The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 59


Chapter 59 Something Unexpected and Fire Sword

While refilling the bamboo tubes with water, I check my surroundings for presences.

The water decreases faster than I thought due to the heat.

It’s a little better because the number of bamboo tubes has increased.


Sora is bouncing around me energetically.

Somehow today, his tension is high since morning.

Is there a reason for it?

…..If it’s something about wounds then, I’d like you to stop.

No, for Sora to like wounds is…….I never thought of it even for a little.

However, there was something else that is unexpected.

And that


is the Adandara.

It’s already the fourth day since I left Latom village.

We’ve been together since I left the village.

I have heard that animals and monsters have their own territories, I wonder if it’s okay?

When I look at Adandara, it wags its tail and rubs its head to me.

Nn~, it really is a pity that I can’t tame it.

Because I was together with Adandara, I decided to leave the village road and proceed from the forest.

As expected, boldly walking in the village road is a no.

I’m glad I bought a map.

Otherwise, I would get lost in the forest.

“Shall we go”

Saying that to Sora and Adandara, we go through the forest while looking at the map.

While exploring, I thought that the presences around me are strange.

For the last four days, the presences of animals and monsters are quite far.

The forest I’m walking in is dense, so it wouldn’t be strange if there were monsters.

I glance at Adandara.

According to the information in the book, Adandara is a pretty high ranking monster.

By chance, are they afraid of Adandara?

Did it notice my gaze, it looks at me and growls with “Gururu”.

…..So cute.

Animals or monsters, it doesn’t look like a monster to be vigilant about.

I can’t think that the information in the book is wrong.

After all, I wonder if it isn’t Adandara?

Its feature is that of an Adandara.

As we proceed through the forest, I feel a presence in the distance and stop.

I call out to Sora and put him in the Bag.

Adandara is, looking in the direction of the presence, but it doesn’t seem to be on alert.

“I think this presence is of an Adventurer. So that you won’t be subjugated go hide”


After it growls, it quickly runs somewhere in the forest.

I’m worried but, let’s believe that it’s okay.

I check the direction to return to the village road on the map and start walking.

I think that they are an adventurer but, I feel that the number of people are quite many.

Because the presences are moving, I proceed carefully as to not encounter them.

Out on the village road, I check on the presence of the adventurers, but it seems that they went to the back of the forest.

I’m glad.

After a while, I felt a presence again.

This one too, looks like adventurers due to their lack of presence.

The number of adventurers earlier was a large group, and this one is adventurers again.

The fact that the adventurers are in the same place probably means that an animal or monster to be subjugated has appeared.

Or a wanted person runs into the forest.

I slowly took a deep breath and look for a presence in a wider area.

Another one, I was able to find a presence that seems to belong to adventurers.

Similar thin presences, if both are adventurers then, maybe there are some problems happening in the forest.

……What should I do, should I ask the adventurers?

But, are they really adventurers?

If, they are not then……

I felt a different presence again.

It seems they are walking on the village road and gradually come closer to me.

From the presences, I can see that there are four of them.

Let’s go to a place where we can see them, it shouldn’t be late to judge the situation from there.

However, let’s get ready to run at any time.

After a while, I saw four men dressed as adventurers in the distance.

They probably can see me too from where they are.

Their presence is thin, there is no sense of incongruity due to the similar presence as the adventurers I felt in the square.

I wonder if it would be okay.

My heart is pounding seeing the approaching adventurers.

“Boy, are you alone?”

While wondering how to call out to them, the other side called first.

With a little caution, I give a little nod.

“Hahaha, you don’t have to be that wary”

The four men stopped at a distance.

It seems they did that so they wouldn’t scare me.

“It’s because leader’s face is scary. It’s alright, his face might look like this but he is kind”

“No mistaking it”

“You guys~”

I can see that they are not bad guys but…..

For the time being, is it okay to ask what happened?

“Um, was there something happened in the forest?”

“Oh, you’re pretty amazing. Did you notice?”


Is it the adventurers?

I tilt my neck a little.

“What I mean is about you realizing that something is different from usual. Well, the number of adventurers gathered is a lot, so no wonder”

I don’t know whether it’s different than usual or not, because it’s my first time here, what I know is that there are a lot of adventurers.

The forest is large, and unless you’re not in a famous cave, you’ll rarely encounter groups of adventurers in a short time.

That is because adventurers avoid meeting each other in forest.

Adventurers only gathered when there is a problem.

“It’s a monster. Information about a pretty tough monster just in, so a request to subjugate it came out”

What should I do if it was Adandara.

“What kind of monster it is?”

“It was several Ogres. It is said that there are more than ten of them”

So it’s Ogre, it wasn’t Adandara.

I”m glad.

“It will get dark soon. There is a place where Adventurer gathers near here. It’s dangerous at night, so you should join us”

Certainly, when I look around, the day was about to end.

If I’m not wrong, Ogre was supposed to be a cannibalistic monster.

It might be better to join them.

I wonder if Adandara is okay?

…….I have no choice but to believe that it will be okay.

“Won’t there be a problem if I join in?”

“It’s all right. When a monster subjugation request is issued, we also have a role to protect young adventurers and peddlers”

….Now that he mentions it, I have heard that somewhere.

After hearing where they gathered, we go there together.

It would be okay, right?

“That’s right, we are a group called ‘Fire Sword’, do you know?”

“Sorry. I’m not familiar with adventurer groups”

“Is that so~. Even though we are pretty famous in Otorwa”

“It’s my first time going to Otorwa town”

“Ah, so that’s why you didn’t know. Sorry”

“It’s okay”

After a short walk, we arrive in an open place, and I was a little surprised.

There are fifteen or more large tents there.

Maybe it’s a very big subjugation.

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