 69

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Chapter 69 Flame Sword and Thunder King

The end of the subjugation is announced, the many tents there were cleaned up one after another and disappeared.

While watching that, I cleaned up my own tent.

On the side, Nouga and Shifal are cleaning up their tents.

Out of nowhere, I could hear the sound of joy of being able to return to the town and the joy of finishing the subjugation without any injury.

Looking at the situation, it seems the groups that have done their travel preparations are returning to the town one after another.

“It seems we weren’t able to have a long talk. What a shame”

Said Mira while coming close to me.

Her appearance making me a little anxious.

“Thank you for taking care of me and everything”

Noting myself not to act oddly, I bow and say my thanks.

I have Shifal and Nouga near me.

It will be fine.

“When you get to Otorwa town, let me guide around town”

“…..If you have time, then please”

What to do.

When we get to Otorwa town, I’ll be alone.

After all, would it be better to immediately leave the town?

But, I was told that there’s a chance that someone is watching me, what should I do.

“Ivy is planning to work with us for a while”


What does that mean.

Looking at Nouga, he is still preparing for the travel.

“Was it so…..well, if you have time, give a call, okay. Telling it to the guild should be enough”


I hear a voice calling out to Mira.

Looking at the direction of the sound, Mira’s brother is waving his hand in the distance.

“See you later, Ivy”

“Yes. Later”

I waved back at Mira who is waving with a smile.

When her figure already in a distance, I spontaneously feel relieved.

Somehow, I managed to avoid being alone together until today.

After that dinner, someone from the Flame Sword was always with me.

The others too, like Lou and Marleek.

“I’ve kept you wait~”

Latrua, who had been forced to participate in the work of the subjugation team, returned.

Behind him are Seiselk and the figure of four people from the subjugation teams for some reason.

“Thank you for your hard work”

“Like I said, Leader works his men too hard!”

“You seems to be fine, there are still some more work you know”

“Give me a break!”

“Hahaha, Ivy, we’ll be going back to town together, please to work with you”

“I will be in your care”

It would be reassuring to be together with the subjugation team.

Could it be that it was for my sake, thinking that it is, I bowed my head.

For some reason, I received head pats from everyone.

Morning, for the time being, I decided to comb my hair but, it only becomes more ruffled so I had Lou fixed it for me.

That hand, somehow I feel that she is used to it.

“Lou, I feel you’re somewhat used to this, aren’t you?”

“Really? Aa, maybe it’s because I always groom my sons’ hair”

You have a family huh, I didn’t know.

“How many sons do you have?”

“Two of them, they are cute you know~”

When Lou talked about her family, her voice somehow gets warmer.

Somewhat, that kind of thing, how nice.

“It’s about time, shall we go”

With the voice of the Leader, we start to move.

Everyone is an adult, so I have to keep up so I won’t be left behind.

I felt sorry for Sora but, he ended up having to stay in the bag for the time being.

From outside the bag, I move my hands to stroke him.

Sorry, Sora.


The two-day travel to the town went smoothly, a little more and we will arrive in the town.

“Ivy, that over there is Otorwa town where we live”

Following Latrua’s sight, I turn my eyes to the direction of the town.

The town size, seen from the slightly elevated hill was beyond my imagination.

“Amazing….it’s a big town, isn’t it”

“Right! It’s a town I’m proud of”

Latrua pulled my hand and hurried slightly towards the city.

“Ivy will fall if you rushed you know”

From behind, the voice of Seiselk could be heard.

“Ah, sorry, is it too fast?”

“Just a bit, but I’m fine”

In this two-day travel, I feel like our relationship is once again getting a little closer.

By the way, Leader and the others are a group called Thunder King(雷王).

When I said I thought that the subjugation team was the name, the Leader becomes really sulky.

He seems to have a fondness for the name Thunder King, I think I did something really bad.

Otorwa town has a splendid gate and there’s also a gatekeeper.

When the gatekeeper saw Latrua, they raised their hand and greeted.

“Thank you for your hard work in the subjugation. …..From where did you abduct him?”


“Like hell I did that! More importantly, the procedure, come here”


What is he talking about?

Being pulled, the place I was taken to was a small room.

In there, I was handed a paper.

When I read what was written on the paper, there is a column to write [Name, Hometown, Purpose] there.

What should I do about the hometown.

Now that I remember, I have never said that I’ve fled from Ratomi village.

is it good to write it?

“Ah, you couldn’t read. Sorry”

“No, it’s okay. Um, do I have to write my hometown?”

“Nn?… that you mention it, I never heard it. Where?”

“…..It’s Ratomi village”

“Ratomi is it?”

Then I heard a voice different from Latrua, I hurriedly turned my sight to the person who said it.

There, a person wearing the same clothes as the gatekeeper stood up.

While thinking that he might be a member of the vigilante, I match his sight then nod.

“I see. Is there someone who can guarantee you?”

Guarantee… he talking about Captain Ogut?

But, how can I prove it.

“Err, it’s Captain Ogut from Ratme village”

“Is there something you make?”

“Account in the Commerce guild”

“Can you show me?”


I take out a small bag from a bag wrapped around my waist and take out a white plate from it.

“Can you bring it near this stone?”

……Will it be alright?

Would the contents be displayed?

“Nn? Aa, it’s okay. I’m just checking if it’s real or not”


When I get it closer to the stone, the stone glowed white then disappeared.

“There’s no problem”


what is happening?

I’m not sure so I look at Latrua.

There, he had a slightly surprised look.


“Ivy had Captain Ogut to become your guarantor huh. That’s amazing”


“You don’t know? Captain Ogut is an amazing adventurer you know”

“I have heard that he was adventurer but, so that’s how it is”

“Aa, people who yearn to be like him are many too”

“Sorry. Just the name and purpose are enough, can you write?”

“Ah, yes”

On the paper, my name and the purpose of my travel…..what is my purpose?

The garbage dump?

I can’t write that, err, how about in the middle of my journey.

I give the piece of paper while letting out a little laugh.

I wonder why?

“Those who write in the middle of their journey, it’s the first time I see one. Here”

Something was given to me.

When I look at it, it’s like a permit made of wooden sticks.

“You need it to get in and out of town. Also, when you are about to leave the town, return it back”

“Yes. Thank you very much”

Large towns have more people coming in and out, so a permit is necessary, is that how it is.

How amazing.

“Is it over~”

Looking back at the voice, Leader was standing at the entrance.

“Everything’s done~. Let’s go, Ivy”

“Yes. Thank you very much”


For some reason, the man who gave the permit is looking at Leader with a surprised look.

Is he an acquaintance?

I’m not sure but, Latrua urges me on so I lower my head and leave the room.

Everyone was outside the room.

It looks like I have kept them waiting.

“Sorry. I am late”

“That’s right, it seems that Ivy is acquainted with Captain Ogut from the neighbor village”

“Is that true?”

“Yes. He becomes my guarantor”


“Because I fled from Ratomi village”

“Ratomi huh. I heard about it. It was hard huh”

The Leader gently pats my head.

Hearing about Ratomi village, everyone has slightly painful looks.

Right now, I don’t know how is the condition there, it might be terrible or might not.

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