The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 62


Chapter 62 Discomfort

While cleaning up after breakfast, I was thinking on how to explain about the tea.

How about that everyone at Ratomi village drinks it?

Ah, no good.

If there is someone who knows about Ratomi village, it will be exposed immediately.

Should I tell them that someone taught me?

But who?

The fortune teller?

…….But I don’t want to use someone important to me.

Moreover, I don’t want to lie too much.

Thinking that it would get found out somewhere makes me anxious.

Hmm~, maybe just say that I found it by chance in the forest because of its scent.

In fact, I was curious about a smell that I was familiar with and then I found it.

Un, I didn’t tell any lies.

But, I just omitted various things.

……Okay, if someone asks, let’s push through with this.

The adventurers gather in one place.

It seems that they will start a full-scale subjugation.

What should I do?

Is it alright if I just wait here?

Or is it okay for me to continue my travel?


After the adventurers discussing with each other, I called out to Seiselk who just returned.

“What’s wrong?”

“Is it alright for me to continue my travel?”

“It’s better if you don’t. Considering the sighting of the Ogres yesterday’s night, the number of Ogres is higher than expected”

“Are there more than ten of them?”

“It’s more than that. “According to what the leader of the subjugation said, they predicted that it would be about thirty.”

“That is a lot”

“Aa, so it’s better to not leave this place”

“Understood. I will wait until the subjugation finished”

“Sorry. We’ll quickly bring them down”

“Be careful not to get injured”

“…..O~u, it’s good. That word is”


Is it the “please be careful”?

I don’t really get what he meant but, he seems to like it.

“Ivy, could you help me for a bit?”

Nouga beckon me.

When I approached him, garbage was collected in front of their tent.

“Yes, if there is something that I can help with, please tell me”

“The garbage need to be disposed in the center of the base, could you bring it there?”

When it comes to garbage disposal, then, does it mean that I can see the slime?

I always wanted to see the place it gets processed, so I’m grateful.


“My bad but, can I also ask for the garbage of the other adventurers around?”

“Yes. It’s okay”

“Sorry. Thank you”

I then heard voices of people I don’t know.

When I turned my sight, it seems to be from a group of female adventurers.

There are also other groups waving their hands towards here.

Everyone must be busy because of the subjugation.

After seeing the adventurers off, I walk to the center while collecting the garbage.

As I passed between the tents, slime came out from the place where the garbage is processed.

Their total number is fourteen.

There are four people there, three are men and the other one is a woman.

Are they all tamers?

“Excuse me. Is it okay if I just put it here?”

“Oh, could you be the boy who came with Flame Sword?”

“The man near me was a little surprised seeing me then nodded next as if understanding something.

“Yes, I have been taken care of”

“Hahaha, that is a matter of course(integrity?). It’s good just to put it there”

After I put down the garbage, one of the slimes approaching.

The garbage that was collected was dirty clothes, empty potion bottles, and broken daggers.

Which one should I give?

“Eh, could it be there are swords there?”

The woman called out.

“Yes. But it is broken”

“This child here can process it, could you bring it here?”


Holding the broken dagger, I put it in front of the slime next to the woman.

Slime that eats swords is rare or rather, very rare.

Watching the slime, it gets on top of the dagger.

Since there are no changes, I just watch while wondering about it.

“Fufufu, I don’t think you will understand even if you see it you know”


“For swords, it takes a lot of time to process”

“Is that so…….I didn’t know”

When I returned to the place where I put the garbage, several slimes were processing it.

Looking at it, it seems that there are also slimes that can process empty bottles.

Looking at it, I felt something weird.

It needs a lot of time just to process one bottle.

…..But for Sora, it was in an instant.

While watching the slime digesting it, I suddenly felt chills that make me felt uncomfortable.

My body shivers.

I hurriedly check the surroundings but I can’t see anyone.

What was it, it is a similar feeling to the morning.

I don’t feel good.

“You okay? You look a little pale”

“Eh. …..I’m okay. Thank you”

The woman I just talked to called me worriedly, it made me flinch.

The woman looked a little surprised but immediately laughed softly and reached out her hand to me.

“I’m Mira, a tamer and a member of Green Wind. Best regards”

“Ah, I’m Ivy. I’m on a journey by myself”

“Alone huh. Aren’t you still a minor?”


“If you have any concerns you want to talk about don’t hold back. I’ll help you as your senior adventurer!”

“Thank you”

Chills run down my neck.


I quickly look around but I didn’t see anything.

Really, what is it, it made me have a bad feeling.

“Did you feel something just now?”


Distracted by the discomfort, I forgot about Mira who I was talking with right now.

I shake my head sideways, but with a ‘pon’, a hand was placed on my head.

“Look here, I’m a member of a well-known medium-sized adventurer group. Why don’t you just tell me?”

Is it okay to talk about it?

But, how should I explain it?

“Anything is fine you know?”

“Umm…..there is something that made me felt uncomfortable. It made chills run down my neck….”

Saying it like that just going to trouble her, right.

But, I don’t know any other way to explain it.

Mira is, her face became steep.

“A feeling of discomfort is an important thing. Because it will help to protect yourself”

“Protect me?”

“That’s right. Looking at your gaze, I thought that there is something disturbing you. Since when do you felt the discomfort?”

“From this morning”

“Then, that means that there is trouble within the member of the subjugation”

Did she believe what I said?

“I’ll go tell the member of the subjugation that are trustworthy. Ivy just be careful to not be alone”

“……Yes. But if it is just a mistake”

“If it was just a mistake then you just need to laugh it off. But if it was true then that means that you are targeted. Feeling of discomfort and disgust(unpleasant) are important sensations to protect yourself. Don’t ever ignore those feelings”

How scary.

I certainly felt discomfort.

Is there really someone that aimed me?

Thinking about it made my body trembles.

“It’s okay. I’ll talk to the members of Flame Sword. They are a top-class adventurer”


Not expecting that, it surprised me.

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