The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 65


Chapter 65 Sora’s Reaction

After the meal, I bring hot water with me and returned to the tent.

I close the entrance tightly and lock the metal fittings so that it does not open from the outside.

“OK, with this it’s alright”

I open the magic bag and check Sora’s state.

When Sora sees me, he bounced with a pyon and jumped out of the bag.

Sora who judged that it’s alright now, seems to understand my situation after all.

I always thought about it but, Sora really is reliable.

Which reminds me, is Andandara okay?

I hope it goes far away from the surrounding forest.

Seeing that no information about it being seen came in, it probably hasn’t been found.

But, I’m worried.

Looking at Sora, he is moving his body vertically like usual.

Somehow, if I don’t see this movement once a day, I can’t calm down.

…….That’s strange, maybe because I always keep watching it?

While wiping my body, I remember what I talked to with Seiselk.

Honestly, I’m very scared.

The first time my life was aimed at, I felt more frustrated than fear.

I was afraid when I was in the tent but the feeling of confusion is stronger.

But, this time I’m scared.

“Haa~. Sora, what should I do. I……it seems like I’m being targeted”

When I put it in words, my fear somehow increasing.

When I quivered, Sora stopped moving and rubbed his body over my sitting legs.

It seems like I make him worried.

“It’s okay. Because everyone in the Fire Sword will be there”

Somehow, my feelings have calmed down.

Sora is bouncing with a pyon pyon and begins to shake with puru puru.

To the usual appearance of Sora, I laugh a little.

“And you know, Mira san who is a tamer will be with me”

Let’s ask her about slime.

she might know something about Sora.

When I look back at Sora, he stops moving and stares at me.


The situation is, the same as in the evening.

He is staring at me with a gaze that appeals to something, it was different from the usual Sora.

In the evening, it was after I said “Everyone is a good people”.

…..Could it be, he responded to the words of everyone?

When I was talking about Flame Sword, his reaction is as usual.

And the reaction right now is……Mira?

Is Mira not a good person for Sora?

No way.

Because Mira seemed to be really worried about me.

But, Sora always keeps me away from danger.

If I accidentally come in contact with a poisonous grass, he would let me know with his body.

Even with the tree monster, he warned me too.

……Is it really Mira?

“Sora, is everyone in Flame Sword okay?”

Sora is bouncing and shaking his body.

“Is the subjugation leader, Borolda, okay too?”

He is bouncing with a Pyon Pyon and shaking with a puru puru.

His reaction is somehow stronger than Flame Sword, so no problem.

“……And Mira of the Green Wind is?”

Sora stops all his movement and stares at me.

……Does Sora feel something about Mira?

What is it?

Judging from Sora’s appearance, it is definitely not good for me.

I hold both my hands tightly.

I thought she was a good person, am I mistaken?

But, I don’t feel any strangeness or discomfort about her.


Is that right?

I feel like I felt something……that’s right, Maruma.

When I saw his smile, just a little bit, I felt something strange.

I didn’t know at that time but……I remembered.

That is an eye that was evaluating a product.

It was the same eyes as the Chief of Ratomi village.

It is eyes that judged whether it was worth using or not.

It was only for a moment so I thought I was mistaken.

It was not a mistake.

Then, after all, are the Green Wind involved with that organization including Mira?

……What should I do.

Should I consult with Seiselk?

But, how should I explain it.

Mira might be a member of that organization?

There is no proof, there’s no way he will believe it.

It’s just Sora’s feeling.

I believed in Sora.

We have been traveling together for a long time.

I believe in what Sora felt.

But, Sora is not an evidence, and I can’t show him.

Who will believe in me?

……I don’t know.

I felt a weight on my thigh.

Sitting on top of my feet was Sora.

And he was staring at me while shaking.

“Thank you. Sora”

Tomorrow, I promised to meet with Mira and the others.

To Seiselk too, I already told him that I’ll be okay because I’ll be with Mira.

I slowly stroke Sora.

From now, should we leave this place?

But, the Ogre subjugation is not over yet.

If we encounter any Ogre in the woods, we will surely be killed.

Moreover, there is a constant lookout for monster here.

It’s impossible to leave without being found out.

In the daytime, there are adventurers in the forest, and I don’t have the skill to hide and move undetected.

Haa, I can’t seem to escape from this place without being found out by anyone.

Then, what can I do.

What I can do right now is……to make sure that the others(opponent) don’t feel suspicious.

First of all, I have to keep my doubts unknown.

If my suspicion is found out, they might do something.

But is it really Mira?

Haa, I have to be careful from tomorrow.

Is it possible to deceive them so that it doesn’t found out?

I have no choice but to do it.

Fuu~, how sad.

Being taken care of, being treated kindly, and I even feel glad that we met.

I grit my teeth and suppress the tears that are about to spill.

“Crying huh, I will never cry, absolutely”

Not yet, it isn’t decided that Mira is a member of the organization.

There’s a chance that Sora might be wrong.

But, when Maruma looked at me, I couldn’t help but feel that it was the answer.

And I believe in Sora.


Sora stares at me from the top of my thigh.

That right, if there’s anything that happened to me it would also affect Sora.

No other way than to overcome it.

It was said that they are an organization that works in human trafficking.

Then, is their purpose is to kidnap me?

For the time being, I have to be careful to not act unnatural when I’m with Mira.

I hug Sora tightly.

I’m scared but, there’s no choice but to do it.

I’ll do my best, for me and Sora’s sake.

It’s okay, everything will be all right.

With the voices of peoples and moving presences, I woke up.

Apparently, I fell asleep while hugging Sora.

I place Sora on a blanket and when I stretch my arms, creaking noises could be heard.

I had been sleeping but, I felt tired.

I take a deep breath to change my mood.

“It’s okay. It’s okay”

Sora was staring at me.

“It’s okay”

I stroke and place potions in front of Sora.

There is also a sound came from a nearby tent.

Someone in Flame Sword may have wake up.

After Sora finishing his meal, he started moving vertically.

After watching it for a while, I put him inside the bag.

“Sorry, I’m going”

I let out a long breath, switch my feelings, remove the metal fittings of the tent and go outside.

It’s okay.

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