The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 66


Chapter 66 Latrua

“Good morning”

Outside the tent, Nouga was preparing breakfast.

“Morning. Thank you for the soup”

“No, don’t mind it”

Yesterday, apart from the soup for dinner, I also made a soup that could be eaten the next morning.

Nouga is cutting the dried meat while warming the pot of soup.


I can hear a lively voice in the morning from my back, and then, my head is lightly patted.

Since Latrua knew that I was targeted, I feel like the number of contacts has increased.

Maybe he’s just worried but, I also feel that it’s something a little different.

However, it’s not unpleasant or uncomfortable.

It’s just a little bit, so I can’t really grasp what it is.

“Good morning”

With Seiselk and Shifal came out of the tent, everyone started eating breakfast.

“Okay, here” receiving the black bread passed to me, I feel strange.

I thought of myself as an outsider but, everyone at the Flame Sword not only doesn’t feel strange, they even accepted me.

Just like it was natural, we all eat together, of course I got my share of bread too.

…..I gazed at the black bread in my hand.

I’m worried about the organizations but, I also feel a little relieved that I have friends.

“Oh yeah~, Seiselk. I’ll take the day off today”

“Hah….a~, well, it can’t be helped”

I wonder what it is?

Latrua is, taking a break today?

Is there such a thing during a subjugation?

I have never heard of it….well, it’s my first time interacting with a high-ranking adventurer, so there might be such a thing.

“You did it. Now you can be with Ivy”

This is, could it be it was for me?

I was glad when I think about Mira, I think it is not good. (T/N: Not sure with this one. Raw: ミーラさんの事を考えるとうれしいが、駄目だと思う。)

“Um, I’ll be fine so”

“It’s okay~, I already got the permission from Seiselk you see”

When I look at Seiselk, he just shrugged his shoulder and didn’t withdraw his decision.

Is it okay?


“You don’t have to mind it. Latrua, we’ll go get the permission from the leader later”


At Nouga’s words, Latrua looks happy.

For some reason, I lowered my head at Seiselk.

Seiselk is, with a bitter smile raise his hand.

If I were to be honest, I’m scared to be with Mira alone, so it’s encouraging that Latrua will stay with me.

Feeling relieved, I feel my strength leave my body.

Thinking about what would come from now on, it seems that I was more nervous than I had thought.

Shortly after eating breakfast, Nouga and Seiselk go to explain the matter to the leader of the subjugation.

Is it really okay? While thinking that, I see them off from behind.

“Sorry about that, Ivy”

“No, I’m sorry too. For making Latrua to take a day off for me”

“You’re mistaken. The day off was for Latrua himself”


For Latrua’s sake?

“…..Well, a lot happened”


Somehow, the always calm expression of Seiselk turns into a grim one.

I was surprised and can only stare at him.

Maybe noticing my gaze, that expression disappears and he gives out a bitter smile.

“Well, how to say it. …..Since he knew that Ivy was targeted by the organizations, he became a little unstable. That’s why, I’m sorry but, please stay with him for today”

“Is that so? I feel reassured to be with him, so it helps me a lot”

…..From the expression of Seiselk, I felt that there might be something else.

But, as a kid who just met with him, it wouldn’t be good to butt in.

I don’t know if it because he was unstable but, the number of head pats is increasing.

That is might be for peace of mind.

“A~a but, if he became annoying, it’s okay to hit him”

“Hit. is it?”

“That’s right. It okay, if Ivy the one that hits him, he won’t lose heart”

The expression of Seiselk is serious.

Even though he said that he was unstable, is it good to hit him?

“Ivy. What do you think, about my story?”

“What is it, Leader?” (T/N: I think the one who talks here is Latrua)

“It was about a really big sigh, but there seems to be no problem!”

That easily?

“Ivy, we’ll be together today!”

“Yes. It makes me happy”

We see off Seiselk and the others who are going to the subjugation and then cleaning up after breakfast.

Just like yesterday, I head to the slimes that are collecting and disposing garbage.

I collect the garbage from other adventurers along the way.

Then, I felt something unpleasant on my neck.

Today, before I check the surroundings, I try to find out which direction the gaze is from.

…..It’s hard to grasp it.

When I quickly run my eyes around the surroundings, the discomfort is gone.

I held my hand tightly.

Surprised, I raise my head, and see Latrua who is staring at me while laughing.

“It’s okay”

To that smile and words, I felt relieved.

When I laugh back, Latrua returns his gaze to the front.


