The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 57


Chapter 57 I Want To Be Strong

Near the tent, I put a stone that I picked up with its flat surface facing up. I then placed the dried sopra skin on it and ground it as fine as I could with a fist-sized rock. It’s a simple process to turn the sopra skin into powder, but with the strength of a child, it takes time to do it.

I started in the morning and finally finished turning the skin to powder around noon. I put the sopra powder in a bottle that I picked up, covered it with cloth, tied it with string and then put it inside the bag.

Massaging my shoulders, I sigh to myself, “Ahhhh- I’m beat~” My hands are shaking. I really don’t want to do anything anymore for today.

Fu~, I really am tired. All that constant grinding is making my fingers are all tingling. But, it’s all over now. What’s left is……Sora’s potions for tomorrow, I wonder if I should just get it when I leave the village?

Ah, if I don’t buy dried meat now, it won’t be enough. Getting up, I dust myself off, “OK! Let’s go buy the dried meat!”

When I entered the tent and called over Sora, he did a big jump towards me. Now,  even when he made a big jump, he is not hitting the ceiling like the first time. (ED: Boing!)

It seems that he can control himself properly now. I picked Sora up and put him in the bag. Tomorrow, I am planning to leave the village.

Before I do, I want to say goodbye to Captain Ogut and Vice-Captain Verivera for taking care of me all this time. So…. Where are they?

I wonder if I can meet them without using the waiting room? (T/N: The room in the building she get the reward from Captain Ogut.) While heading to the butcher, I look around for Captain Ogut and Vice-Captain Verivera. It will be convenient if we meet.

Entering the butcher, The kind woman greets me, “Oh my, welcome!” Smiling, I return the greeting, “Good afternoon!” Hearing me not talk about business, she cocks her head, “Afternoon? Oh? Your not hunting today?”

Shaking my head, I reply, “Ah, I will leave the village tomorrow, so I’m only buying dried meat today, sorry.”

With a sad smile, she murmurs, “So that’s why…. What a shame. Because your dismantling was always so beautiful, I was able to prepare it without wasting anything. I am grateful for that.”

“…….Thank you” That makes me happy to hear someone appreciates my work. To hide my face that turned a little red, I head to the shelf where the dried meats are.

There are small and large bag there, I was slightly at a loss on what too pick, but I picked the large bag in the end. After thinking about it more, I grab another one. I noticed I’ve been eating more than I usually do.

Placing them on the counter, I smile at the lady, “These please!” Looking at the 2 bags she does the math in her head,  “Yes. It’s 600 Dal.” She then placed a small bundle by the two bags I’m buying,  “And also, this is a gift for always coming here and your great work! Thank you for your patronage!”

Touched, I picked up the bags after paying. Slightly teary eyed, I thank her again, “Ah! Thank you very much!” Looking inside, there was a lot of dried meat inside. Looking at me with a warm gaze, she then tells me in a worried tone, “Be careful out there. Like from the wild boar or monsters…. And especially sketchy looking people, OK?”

Feeling warm, I smile at her and nod,”Yes. Thank you again!” I bowed deeply and leave the butcher.I tap the bag containing the bonus and return to the square.

Walking for a bit, I hear a voice behind me, “Oh, there you are. Ivy!” Turning around, I see who was talking to me,  “Nn? …….Captain Ogut? Hello!” Even if it was Captain Ogut who called out to me, but hearing my name being called out loudly is embarrassing. But I know it’ll will be useless even if I told him that.

Walking up to me with a concerned face, Capt. says,”Ivy, I heard from the Old Man. About you going to Otorwa, is that true?” Ah…. That’s right, I want to thanked him. It was nice for us to meet here.

Nodding I reply, “Yes. Thank you for everything you have done for me, I’m really grateful!” I bowed deeply and thanked him. Waving his hand, he then said, “No need, I was doing all of it of my own volition. ……Hey, your more than welcome to live in this village, you know?”

Hesitating, I reply “……This village is really nice. But the fortune teller who took care of told me,  “Go look around the world and broaden your horizons.” Is what she told me, I also want to see and learn various things about the world for a little bit more.”

Sighing, he nods his head”Is that so….. Certainly, it is good to see and learn various things. I can understand that from my experience as an adventurer. Now that you mention it, did you know the fortune teller?”

Nodding my head, I explain, “Yes. The fortune teller taught me everything about how to live after I ran away from my parents. The fortune teller asked me to go to the town next to the royal capital, so I want to follow through with her last wishes.”

Nodding with a thoughtful expression, Capt murmurs, “……Is that so. She took care of you huh……If it’s the her wish then, you have to see it through.”

Smiling, I continue, “Yes. I also wanted to thanked Vice-Captain Verivera too. Do you know where he is?” (ED: keep seeing Velveeta whenever I see his name,,,, editing while hungry is not the best move…)

With a sigh, Capt replies, “Ah~, if it’s right now, he is a little busy.” Tilting my head, I look at him in confusion. Seeing my look, He explains, “He’s got a little work to do…..errr…”

Hm? What is it…..could it be….? He skipped out again? “He will, get mad at you again you know?” With a conflicted smile, he replies, It’s okay, it’s nothing complicated…”

Rolling my eyes, I comment, “If so then Captain Ogut should….” With a forced laugh, Capt throws out an excuse,  “That’s because raising my subordinates is my job too.~”

…….Vice-Captain Verivera, please do your best.

Sighing, I the ask Capt, “Um… Could you deliver my thanks to him then?” Nodding, Capt. replies, “Ou, leave it to me!” Smiling, I thank him,  “Thank you.”

When I tried to go back to the square, I was taken to a food stall for some reason, and I was given three wild boar skewers. Then after stroking my head, Captain Ogut seemed to head back. No, it might be more apt to say that he ran away after trying to bribe me.

While slowly looking at the village, I return to the square. Thinking about the past, the fortune teller taught me how to talk and treat people. She also told me where to collect information and what kind of behavior a bad person has.

One time I was told, “I want you to go to the town next to the royal capital, but if you find a place where you want to live permanently, you don’t have to go. Find someone you can trust. And then tell them everything.” is what she told me.

I wonder why do I feel that I want to hide it, no…. I have to hide it.

But I also remember her telling me,  “Hidden things don’t stay hidden forever, they eventually come to light. At that time, you will need people who you can be your friends and can fight together with you. Hidden things can lead to a loss of credibility.”

If you ask if I can tell everything to Captain Ogut then…..I’ll say that it’s impossible. He is a reliable person, he obviously cares about me a lot.

However….. I’m scared. I still can’t forget the gazes of my parents and the people in the village. How they saw me…. I still can’t believe in anyone, yet.

I was thinking that if I had more time, but I also thought that I would be exposed. If there’s a villager who fled from Ratomi village, they will come to this village someday. At that time, it will be found out.

…..How weak…… I really am.

I remember the last time I met the fortune teller.

“Explore the world slowly and broaden your horizons. Also, take your time and become stronger. Then you will definitely be happy. However, don’t rush it because you want to be happy. If you rush it, you will go in the wrong direction. It’s the same with relationships with people, don’t rush it. There are people with various mindsets in this world. Just learn everything slowly. Believe in your own power.”

Can I really be stronger?

……I really miss the fortune teller…..




Hey guys, AL here… So a bit of an explanation for the break in releases. I kinda had a burnout from work, family and everything going on (Alot went on…. still is, but I can’t just drop everything, now can I?)  Can’t promise I can go right into full speed, but I will get back into the swing of things and chapters will be coming out more regularly. Thanks for your understanding and lets see where these we end up?!

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