The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 63


Chapter 63 Disturbing Organization

“Ivy! Ivy! Ivy!”

The voice of Latrua echoes in the center of the base and surprise the surroundings.

I can feel the gaze from the surroundings as the voice approaches me.

It made my face felt hot, I’m sure that it is red right now.

Next to him. Mira has a pitiful gaze.

I was told that he was a top-class adventurer, but looking at Latrua makes me really wonder about it.

I thought that the top-class adventurer with many experiences was a lot calmer.

Well, they are all calm except for Latrua.

Is it only him?

Latrua who came in front of me grab both of my shoulders.

“Are you alright? They didn’t do anything, right? For them to turn their unscrupulous sights on my Ivy!”

What does he mean by unscrupulous?

Just what explanation was given to him?

I feel like it was heading in the wrong direction.

“Wait a minute Latrua. Calling her out loud like that, it”s pitiful for Ivy you know”

Mira took off his hands from my shoulders and spoke the words in my heart.

Thank you very much.

“Nn? What is?”

…..He doesn’t get it.

When I look at Latrua, he really is looking at her mysteriously.

Letting out a big sigh, Mira shakes her head.

Somehow, seeing her tired makes me felt sorry.

“Mira, thank you”

Seiselk came a little later after.

There’s also Nouga who came but Shifal is not there.

Looking around, he seems to be talking to another adventurer.

“It’s okay. Because Ivy just look like a little brother, and cute too”

“Right~. I wonder if he would be my little brother. How about it Ivy?”

I was troubled on how so answer so I just shake my head a little.

“Ee~, just a little bit!”

What does he mean a little bit about little brother?

When I tilted my neck, Nouga suddenly drops a fist on Latrua’s head.

With the sound of “bonk”, Latrua was holding his head.

He stared at Nouga with teary eyes.

“Geez, I can’t see when will Latrua will be able to control himself”

“Shut it, Mira”

“Your relationship never change huh”

Seiselk mutters amazed looking at Latrua and Mira.

“My, Even though looking like this, I think that I have grown a lot. I have become an adult”

“Is that so? Those guys(boobs) at the front still looks the same as in the past”

Hearing Seiselk words, Mira has a sour look on her face.

It seems Mira and Latrua are like old friends.

Speaking of which, is it because the way he talks, or because of the exchange just now, Mira’s gaze was unforgiving.

Seiselk is, he bent over to match my line of sight.


I wonder what is it, he has a really serious look.


“I heard the story. It’s been since you came here, right?”

“Yes, that’s right”

“I see. My bad. It’s because we brought you here…..”

“Eh, you’re mistaken. For bringing me here, I really felt grateful”


“If I had spent the night in the forest, I might have encountered an Ogre. So that’s why I really am grateful”

“Seiselk. There’s also the problem with the Ogre, it’s inevitable you brought him here. What we need to talk about was what to do from now on”

Hearing Mira’s words, Seiselk let out a bitter smile.

“That’s true. Is it okay if I ask the details?”


When Shifal returned, I prepare tea for everyone.

Mira was curiously staring at me making tea.

Like I thought, Tea is really is rare.

Prompted by Nouga, I explained what happened this morning.

I woke up feeling uneasy and felt that there is someone outside the tent.

During daytime, feeling unpleasant many times, I looked around but found no one there.

After I finish my story, Seiselk and Nouga have grim expressions.

Shifal is. his expression doesn’t change much but it seems like he is thinking about something.

As for Latrua, he is glaring at the surroundings.

Some people are terrified and frightened without understanding what was happening so I want you to stop that.

“Those guys huh?”

Those guys?

There seems to be something that came up to Seiselk’s mind.

“As I thought, that is the only things that came up”

Mira seems to come up with something.

What is it?

Nouga’s expression is, he looks really scary.

“Nouga, you could kill people with that face, you know”

Latrua was nodding to the words of Mira.

Not his gaze but his face, I wonder what’s that expression means.

Nouga clears his throat once and drinks the tea.

“Ivy, listen carefully. Otorwa town has a problem with a nasty organization”

“An organization?”

Is it the organization that Vice-Captain Verivera talked about?

I heard that the crackdown was strengthened.

“It was an organization that kidnapped people and sold them as slaves. The town vigilante was supposed to crack them down at once but, it seems that the information was leaked from somewhere. The crackdown was failed and those guys escaped”

Seiselk has a really frustrated expression.

“The one that got caught was people from the very bottom who knows nothing of the organization. I think that they were cut off to earn some time”

Nouga’s words give me a somewhat laid back impression.(ヌーガさんの言葉に、どことなくなげやりな印象を受ける。)

I wonder what’s wrong?

“Haa, there are too few sightings of suspicious person, even though people have been kidnapped”

“…..Is that mean that I’m being targeted by that organization?”

“I can’t say that for sure yet. But, there is a possibility. So make sure that you are not alone and be careful”

Told that seriously, I look at Seiselk eyes and nod.

I was patted on the head, my body whose stiff because of the tensions starting to relax.

“Ivy, I will also introduce my companions to you. ……Fufufu”

I wonder why, the moment Mira turned her eyes to other adventurers, her smile becomes scary.

Following Mira’s line of sight, looking in the same direction as her, there are many adventurers there and I don’t know who she was looking at.

“Wait here for a little bit”

“Huh, yes”

The voice that should be gentle somehow felt prickly.

Seiselk and Nouga only spill a dry laugh.

Following the figure of Mira, she stood in front of two men.

And then….she grabbed their heads and struck their heads together.

“Aaa~, looks painful. Ivy, those two are Mira’s companion. They are group of siblings and Mira is the youngest sister”

So they are siblings huh, still, it seems to hurt a lot.

Even though it was a little far away, I could hear the impact sound.

Let’s remember not to make Mira angry.

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