The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 64


Chapter 64 Twins and Subjugation Leader

“Nice to meet you, I’m Torto(トルト) of the Green Wind and older brother of Mira. This is my little brother, Maruma(マルマ)”

I was surprised.

Two people who had the same face lined up in front of me.

By chance, are they twins?

“Ivy, surprised? Both my older brothers are twins. It’s rare you know”


……I wonder if that’s true?

If Mira says so, it’s probably true.

It seems that my knowledge was influenced a lot by the me before, so I can’t say something untactful.

But there were certainly no people in the villages I’d been who could be considered twins.

It’s rare huh.

I’ll remember it.

“It’s my first time seeing it. I’ll be in your care. I’m Ivy”

“Oo~, what a good child”

Both Torto and Maruma responded with a smile.

…..But, I wonder what is it?

There is something with the little brother Maruma… just my imagination?

“Right! He’s a very good child you know”

“You have all gathered huh”

A very, heavy voice was heard.

When I turned to the voice, a man with a firm body and a slightly fierce look walking towards this place.

A really reliably aura was drifting around him.

It’s the first time I’ve had such an impression on people I met for the first time.

What a mysterious person.

“Leader. This is Ivy, the one I talked about earlier”

“Eh, umm, I’m Ivy. Pleased to meet you”

While I was looking at the man, my name was suddenly called which makes me surprised.

I somehow managed to say my greetings, Do I do okay?

Still, so he is the leader of the subjugation team huh, I see.

“I’m the leader of the subjugation team, Borolda(ボロルダだ). Nice to meet you”

Saying that, he patted my head lightly.

What is it, is it his atmosphere?

Even though it was our first time meeting each other, but when he pats my head I felt calm.

Like I thought, he is a mysterious person.

“Mira will always in this plaza, right?”

“Ee, that’s my intention. Or rather, there are no slime tamers that participate in a subjugation, right?”

“Hahaha, that’s certainly true. Can’t let a precious tamer to be lost. Stay with Ivy as much as possible”

“Of course. Leave it to me!”

Mira winks at me, so I laugh a little.

But, I wonder what he means by precious tamer.

Are there not many tamers out there, I wonder?

I want to hear about that but…..I should leave it for next time.

As I ponder, Latrua hugged me from behind.

“I’ll also be with you as much as I can! Count on me!”

I think that I already rely too much on him already.


“Yes. I’ll be relying on you”

Refraining too much will be rude to the other person.

When you get spoiled, be spoiled and be useful as much as you can.

I remember the words of the fortune teller that it was important to get to know people.

I don’t know the extent of how much to hold back, so I’ll have them spoiled me.

Honestly, I’m scared of the unpleasant feeling.

Mira san from the Green Wind, the three of them, promised to meet up tomorrow and parted.

Borolda, the leader of the subjugation team seems to have something to talk with Seiselk, so they have gone somewhere together.

“Um, Latrua. Can you get this ingredient? I want to make dinner”

“You sure? Yesterday’s soup and meat were delicious, so I was actually thinking of asking you”

“I’m glad. I’ll do my best to make them”

A grin hung on Latrua’s face, a smile escapes my lips.

Back in the tent, I speak with Sora who is in the bag with a small voice.

“I’m sorry, Sora. I think you will be cramped inside there for a while”

Sora seems to has grown twice vertically in the bag, but there are no signs of him spilled out from the bag.

If it’s the usual, he would’ve jumped out of the bag.

But Sora is, I wonder if he understands the situation I’m in?

When I stroke him lightly, he seems to feel happy as he shakes his body.

“Everyone is, I’m glad that they are all good people”

To my words, Sora stops moving and stare at me.

…..What is it?

His reaction is different than usual.

When I tried to say something to Sora, there is a loud noise from outside the tent.

I’m curious but, that has to wait.

I give potions to Sora who is inside the bag.

I wonder how long will the subjugation last.

Sora’s potions become more lonely. (ソラのポーションが心細くなってきたな)

“Sora, I’ll go do my best on making dinner”

After stroking the shaking Sora that extends vertically, I close the bag and place it on a blanket.

Taking the seasoning out of the bag, I exited the tent.

Latrua has already lit the fire and prepared the pot and water.

“Sorry. I’ve made you wait”

“It’s okay. Here are the ingredients, is this good? That’s right, I’ll go procure some fresh meat tomorrow. Because even if I go beat a Mow today, I can only give it out tomorrow” (T/N: Change from Mou to Mow (モウ). I’m not sure of the last sentence. Raw: 今日討伐したモウを明日配るって言っていたから)

Mow’s fresh meat.

That’s nice.

I cut the ingredients I received into appropriates sizes and then put it in the pot.

Today’s meat is a salted Kokko’s(コッコ) meat.

Kokka…..I wonder what it is, it’s an animal that I don’t know.

For the time being. it is only salted, so if I don’t pay attention to the seasoning, it will become salty.

I brought several herbs and put it in the pot with the meat and let stew it.

I feel chills on my neck and felt something unpleasant.

I quickly look around.

Because there are a lot of adventurers, I can’t pinpoint where it came from.

Also, the discomfort disappears when I look around.

Who is it……

With a ‘pon’, a hand was place on my head.

“It’s okay. Because we are here”

It was Latrua stroking my head with a smile.

“Thank you. The soup will soon be finished. I’m going to grill the Kokko”

To the Kokka that had been desalted(salt removed), I sprinkle it with some herbs and starts grilling it.

It’s a medicinal herb with a slightly unique scent, is it fine?

Nouga came out from the tent and sit by the grilled meat.

Before I knew it, Shifal, who was going somewhere was sitting by the pot of soup.

I can’t feel Shifal’s presence at all, as one would expect of a top-class adventurer?

…..Somehow, I feel that it’s a little different.

“Nn? What’s wrong?”

“No, please wait a little longer. Seiselk is still not here”

“You can just forget about Seiselk”


“Shifal, you”

I heard Seiselk’s voice, so I turned my heads.

He is looking at Shifal with a somewhat tired look.

“Aa, welcome back”

“The place where he is serious and means no offense is what was scary about him”

“No way~. I’m not scary”

“How dare you say that. Even though you were trying to eat my share”

“It’s your fault for not coming back at mealtime. Because it’s a waste to leave it just like that”

“No no no, don’t you have any intention of setting aside a portion for me?”

“……Because, when it cools down, it will be a waste”

Shifal is, quite different from the first impression I get.

Somehow, I had the image of him being a gentle person but.

What was it again……like going on his own pace?

Is that correct?

Well, he is just a little eccentric.

“Let’s have a meal”

Without knowing why, I called out to stop Seiselk and Shifal who are arguing.

I feel that Nouga, who is gazing at the meat, his mood keeps getting lower and lower.

……Maybe not only Latrua, but everyone at Fire Sword is unique.

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