The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 67

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Chapter 67 Tension

“Is there something wrong?”

To Mira’s voice, I desperately hold my body from flinching, I have to act calmly somehow.

I take a deep breath quietly as to not arouse her suspicion, and turn my sight to Mira.

Mira was smiling with a soft expression.

I only felt dread from the expression that made me felt relieved yesterday, but I manage to smile back.

It hasn’t decided that Mira is someone involved with the organization yet, I keep repeating that in my mind.

“Slime is mysterious isn’t it”

Is it because I was nervous, the words do not come out well.

What should I do.


“We were talking about how slow their digestion is”

I can hear Latrua’s voice who is next to me.

That’s it, I’m not alone, so I’ll be okay.

When I turn my sight towards Latrua, “Nee!” he said while winking at me.

“Slow digestion? If you are talking about that, the slime I tamed is the slowest you know”

“The slowest?”

“That’s right, we have a rare slime to digest a sword but, it takes a day to do it”

Latrua said that a slime that could digest a sword is a rare slime.

Even for a rare slime, it will take that much time huh.

“Ivy, if you are curious about slime, you can come over and see you know?”

Mira brought a slime and showed it to me.

If I have her showed it to me, she won’t suspect me right. (これは見せてもらった方が怪しまれないよね)


“Sorry, Mira. The subjugation is about to end so, I was asked to clean up”

“Clean up?”

“That’s right, it’s from leader. If you’re going to rest, go clean up he said. The way he uses people is rough right~. So, I plan to do it together with Ivy”


That story, I haven’t heard of it.

Did he forget to say it?

“I see. It seems the subjugation is will take one day or so. Speaking of which, the Maw meat will be divided today, right?”

“That’s right. You can hunt nicely while subduing the Ogre. It’s enough to share for everyone”

“At dinner, why don’t we eat together?”

“……I don’t really mind but, it will be together with Leader you know? Your brothers were certainly not get along with Leader, aren’t they?”

“Eh, aa, right~. They might hate it. How unfortunate”

“Hahaha, it really is unfortunate. It’s about time for us to start the clean up”

“All right. Later, Ivy”


What’s this”?

There are various things decided before I knew it.

I have heard that you can get meat from Maw but, dinner with Leader?

I see, so there’s one more person coming for today.

I have to work hard in making dinner.

Still, thanks to Latrua, it seems I was able to avoid being alone together with Mira.

It was good.


To the sigh I let out unconsciously, I hurriedly looked at Latrua who was next to me.

“Nn? Is there something wrong?”

….He didn’t notice, it seems.

To Latrua who scratches his head lightly, I shake my head in a hurry.

“Aa~, Sorry. To decide something like cleaning”

“No. You have been taking care of me, so I was happy that I could be of use”

“I see. If you say so, it’s helpful if you understand even without me asking”

After laughing a little, we start cleaning the entire square.

Collecting the garbage that falls between the tents.

The garbage was collected every day but, there are still few garbage that is overlooked.

A certain amount was gathered after collecting it from the whole square.

But, was there a lot of adventurers who likes cleanliness, the collected garbage wasn’t much as expected.

While in the open space for adventurers in the village is, honestly, there are many dirty places.

“It’s clean, isn’t it?”

“Yeah. I was imagining the square for the adventurers so it surprised me”

“It was because one of the Leader companions likes clean things. If it’s dirty, it would be scary you know. What was it called again, silent intimidation?” (T/N: 静かな威圧 (静かな: Quiet), (威圧: Intimidation))

“Silent Intimidation?”

“Right, that person will erase their presence then walk behind you, and then whispered “How dirty”. At that moment, only for an instant, you will be attacked by bloodlust…..that is scary”

Somehow, Latrua’s expression looks a little frightened.

“…..Does Latrua have experienced it?”

“Aa~, when I just became an adventurer. Even now, if we suddenly meet, I would shudder completely~”

Latrua, just looking at that person figure will make him shudder?

Somehow, I want to see them, and also don’t want to see them at all.

Now that he mentions it, the Leader’s companion….could it be that person too, will eat dinner together?

“That person, will they have dinner together too?”

“Aa~, maybe?”

Somehow, he doesn’t make himself clear. (T/N: Need help with this one 歯切れが悪い)

But, is that so.

Today, will we meet….before everyone back, let’s clean around the tent.

“It’s alright!”

Looking at me, Latrua was panicking.

“Because that person is not that scary. However, that person only strick to idiots who pollutes”

Is that so.

If so, is it okay?

The way we use things is not making anything dirty. (T/N: It means they didn’t make a mess or litter in their camp. Raws: そんな汚くなるような使い方はしていないし)

……For now, let’s clean a little more properly.


“Oh, they came back”

At Latrua’s line of sight, adventurers could be seen returning to the open space.

Somehow, it’s kind of busy today.

“That appearance. Maybe they have subdued all the Ogres”

I see.

Then everyone is, smiling aren’t they.

When the subjugation is over, they can go back to town and can smile too.

What should I do.

If I were being targeted, is it better if I didn’t go to town?

“Good work out there”

“Thanks for your hard work”

“Aa, it’s really exhausting. Even so, it has become pretty clean, isn’t it?”

Shifal pulls down the magic bag from his shoulder, and looks around while placing it near the tent.

The area around the tent was carefully cleaned.

I was also worried about the tent, so I wiped and cleaned it too.

So, I’m happy to hear that it has become cleaner.

“Right! Ivy did his best. I, will go to the Leader for a moment, I’ll leave Ivy to you!”

“Okay. But still, Ivy, perhaps you also cleaned the tent?”

“Yes. I got permission from Latrua”

“Thanks! Because it’s always suitable(?) that it makes you worried right. I’m happy that it becomes beautiful after a long time” (Raw for the 1st sentence: 久々に綺麗になっててうれしいよ)

I’m glad, it seems he liked it.

But still, it seems that Latrua was in a panic earlier, is he okay?

Which reminds me, he has been fidgeting for a long time since the subjugation team returned.

“What’s wrong?”

“No. Is the subjugation over today?”

“That’s right! The subjugation of the Ogres that was seen is over! But we still got to investigate the surrounding area tomorrow”

“Is that so. Really, thank you for your hard work”

“It felt good~. I’m somewhat healed”

Saying that, my head was stroked.

Unlike his impression, Shifal has quite the strength so my neck hurts a little.

“Shifal, adjust your strength”

Nouga grabs Shifal’s wrist and stops him.

Thank you for that.

“Nouga, thank you for your hard work”

“Aa. That’s right, here”

Saying that, what was given to me was something that’s wrapped in a huge leaf.

When I opened it, inside it was huge raw meat.

Probably Maw’s meat.

“About the seasoning, I’ll leave it to you”

While raising his voice, Nouga goes into the tent.

I see, herb….not the medicinal herb one but the seasoning one?

If it’s this big, it will take some time.

Let’s cut it into bite-size and rub it.

Is it okay to use it for soup?

Ok, shall we make dinner.

“Ivy, use this too”

Another one, Maw meat of the same size is added.


When I look, the one who brought it is Latrua.

“It’s the Leader’s share. Because there are four members in Leader’s party after all”

….Let’s start immediately.

It’s tough preparing the portion for nine people.

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