The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 6

It seem this is where this novel get it’s name. Anyway, Enjoy!!

Chapter 6 The first journey is hard!


My aim is to go to Otorwa(オトルワ) Town.

It’s the closest town to Ratomi Village.

There are several villages up to Otorwa, but there are peddlers trading with Ratomi Village so I don’t plan to stay long.

They won’t bother searching for me this far, but I’m still worried.

Just thinking about getting caught in the next village irritated me.

There is a road connecting each village.

However, because I don’t want to get seen as much as possible, I walk on the animal path near the village road.




This is bad!

I desperately moved my leg.

To run even if it’s only slightly faster.

There is a rumbling* sound, coming to me from behind. (T/N: idk what sound effect is appropriate)

I don’t have a leeway to see what’s chasing after me!

What I understand is….if I stop I’ll die!

What do I do, what should I do?!

Umm, in this case, let’s escape to the top of a tree.

……There are no trees to climb!

Next is…… not good.

It’s catching up.


AH! T, tree discovered!

Absolutely, I’ll made it there!


I run desperately like I was going to die, and climb the tree in frantic

I did it….. I’m saved~.

My body is covered in sweat.


I’m glad it’s not a monster that can climb a tree.

I might have let my guard down a little after leaving the village.

If I don’t fix it, the forest might become dangerous.


Let’s stop here for the day and take a rest.

I’m tired and can’t move my body.

Anyway, I wonder what’s chasing me?


I’m worried about the future.




I was scared, and couldn’t sleep much.

It can’t be helped.

For now, let’s just get down from the tree.



So high!

I was surprised after checking where I was.

It seems that I had climbed up to the very top of a tall, big tree.

…..I’m afraid to go down.


I got a lot of scratches and cuts, but I was able to go down…..that’s a relief.

Four degraded potions were used to heal the wounds.

This potion seems to have deteriorated a little too much.


I look at the village road.

After a little thought, I decided to go on the animal path.

This time, I proceed with caution.

The pace will slow down, buy life is more important.


I walk while gnawing the dried meat.

I’m worried that the smell might attract monsters, but I can’t help it, I’m hungry.




I was chased many times, but I was able to barely escape.

My injuries are increasing, but my life is alright.

There seems to be more ferocious animals and monsters in the forest than I had imagined.

There’s no choice but to be aware of their presence quickly. (もっと早く、気配に気付けるようにならなければ。)


On the eight day, I was able to arrive at a place where I could hear crowds of people.

It seems that I finally arrive at the vicinity of the neighboring village.

However, since I have decided to avoid it, I will go around the village.


I went a little way around so that I couldn’t be seen from the village, and found myself in a wide place.

This is a garbage dump.

I look at the garbage while paying attention to the presence of people and monsters.

There’s a magic bag.

It’s a degraded version, but I definitely want it.

I found that there were ten magic bags that were thrown away.

I’d like to take it all…..but it will become a burden.


When I’m looking at the garbage for a while, I felt the presence of people coming closer.

There’s a rock close by, so I hide myself to see what’s going on.


“Hurry it up!”


“I know!”


There was a clatter, and after a while the presence went away.

It’s a child’s voice, it seem they came to practise throwing away something. (子供の声だった、おそらく練習した何かを捨てに来たのだろう。)


I’m glad, they didn’t notice me.


The new thing that got thrown away seems to be a potion.

I put some potions into a bag that is hung over my shoulder.

I was troubled, but I decided to bring the ten magic bags with me. (迷ったけど、10個のマジックバッグを持って移動した)

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