The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 58

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Chapter 58 To Otorwa Town. Captain and Vice-Captain

When the sky was still dim and the morning sun was about to show, I woke up. I felt the presence of someone moving in the square.

I’m glad….. It seems that my senses and instincts was back to before, when I was going on my journey.

I was eating tree nuts and dried meat while watching Sora digesting his potions vigorously.

“Sora, today we will say our goodbye to Ratme village. And our next destination is Otorwa town”

When I called out to him, his body shakes.

After the meal, I take a break while drinking tea, also, Sora began his vertical exercise.

This has become a regular sight,Sora, which was semi-transparent blue, is now completely changed to two colors.

The lower part of his droplet like body is blue and the upper part is red.

His semi-transparent color was beautiful, as to why his color changed, it’s still unclear if it’s really okay or not. Once his exercise finished, he looked at me and started “Puruppuru~” at me.

So cute. With a sigh, I look around, “Fu~, now then, shall we go” I already finished the preparations for the journey. All I have to do now was to clear up the tent. I put Sora in the bag and leave the tent.

I put away the tent, other than the bags, I carry everything else on my shoulder. The preparations are complete. I gently bow to the person managing the square. With a caring smile, he asks, “Are you going?”

Nodding, I reply, “Yes, thank you for everything till now.” With a wave, he says goodbye, “Be careful and have a nice trip.” After bowing deeply once again, I walk to the village’s gate.

When I reached the gate, I can see Vice-Captain Verivera leaning on the gate. Is Vice-Captain Verivera the gatekeeper for today? When he saw me, he got up from leaning against the gate, “Morning. Ivy.”

Smiling, I return his greeting, “Good Morning” I know he already got the message, but I was glad that we’re able to meet, because I want to say it myself.

Making sure to show my gratitude, I tell him, “Vice-Captain Verivera, for taking care of me all this time. Thank you very much!!” I bow deeply.

With a warm smile, He pats my head with a “Ponpon”, it feels good….. With a strained laugh, he replies, “Don’t worry about it, because we’re the victims of Captain’s whims.”

Tilting my head, I ask him, “Eh, no, that is…… Is your work from yesterday alright?” Hearing that, Verivera laughs, “Aa~, hahaha, that was because he’s not good with office work~. Did he say something?”

Slightly hesitant, I told him, “…..Because raising the subordinates is also a leaders duty, is what he said…. that is.” I kinda feel that it’d be better if I don’t say it. Then when I looked up, I saw Vice-Captain Verivera’s smile feels….. cold……so scary!

With a deep breath, his smile slowly loses his cold feeling, “Hoo~raise huh~ I see…. I guess I need to talk to him later……” Hearing that, I send a silent prayer….. Forgive me Captain Ogut…. I feel somewhat sorry.

Not knowing how to reply, I try to think, “Errrr, …….” He then re-focuses on me and wipes his scary look off his face, “Aa, sorry. Don’t mind it. Rather than that, be careful, alright? Because there are dangerous animals, monsters, and people in the forest.”

With a slight sigh of relief, I nod, “Yes”

Continuing, He says, “The next town is Otorwa town, but there is an organizations of criminals there. The management of the town is strengthened but, there is no news of anyone have been caught. Never approach anyone if you feel any malaise from them”

Nodding, I reply, “Yes, I will be careful of……kidnappers.” Giving me a hug, he looks me in the eyes, “Ah, and also, someday, come back to this village. I’ll be waiting…. We all will be waiting, ok?”

Nodding with my eyes hazy, “Eh, …….yes. Someday.” I lightly bow and leave the village. While walking on the village road, I almost cried.


Again, for receiving the words of meeting again someday to be such a happy thing, is the first for me.1

Vice-Captain Verivera, who is kind of violent, but gentle, and Captain Ogut, who always run off from his work, but still reliable. I really have met good people.

Someday, I want to come back to this village.

Murmuring to myself, “Someday…. I will come back.”


-Captain and Vice-Captain Ogut’s pov

With a rustling sound, a bunch of papers were placed on my desk in front of me. I have a bad feeling~. When I glanced sideways, even though he was smiling, I felt a chill.

Trying to play it cool, I ask, “Uhh….. Verivera, This is….?” With extra ice in his smile, he replies, “It’s a work that Captain has been neglecting, it’s all over the place.”

