The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 60

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Chapter 60 This Information is?

The leader of the Flame Sword party is Seiselk(セイゼルク). The other three are Latrua, Shifal, and Nouga, and the one who talked to me the most was Latrua.

Latrua smiles at me and asks, “Do you have a tent?” not seeing any harm, I nod, “Yes.” Seiselk then points to a spot by their tents, “If that’s the case then the space near our tent is open so you can use that.”

I check the spot pointed out by Seiselk. Since mine was a tent for one person, I can set it up with plenty of space left. While setting up my tent. a member of Fire Sword tells the surroundings about me. It seems that they are also exchanging information about the Ogres.

When I finished setting up the tent, I arranged the inside and went out, and for some reason, Latrua was waiting for me. He smiled and said, “It’s my turn for the meal duty today. What is Ivy gonna do about your meal?”

Looking around, I can see others were cooking on fire here and there. If it’s okay for me to cook as well, I wonder if I should grill the hare that I had prepared earlier?

Looking at him, I say, “Umm, I was thinking of grilling hare, if that’s ok?”

“Eh! Could it be that you are traveling while hunting? Even though you are alone, it’s amazing. Ah but, isn’t hare smell?”

It’s not like I was the one that hunts it.

It was given, by Adandara.

So I felt a little guilty.

“It just happens by chance. About the smell of the hare, it’s okay because I prepare it properly”

“Prepare? Then by doing that the smell will disappear?”

“Eh? …..Yes, that’s right”

“Is that so! I didn’t know that. Alright, let’s cook dinner together!”

“Eh? Eh?”

“Actually, I’m not good at cooking~. Even though I tasted it while making it, I was always told that it tastes weird. I wonder why?”

Even if you ask me, I don’t know.

“Okay, Let’s make it!”

After he declared that, my arm was grabbed tightly.

Looking at his face, a desperate gaze was directed towards me.

Well, it’s not particularly a problem to make it together.

Moreover, I can’t refuse if he sees me like that.

“What will you make?”

“Err, grilled meat, boiled potatoes, and boiled hakuka(ハクカ) with salt and pepper” (えっと、肉を焼いて、芋を焼いて、ハクカを焼いて、塩コショウ)


Leafy vegetables are recommended for making hakuka soup.

Rather, if you only boiled it with salt and pepper, I don’t think it is necessary. (というか、焼いて塩コショウだけなら私は必要ないと思うが。)

“Can Ivy cook?”

“If it’s only a simple soup”

“Soup! Amazing. My companion told me to never make one again”

What kind of soup did you make?

To be told never to make it again, I’m a little curious.

“That’s it, Ivy, let’s make soup! As I thought, if it’s at night, you want to eat soup, right. It would warm your body”

Certainly, it’s not that cold but I want to eat something warm at night.

Soup, that’s good.

“No good? Is it no good? You can use both seasonings and ingredients freely!”

Is it just me or he looks desperate?

“I can only make simple soup, is that okay?”

“It’s okay!”

Back in my tent, I take out a bag containing rabbit meat and herbs I collected in the forest.

From his tent, Latrua brought out a large pot.

He also prepared water, put it in the pot and heat the pot on the fire.

I sprinkle the hare with salt and herb to remove the smell.

After cutting the meat into bite-sized pieces and fry it on frying pan, I put vegetables and other ingredients in the pot and let it simmer.

When the surface of the meat is grilled, move it to the pot and add nuts with a unique fragrance and season it with salt.

The point is to stew the meat with herbs that remove its smell.

It’s done after stewing it slowly.

“Somehow, it smells good. It’s a scent I never smelled before”

A scent you never smelled before?

Could it be that it’s a failure?

I gave it a taste.

The smell of the hare has disappeared with the herb, so I don’t think there’s a problem.

I’m a little worried.

Latrua brought out a chunk of meat.

It seems to be meat from an animal called Maw(モウ), it’s an ingredient I see for the first time.

I sniff the meat but there’s doesn’t seem to be any bad smell.

I rub it with salt and a mixture of herbs that are spicy.

I grilled it in a frying pan for a while.

The scent of burning meat quickly rises from the frying pan.

Now that I remember it, isn’t it possible that monsters would come because of the smell?

“Um, wouldn’t the smell attract monsters?”

“The smell? Aa, monster avoidance agent are used on the surroundings. So it’s okay”

Monster avoidance agent?

If I remember correctly, it must be a scent to kept monster away.

I have heard that it is quite expensive.

Then, using it means that, a fairly high-ranking adventurer is participating?

…..Now that I remember, he said that Fire Sword is famous in Otorwa town.

I see the person in front of me.

He is staring at the cooked meat……drooling.

Maybe famous has many meanings that I didn’t know.

While grilling the meat, I check the soup.

A little more then it’s done.

“Latrua, did you make Ivy cooked?”

“Eh! No, together……eh? I, didn’t do anything”

“Haa~, sorry Ivy”

“No, it’s okay. Because it’s easy to make”

“Something that Ivy makes huh? Then, we’ll have a delicious meal today. Oh, soup huh. I’m glad that you gave up your turn today”

Seiselk is tapping Latrua’s head.

Nouga has apologetic looks on his face but his eyes kept glancing at the grilled meat.

Shifal is, goes straight towards the pot of soup.

Everyone seems to be hungry.

After dividing the soup and the meat each, Seiselk brought a black beard and divided it.

I’m happy that I received my share too.

Black bread huh, I have only eaten it twice.

“Looks delicious……haumph….”

Shifal took the soup in his mouth and then stopped moving.


Could it be that it was bad?

What should I do.

“What’s this, it’s delicious!”

I was wrong, it seems to be delicious.

I made it in a short time, so I was a little worried.

“It’s true, it’s delicious. This is, could it be hare?”

“Yes, that’s right”

“Hare is, I don’t mind if it’s dried meat because it was smoked, but it has supposed to has a peculiar smell, isn’t it? But I don’t smell it from this one”

“Ivy is amazing you know. He makes some preparation to eliminate the smell”

Making preparation, isn’t it obvious?

……Making preparation before cooking is important you know?

“This faint smell is from medicinal herb. Are you using a herb to eliminate the smell?”

Medicinal herb?

…..Does he mean the herb?

“Yes, I used dried leaves from the forest”

“Amazing right”

“Why Latrua the one who is proud. The meat too, it has a spicy taste”

“Aa, this is delicious. I was worried that it was Latrua turn today, but thanks to Ivy, we got a good meal. Thank you”

“No, I’m glad that you like it”

I took the soup to my mouth.

The scent spreads out, I got the potatoes and hakuka stewed together, but both are delicious.

Un, it’s a success.

Medicinal herb huh…..I wonder if it’s different from herb.


How do I know that it was a herb?

……Could it be, my memories from previous life?

No way, that’s not it, right?

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