The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 56

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Chapter 56 Preparing For the Journey

I decided to look around the bookstore for a map, but it seems to be hard to find one…. I wonder if I’m looking in the wrong place? Suddenly, I hear a voice from behind, “Oh,  if it isn’t Ivy?”

Spinning around, I look up to see who it is, “Eh? Ah, the old man one from the tent shop!” Smiling at me, the old man asks,  “Hmm, what are you doing in this kind of place, looking for something?” Nodding, I answer, “Yes, I’m looking for a map.”

Stroking his chin, the old man asks in a concerned tone, “Map? ……Are you leaving this village?” I nod at him with a smile in gratitude for his concern I answer,  “Yes, I was thinking of going to Otorwa town.”

Thinking for a moment, the old man replies, “Is that so…. If it’s a map you need, you can find one in the guild, I think?” tilting my head, I ask,  “Is it the Adventurer Guild? or the Commerce Guild?” Shaking his head at my question, he answers,  “Nn? I think it’s in either guild.”

Surprised, I ask,” Is that really so?” Nodding his head after thinking for another moment, he replies “Yeah, a map is important for both adventurers and peddlers after all.”

So that how it is, instead of bookstore, it was in the guild! Then, let’s go to the commerce guild. Before I started the journey, I was thinking of transferring some more money to my account, so that’s convenient.

With a grateful smile, I bow to the kind old man, “Thank you. I’ll go immediately.” Right as I was about to turn around, he holds up his hand and asks a question, “Oh. wait a moment….. That’s right, have you ever had a problem with the tent? Or is there something that you want?”

Hearing his question, i think for a few seconds before saying, “The tent is comfortable, so there is no problem. For things I want…..” Hearing me say that there’d be something I’d want, he smiles and asks, “What? There is something? Well, go on. Just say it, I’ll do the best of my ability.”

Hearing him say that, i finally tell him, “I’m looking for a bamboo tube that can hold water…..” Hearing my request, he scratches his chin in thought, “Bamboo tube? Hmm…. …..Ah!” with that, he starts digging through his pockets.

Seeing that, my eyes lit up and I ask him”Eh, can I actually get one?” Nodding his head, he pulls out a key from a pocket, “Yes, I have them in my shop, lets go.” Excited, i follow him to his shop. He then goes behind his counter and pulls out a bundle wrapped in cloth. Removing the cloth, I see 7 bamboo tubes…. They look stronger and more beautiful than what I have!

Seeing their quality, I ask sheepishly, “Is it really ok for me to have it?” Nodding his head, the old man smiles, ” Of course! These aren’t for sale anyway, so I’m not taking a loss, you can consider it as a parting gift.

Feeling touched, I ask one more time, “Are you sure?” In reply he gives me a warm smile, “Ya, no problem. Are you going to take it now then?” Picking them up carefully, feeling the weight of his kindness, I put one in my bag. “Yes. Thank you very much!”

It seems that I could get the bamboo tube that I wanted. With this, I can carry more water! It’s good when I needed to make a detour searching for a river.

Bringing me back to the situation, I hear him say something that throws me off even more, “If you need it, you can take them all you know?” Shocked, I look at him to see if he was serious, “Eh, but….”

Shaking his head, he states, “Like i said, it’s perfectly fine. So you can take them all.” I felt so happy, that I couldn’t help but hug him, “Thank you!” Laughing, he pats me on my head, “Hahaha…… your quite welcome, Ivy.” After I thanked him many times, did I then leave the shop….. I’m so happy.

Alright, let’s go to the dump and prepare for the journey. Ah, before that, let’s go to the tent and bring the things that need to be thrown away.


It’s amazing as always, the dump. First, I throw away my old bamboo tube that is about to break, then the clothes that don’t fit me. These have served me well till now.

Next, I picked up things that I need. First is….. The potions that will be used by me. At the dump site in Ratme Village, some potions with only a little discoloration are thrown away. This is something that can’t be seen in other villages.

Personally, it is a happy situation for me. Next is the potions for Sora, I grab one after another inside the bag. Other than that, I was able to find two magic bags in a small drawstring bag. Let’s take them as a spare. I then put other things I think I need for the journey inside the bag.

I then  hear a certain, “Puppuru~” from nearby. It seems Sora got out and found a potion himself and start eating it. After eating one, he let out a happy voice.

Well, other than he sometimes got caught in the trash and I have to rescue him, everything is going well. After finished taking the things I need, I leave the dump. Searching for presences around, there doesn’t seem to be anyone around.

I had picked a lot of things, so if I sort it here, there may be people coming that I won’t notice in time. Maybe I should go back to the tent and sort it out there. coming to a decision, I call out to Sora “Sora, let’s head back” And he comes back with his normal,  “Puruppupuru~” sound.

I picked up Sora and hold him tight. So cute~.

After feeling warm and fluffy, I return to the village and get welcomed by the guard and thank him for his work, “Welcome back”

“Thanks, thanks for your hard work”

After that, I head to the Commerce Guild.

The CG is as busy as it was when I saw it. For now, let’s move some of my money to my account. I entered the small room and tap the small window twice. Right after I do that, a voice asks,  “Yes. Is it a deposit? or a withdrawal?”

Smiling, I reply, “A deposit please” It seems it’s a woman today. I then  place 6 silver coins and 30 copper coins on the small tray that came out of the small window and hand it over to the woman through the small window. Taking it, the woman then starts to count it and write it down,  “Please wait for a moment.”

after she finished counting and writing it down, she hands me a piece of paper to confirm the amount, “Sorry to kept you waiting. Please confirm it.”

As I thought, it’s fast. I place the returned plate on the white board in front of the small window. Under the last deposit amount, today’s date and the amount deposited are displayed.

[Silver coins: 6, Copper plates: 30]

And a little below the total [Gold coins: 4 Silver plates: 1 Silver coins: 11 Copper plates 30] was newly added The woman then asked, “Is everything correct?”

I nod my head, “Yes. Thank you very much.” Hearing me confirm and thank her, the woman then replies,  “For using our services, thank you very much.”

When the small window closes, I check the amount of money left in my purse. 2 Silver coins or 2 Gidal, 10 Copper plates or 1000 Dal, 197 Copper coins or 1970 Dal, and 15 copper pieces or 15 Dal.

After checking, I leave the small room. Murmuring to myself,  “I wonder where is the map?”

I’m walking around the CG looking around, when I found it on a bookshelf near the counter, but there are four types of maps. What’s the difference between them?

I spread out the largest paper and see. It looks like a map with all the capital, towns and small villages on it.

When I spread the smallest map, it’s only showing the area around this village. If you plan to go to the capital, do you need the largest map?

I spread the largest map again and check it. The minerals that can be collected in the forest are written in detail. To me, this is unnecessary information.

I then spread out the second largest map, it’s similar to the largest map.I guess the only difference is that rivers and lakes are drawn? In addition, the distance from village to village and the number of days it takes are written.

This it the map that I want, but for the time being, I check the other maps. I find one with details on the special products of the royal capital, towns and villages. This one is probably for merchants.

The last one was a map showing where the monsters and animals in this village are often found. I didn’t know that there was such a map.

The price of the map I want is 500 Dal, it’s a little expensive but it is something that I will need in the future. It can’t be helped.

Being at loss, I bought the one for 50 copper coins.

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