The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 61


Chapter 61 It Was Medicinal Herb

After dinner, Latrua did all the cleanup.


“Ivy, herb? Preparations? I might be able to cook too! Tell me more!”

“Err, um….”

Sora hasn’t eaten his meal yet, so I want to go back to the tent.

In addition, I rather don’t talk about it.

What should I do.

“Cut it out! Sorry, Ivy, you can ignore what this guy said”

“Excuse me, Latrua. Good night”

I bring back hot water with me and return to the tent.

“Fuh~, I’m tired”

I listen to what happens outside the tent.

I can hear the voice of Nouga, and the voice of Latrua who seems to be sulking.

And after a while, their voices stopped.

It soon should be okay.

I take out Sora from his bag and speak to him in a small voice.

“I’m sorry for being late, Sora. We are close to other tents so be quiet. Your meal, I’ll have it ready soon”

Sora looked at me and shakes his body, and then he started to eat the potions that I arranged for him.

I soaked a towel in the hot water and squeeze it.

While wiping my body, I think back about the herbs.

About the herbs, I studied it from the book I got from the fortune-teller.

It was used as raw materials to make potions and you can find them inside a forest.

But, just using medicinal herbs as is is less effective than degraded potions and not very useful.

Therefore, I only learned about medicinal herbs that had poison in them.

Some poisonous plants can cause swollen just by touching it so it better to be careful.

I changed to a new clothes and look at Sora.

He stretch his body with a purupuru sound.

When he was stretching, I can see that the colors are beautifully divided into upper and lower parts.

In his usual droplet shape, there are still parts that are mixed.

It is decreasing day by day so it may still in the middle of changing.

Will the colors increase from now on?

What will happen if the number increases?

…..Looking at Sora, he continues to stretch up and down.

Well, whatever.

I take out book about medicinal herbs from the magic bag.

I’m sure that I found the herb while I was hunting wild rats.

It smelled nostalgic, so I searched around and found it.



Isn’t it weird.

Isn’t it my first time seeing herbs or rather medicinal herbs? So why was it nostalgic?

It’s my previous memory as I thought, it seems to have had a big influence on me.

I didn’t felt anything strange at the time so I didn’t notice.

Now that I remember, I collected the herbs without thinking much about it.

Now that I recall it, it all felt strange.

I take out the dried herbs that I carried around and compare them with the pictures in the book about medicinal herbs.

There are four that are not listed in the book, but the others were all listed as herbs.

So it was a medicinal herb.

I’ll be careful from now on so I don’t mistake them again.

With a fuaah~, I yawned.

Because I was surprised one after another, I became pretty tired.

“Sora, let’s sleep”

I call Sora with a small voice.

I put a blanket over Sora and me and adjust my sleep posture.

Tomorrow, how should I explain it to Latrua?

……I can’t think of it at all, I’m sleepy, let’s sleep.

“Good night, Sora”


I wake up feeling a presence outside my tent.

What is it?

It’s an unpleasant presence.

I gently open my eyes and make sure that the tent entrance is closed.

The presence is suppressed considerably, but I felt that it was looking at the situation.

It’s different from the presence I felt from the four Fire Sword, it makes me felt discomfort and my body quivered.

It’s scary.

“Who is it?”

When I call out, the presence quickly goes away.

What was it?

Is Sora exposed?

I check the tent entrance again.

It seems fine, it’s closed without a gap, it doesn’t seem to be open from outside.

I then hug sora tightly.

Somehow, it felt eerie.

When the surroundings became a little brighter, I put a bag containing Sora over my shoulder and walk out of the tent.

The adventurers already moving busily.

I feel like there are more people than last night.

Is it only my imagination?

“Morning. Ivy”

As I watched the adventurers, I heard Latrua’s voice from behind and my shoulders trembled.

“Eh? Are you okay? Ivy?”

“Fu, I’m okay. Good morning”

I take a deep breath to calm my breathing.

Latrua looked at my face worriedly.

I was a little surprised that I suddenly take a step back.

“What are you doing attacking him!”

“Attack? Ee~ you’re wrong. It’s different right, Ivy!”

“Yes. It’s not like that Nouga”

“Is that so? If he does something you can tell me. I’ll beat him up”

“Wait a minute, that’s terrible, Nouga! I’m innocent!”

“Morning. Latrua is noisy from the morning”

“Morning. Ivy”

“Good morning. Seiselk……Shifal”

I almost not called out Shifal’s name.

That was close.

“Ivy. You forgot my name right!”

“Ugh, sorry”

“……So cute. I want you as my little brother!”

Suddenly from the side, Latrua hugged me.

I was too surprised to say anything.

With the sound of ‘bam’, Latrua let go of me.

When I turn my head, I see him holding his head with a pained expression on his face.

“Are you okay?”

“Don’t worry, no problem”

It was Nouga who answered for some reason.

I wonder if there’s really no problem?

He has a pretty painful expression.

“About breakfast, why don’t we eat together? What do you usually eat?”

“Err, dried meat, and nuts. And also tea”

“Hee~ tea huh? How unusual, isn’t tea expensive?”

Tea is unusual?


Now that he mentions it, I may have not seen many people drinking tea.

How should I explain it, would they think that it was strange?

“This tea is, it was taken from a tree in the forest so it doesn’t cost money”

“Forest? Shouldn’t tea can only be taken from the field dedicated to it?”

What should I do, is this knowledge useless?

For the time being, let’s treat them some tea and see what happens.

While preparing tea for five people, Nouga came and brought black bread and four cups.

“Yes, this will do. This is for the tea”

I was surprised when I was given black bread, but I thank him and received it.

I put the tea in all 4 cups.

And add my own share of tea to mine.

When I smell the scent, it made me relaxed.

“It has a nice scent. It somehow calmed me down”

“Certainly, it’s not like the tea I had before, this is also delicious”

It seems that Seiselk and Shifal like the tea.

Latrua is, drinking it with a strange expression.

Nouga had no reaction but, he takes the first sip timidly.

Seeing the expression of the four people, it can be judged that they really are unfamiliar with tea.

……First is herbs, and now tea?

What should I do.

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