The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 68

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Chapter 68 Unique Adventurers

With the help of Latrua, I managed to make dinner for everyone.

I made soup for fifteen people with a refill in mind, so the number of pots used becomes three, it was really hard.

The medicinal herbs were not enough when seasoning the meat, so I outwit it by making it into three different flavors.

This should be okay… what I want to think.

“Oh~ it smells good. Or rather, it smells somewhat strange”

“But, it looks delicious right”

“I guaranteed the taste. Because Ivy is a good cook. Right!”

The taste was guaranteed by Latrua but, I wonder?

A lot happened today and it was just barely in time.

Especially the medicinal herbs.

“Aa, Ivy. I will introduce my companion. Rick, Lou, and Marl.


Their names are short, is it a nickname?

Introduced by the leader, the three have a disappointed face and let out a sigh.

“Even though you are introducing someone, why do you introduce them using their nickname? I’m Rickbelt(リックベルト). Regards, Ivy”

“Is it something to worry about?”

“Think with common sense. Isn’t it rude”


“Geez. Speaking of which, today, there’s someone who mistakenly called me and Loukreek you know!” 1

“……Aa~, it’s okay as long as it’s not becoming a problem right”

I want to say my greetings but, but the talk doesn’t seem to come to an end.

Even so, the leader’s impression is a little bit different from the first time.

A little more…..what was it, it seems I have to steel myself. (T/N: Not sure, raw: もう少し……何だろう、気を張っていたような。)

“It seems Leader is inattentive in some respects. Just today, he forgot where his spare sword was”

The Leader is inattentive huh.

At first, he only got an impression of someone reliable.

Is he feel a sense of security when he is among his companions?

But, what was that about forgetting his spare sword?

“Nice to meet you, I’m Loukreek(ロークリーク). Well, just Lou is okay. I’m used to being called by my nickname” (T/N: Any suggestion for the name?)

“Nice to meet you, I’m Ivy”

“I’m Marleek(マールリーク)”

“……Nice to meet you”

The same Reek? (ロークリーク=Rōkurīku, マールリーク=Mārurīku)

Are they siblings?

I alternately looked at Loukreek and Marlreek’s faces and compare them.

Their facial features are completely different.

“They are not siblings. Although the names are similar”

Latrua who noticed my gaze told me quietly.

“Are we not eating yet?”

Nouga makes an irritated voice while staring at the meat.

It seems that the meat cooked just right.

So I hurriedly split the soup and have Latrua share the meat.

The leader brought bread and nuts so I cut and divide it too.

“Thanks for the meal”

When I take a bite out of the soup, the taste of the meat spreads in my mouth.

The medicinal herb too, it brought the richness of the food in a good vibe.

It’s delicious, I’m glad.


What is it, it’s pretty quiet……could it be, it tastes bad?

Looking around, somehow, they all drink the soup silently.

……Eh, scary!

“Um…..the taste, is it good?”

“Nn? Aa, it’s really delicious. It’s so good that it surprised me”

Latrua answered with a smile.

That’s good.

“Certainly, you seem pretty good at cooking”

Marleek gets up with an empty soup plate in his hand.

So fast!

He already finished eating.

…..The soup, I wonder if I should have made more?

Ah, Shifal seems to go for seconds too.

Hmm~, maybe the amount made was too few.

“Is it enough?”

“Don’t worry, Ivy. It’s more than usual so it’s enough”

I feel relieved at the words of Leader.

But, is it really okay?

In front of the pot where the soup is, I feel like Marleek and Shifal are staring at each other.

……Ah, they seem to compete for the meat in the soup.

“Uwa, this meat is delicious! ……Could this be medicinal herb?

Lou who eat the meat asked.

I was only worried about the seasonings but, I feel relieved.

“Yes, I seasoned and rubbed it with medicinal herbs”

“Seasoned? Rubbed?” (T/N: Ivy said seasoned in kanji (下味), while Lou said it in hiragana (したあじ))

As I thought, I wonder if seasoning is an unfamiliar cooking method.

As for rubbing is, I thought it was normal, but am I wrong?

Well, it’s good even if I don’t think about it now.

“Yes, that way, the taste will soak into the meat”

“Hee~, eh? This one has a different taste. Ah~, this one is also delicious!”

The medicinal herbs were not enough, so I come up with an idea of changing the taste but, it seems she liked it.

I’m glad.

Which reminds me, I’m worried about how much meat Nouga ate since earlier.

isn’t he ate too much?

“Nouga, you ate too much!”

“……Don’t worry”

“Of course I’m worried! Pass it to the others”



Ah~, following the soup, Nouga and Rickbelt started fighting.

After all, is it not enough?

I was worried about various things, but somehow, everyone seems to be satisfied with the amount.

Even so, they ate more than I imagined.

“My bad Ivy. You were really busy, right?”

Seiselk asks with anxiety.

“No, it’s okay. Because I like cooking”

“Is that so. Then that’s good. By the way, Ivy, when the subjugation is over, you’re planning on going to Otorwa town right”

“…..That is”

“Nn? Change of plan? But, it’s better to stop moving alone while you are targeted. There’s a chance that they are waiting for you to be alone”

Is that so, even without going to Otorwa town, I’m still in danger of being targetted huh.

Then, what’s the best thing to do?

“Won’t you go together with us, to Otorwa town that is?”

“Is it okay with Seiselk and the others?”

“Aa, it takes 2 days to go to the town from here. How is it?|

“Wouldn’t I be a bother?”

“There’s no way you are. We can also eat delicious food”

The medicinal herb is, there’s still some to make soups.

If it could be of help, is it okay?

Honestly, I’m really scared of being alone.

“I’m sorry but, I’ll be in your care”

“You really are upright huh~” (T/N: Not sure, raw: 本当に律儀だな~)

Seiselk pats my head lightly.

“What what, what’s wrong?”

Somehow, Marleek breaks in with high tension.

Also, I could smell the smell of liquor.

“Ah, it’s still too early for alcohol isn’t it! There’s still tomorrow to go!”

“What are you saying! After a delicious meal, it’s gotta be alcohol! Alcohol~”

“Haa, Leader. Marleek is drunk!”

“Ah? I didn’t bring any alcohol you know”


Shifal’s voice echoes from inside the tent.

Then, he jumps out of the tent with a terrible look.

I was so scared that I grabbed the arms of Seiselk and Latrua who were near me.

Shifal looks at the surroundings, and when he found Marleek, he “Smiled”.

As if like there was a sound, he shows a terrific smile towards Marleek.

Turning around, he who has high tension, had his face turned blue.

The smile then changes to a blank look.

“It’s you huh~”

At the same time as Shifal’s voice, Marleek starts running.

Next was Shifal who chase after him.

What is it, did something happened?

Even so, is it okay to run around after drinking alcohol?

“Sorry, about my idiot. He apparently drank Shifal’s alcohol without permission”

Leader sigh and apologizes.

Seiselk only letting out a bitter laugh and shrugged.

“Ivy too, sorry. Making you feel scared”

Following Leader’s line of sight was my hands holding Seiselk’s and Latrua’s arms tightly.

“Ah, sorry”

I release the hand I was holding in a hurry.

“You don’t have to worry. Shifal was scary right”

To the words of Latrua, I just nod.

At that time, a cry from somewhere could be heard.

Somehow, it resembles Marleek’s voice…

“Ah~, was the match done”

It was Marleek huh.

What a terrific sound that was but, is he okay?

After a while, Shifal who looks happy returns.

The smile doesn’t give a scary impression anymore, it gives a refreshing feeling.

Is Marleek really is okay?

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