Hearing that, I try to stand up, “Hahaha. Oops, time for a patrol.” Only to feel a strong hand pushing me back down….. It’s not giving at all!

Verivera then laughed, “Hahaha, please rest assured. I have changed our shifts so you can work in the office all day long.” Sweating, I reply, “Eh…..hahaha is… is that so?”

As if he just remembered, Verivera added, “Ah, that’s right. I’ll also work here for the whole day…. so we can work…. Together, on this.” With a gulp, I reply “….Is… is that so…”

When I look into his eyes, I can tell he’s serious, completely serious. This is bad, as expected, this is quite the problem. Speaking of which recently, I haven’t done any paperwork lately….I glance at the bunch of documents. I see, so this all from when I slacked off.

With a sigh, I grab a document off the stack, “Then, let me do this all.”

Smiling, Verivera replies, “Naturally.”

Ah~, it’s a pain to read every single each of these. Seriously, how do I do this all paperwork.

I then hear him comment, “Ah, this is….” Hearing his tone waver for a second, I ask him, “What is it?” Verivera put the document on the desk, I pick it up and checked what it is. Soon after, i feel my wrinkles form at my forehead.

This document is, a copy of the request that Ratomi village made to the adventurer guild. The contents are about the villagers who stole the property of the village., and they want them to be found.

The gender and their names are listed on three sheets of paper. Pinching my between my eyes, I sigh, “There’s something wrong with the head of Ratomi village’s chief… Seriously.”

Verivera sighs as well, “Eh… Both guilds have already expanded the current situation in Ratomi village. This kind of things is meaningless.” The information of peddlers is very fast and accurate because of their daily life.

The Commerce guild also values information, so there’s a system in place so that rumors can be checked immediately. As a result, it is already known what kind of condition Ratomi village is in now.

The commerce guild already rate the Ratomi village’s chief and its feudal lord with the lowest rating of 1. Evaluation rank was their credibility. (T/N: 信用度(Level of confidence)/Credibility. Thanks to berpol and icey dice for pointing this out)

Low means that there is a high probability that a decent transaction cannot be made. No one wants to trade with a village that has a poorly rated village’s chief. In the meantime, I wouldn’t give such a request to the Adventurer Guild.

Why didn’t he notice when he was just strangling himself? Village information is flowing to the Adventurer’s Guild as well. Therefore, a sentence added to the back of the first page of the document states that the property of the following villagers is to be protected.

Protect the property of the escaped villagers, not the village. In summary, it’s a declaration that neither the adventurer’s guild nor the commercial guild will move for the village in this matter.

Sighing again, I put down the first paper, “What an idiot.” Verivera agrees and then hands me a list of names, “Yeah, an idiot…. Here, look at this.”

Ivy’s name is not on the list…. However, there is the name of a girl that I was curious about. Many people are running away with their families, but this girl is the only one alone. Perhaps Verivera has also noticed.

Looking at the document, I pinch in-between my eyes again, “That girl has some secret. Something that is not just her gender.” Nodding, Verivera adds, “Probably. That might be the cause of why she can’t stay in the village?”

Putting the document down, I sadly look at it, “Fuuu….. I, was not trusted.”

Patting my shoulder, Verivera replies, “…..It’s all because the wound from Ratomi village. She will talk about it with us someday, surely.”

Nodding, I look at him, “That’s right. Well, we can only wait patiently. I wonder when will it be?”

Having just thought of something, he adds, “Aa, I also want to convey certain information too.”

Waving my hand, I reply, “Rather than that… You, what kind way did you ask her where I was when you were on duty?”

Tilting his head to the side, Verivera asks, “Why?”

Shaking my head, I reply, “I was told she was scared and trembling with a pale face.”

Scowling, he grunts, “How rude, I asked her with a smile.”

Muttering under my breath. “……Coming from the one that scares everyone…”

His smile turning to ice, Verivera replies, “Captain, you will never leave this room for eternity.”

Waving my hands, I tell him, “Aa~, I’ll do it! I’ll do it!”



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  1. “Again”(また = again or later) is part of the characters in the previous sentence “Someday”(いつかまた = see you again someday, or someday again). That’s how I interpret it.

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