“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, thank you for helping me”

“No problem. I’m free anyway”

“If Seiselk heard that, you will get scolded you know”


I wonder what is it.

For a moment, Latrua’s expression was like he was about to cry.

Is it just my imagination?

Right now he is the same as usual.

What is it?

When I turn my eyes forward, Mira was there waving with a smile.

Instantly, the grip of my hand who was connected to Latrua become stronger.


Latrua who feel strange was looking at me.

But, I don’t know how to say it, so I hasten my legs and pulled the connected hands.

“Let’s ask her to dispose the garbage”

“Aa~…….un. That’s right, Mira’s slime is a bit special you know. Have you saw it?”

The moment Mira’s name came into my ears, my body quivered.

Let’s get on with the story so he won’t notice. (T/N: Not so sure. Raw: 気付かなかった事にして、話に乗る。)

“She had shown me a slime that can process swords”

“So you saw it. Yes, that one. Amazing right~. It’s pretty rare you know”

“Is that so. Amazing”

I look down a little and repeatedly take a deep breath.

Just from seeing my face, it could be seen that I was shaken just by hearing her name.

Calm down, if it’s like this, it will be noticed.

Calm down, it’s fine.

I recite it in my heart many times.

I exhale for a long time and immediately turn my eyes to Mira.

“It’s okay”

“Nn? What’s wrong?”

It seems that the words in my heart spilled a little.

I shake my head and head towards Mira.

It’s okay.

“Ivy, good morning. I wonder why is there Latrua?”

“I’m off today~”

“What’s that? That is unforgivable you know?” (何それ? そんなの許されないでしょ?)

“Hahaha, I really am on a break. I already got the permission from the leader too you know”

“Really? Well, it’s okay. Anyway, please put the garbage in front of each slime”


I then put some garbage in front of the slime.

Looking at each child(slime)…..there isn’t any who digest as fast as Sora.

Maybe all of them are full?

“What’s wrong?”

Perhaps worried about me who was staring at the slime, Latrua called out to me.

“They’re slowly digesting it huh”

“Nn? Isn’t it always like this?”

Eh, ……this is the usual?

This slow digestion rate is?

The slime takes about one-fifth of the speed of Sora digesting an empty bottle for containing potion.

After all, I feel that Sora is too special.

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19 Replies to “The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 66”

    I have a feeling that Latrua suspect Mira, or knows that Mira is the one causeing Ivy discomfort. That’s why he is unstable, maybe worrying about Ivy made him also played a part.

    1. Forgot to add:
      Thanks for the extra chapters which was not due, made my day even better than it already was. Thanks Crown Clown(a ref from d.grey man)

    2. You’re welcome! And thanks for reading!!! Oh, Crown Clown sounds like a cool name. Makes me want to watch it. I’ll see if I have time for it ☺

    3. This is just a guess from me, but I think Latrua probably had a sibling taken by the organization and Mira is using them as a hostage to force him to spill high level secrets and kidnap other kids to try and get them back. That just seems to be where the story is heading to me.

      Btw I am stiletto help send you over to save our little Ivy! The cuteness must be protected!

      Also thanks Crown for all the chapters.

  2. Thank you for the chapters😊. I love her so much and these guys seem like good people. Protect her at all cost.
    We know Sora is special 😁 hope nothing bad happens to her, Sora, and the crew. I hope we see the Ale-Alexandra? Alemendor? …. I don’t remember the name of the second animal companion 😅

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    I think the flame sword had heard about mira (their tent was close and high ranking adventur “maybe” have good ears).

  4. I’m replying to a few of the comments here.

    About the feeling that Fire Sword changed their plans: I think they overheard her asking Sora what impression it has of each party and then heard her “It’s okay” on repeat and figured she wasn’t comfortable with being with just Mira.

    Another person here commented that they thought Latrua maybe had a sibling that had been kidnapped, and I got that impression, as well, but I don’t think it was that he’s being blackmailed – I think that he’s just really wanting to catch the bad guys so he can get his sibling back.

    As for the name – I think other commentators on a previous chapter suggested calling the Adandara “Alejandro” — I just hope she gets brave enough to try to give it a name some day so she can legit travel with it by her side.

    Crown — sincerely, THANK YOU!! I love this story so much and look forward to the results of your hard work. It’s such a treat reading them :’)

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    I just started reading this yesterday and yes, I binge read all this, it’s 7:30am, my eyes feel heavy, but I needed to go through this.
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