The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 58.5

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Extra Edition: Chief of Ratomi Village

In front of me, there’s the rotten specialty of this village, the zaro.

“What’ the meaning of this!!”

When I gaze at my surroundings, everyone shakes their heads and diverts their eyes.

Seeing their attitudes, my anger doubles.

“Answer me! Why it is rotten!”

Everyone falls silent, there is only silence.

It made me irritated, when I was about to speak again, one man comes forward.

“The harvest time of the zaro was always told by the fortune teller Louva. Chief should have known about that too”

“What about it! Just because one old hag isn’t here, all of this happened!”

“The harvest time for zaro is very short. It is difficult, even for us who have been raising the zaro for a long time, to find out.

That is why the fortune teller Louva is needed! And the Chief was!”

“Shut it! Who do you think you are talking to!”

I kicked the man in front of me.

Screams could be heard from around, and men with farm tools appeared in front of me.

“What is it, what are you trying to do toward the chief!”

I don’t like it.

“Anyway, don’t let the zaro rot! And when peddlers came, sell it at a high price, understand”

What was that, geez.

Those guys, I’ll raise their taxes.

I’ll let them know what happened when my shield tries to poke me.

Shit, what was that old hag was saying.

If I were to look for my father, he would be getting carried away and start to give his opinion.

Who does he think he is.

But, the state of the zaro is bad.

Tch, I thought that when I became the chief, it would be easier for me to play around, but every last one of them always in my way.


I noticed that the amount of harvested zaro was small, so I went to the field after a long time.

“What are you saying! What happened to the other guys!”

The number of villagers doing the harvest is unusually small.

About half of them are not here.

Who told them they can skip their work!

Those guys, making a fool out of me!

“Quickly, bring those who are skipping their work!”

“Eh…..Chief? I have told you two days ago”

Two days ago?

What is he saying?

I was in my concubine’s place, there’s no way I would know.

“Dunno. What happened”

The man opens his mouth, trembling with a blue face.

“Many of the villagers had left the village. ‘What should we do about it?’ I told my wife to tell you”

“……Leave? Leave you said! During this busy time!”

They just went out while benefiting from the village, how dare they.

Those guys, I won’t let them!

“Shit. Who are they, wrote their name!”

One of the women hurriedly wrote their names on a paper.

Names were written one after another like she was driven by anger.

For some reason, she stopped for a moment, then write the last name.

It feels like I had heard the name somewhere before…….is it a child?

A child, alone?

Well, it doesn’t matter.

I should have sold her to a slave dealer if she had no parents.

“Um…..there are not enough hands to do the harvest. What should we do about it”

“Things like that, you guys are the one to think about it. Don’t rest until the harvest is over!”

Those guys who made fool out of me.

Don’t think they will get away scot-free.

I grab the piece of paper with names written on it and run with a horse.

Tch, it’s inconvenient that there are no guilds nearby.

When I ran the horse for a few hours from the village, I was able to find a peddler’s carriage who friendly with Ratomi village.

“Oi, you guys”

“Nn? You are the Ratomi village, is there something that you need?”

Hearing my voice, one man gets off the carriage and approaches me.

He is probably a peddler.

The other two men, who have a strong body must be a guard.

“I have a request for the guild, so help me!”

“To the guild? Is it for the adventurer? or for the commerce one?”

“The adventurer one. It’s for the confiscation of the property of those villagers who fled from the village”

“……That is, you should better stop it. Rather than that….”

“Shut up! Don’t you talk to me about the village. You’re just a peddler!”

“…..Is that so. The request was to confiscate the property of the villagers who fled, right?”


“……It will be 5 Gidal”

“Ha? 5 Gidal?”

“It’s the request fee”

“Is it really like that? You’re not lying, right”

“It’s true, you will know if you ask the other peddlers”

“Tch, here. If it’s only 5 Gidal, I’ll be able to squeeze them out soon”


I give the peddler 5 Gidal.

“Are you really sure doing this?”

“Aa? That is of course. Making fool out of me. Those trash”

“All right. It’s just, it takes time to make a request to the guild. Just like in Ratov village, there is no place for the guild to handle a simple request near Ratomi village”

“Aa, that’s right”

I leave the request to the peddler and returned to Ratomi village with the horse.

When I reach my home, I open the door roughly.

I wait for that woman to come out from the back, but no matter how long I wait, she doesn’t come out.

“Shit! Your husband has come back, what do you think you are doing, come out quickly!”

Not greeting her husband nor replying to him, what a useless woman she is.

If my dad didn’t tell me to, who would want to be with such a woman.

I went upstairs and looked around but, there are no signs of her.

“Oi! Just stop it already!”

Why that woman did not help me when those guys aren’t here!

Playing around at this important time, just remember it when you come back!


– The Peddler and The Adventurers Who Guard Him –

“That request, are you going to hand it to the guild?”

“Nn? I have already accepted the money, so yeah”

“Hahaha, that is a pretty stupid thing to do”

“I have only just heard it from the other peddlers, but that’s it. It’s because the feudal lords changed that it’s become this rotten”

“Ah, so it has rotten that much? I felt sorry for the people who stay”

“Nn~ the people who stayed are probably in the chief’s faction. Considering what has happened until now, aren’t they just reap what they sow”

Feeling the movement of someone next to him, he turns his line of sight there.

The old woman opens her eyes and became alert when she saw me.

“Are you okay?”

“Ah, forgive me. This place is? And the madam?”

She asks with a faint voice, so I fill a cup with water and hand it over.

“Calm down. This is the carriage I used for peddling. And your madam is next to you. The pain has finally subsided and she was sleeping now”

The old woman’s line of sight turns to the opposite of me.

She grabbed the hand of the woman with a wound all over her body and started crying while saying her gratitude.

While driving on a village road from Ratomi village, I found two people who were laying down on the ground.

I was surprised by the familiar face, but I was more surprised by the number of scratches on her face and body that looks like she had been beaten.

I heard that Ratomi village has changed since the current chief is replaced, but for it to be this bad in only a few years.

I take out the request form from the magic bag.

The commercial guild asked me to find out about the current situation of Ratomi village, the condition of the villagers, and the response of the feudal lord.

I had an errand to go there so I received the request.

Add the paper on which the state of the village is written and the paper on which the request was written to the paper entrusted by the village chief and put it in the bag together.

I need to go to the guild in the first place, so it’s just right.

If I send it along with the report, they will take immediate action.

However, it is not known to me whether the village chief will take the expected response.

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