The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 55


Chapter 55 Setting Up the Traps

There are seven hares and five wild rats. The Adandara is good at hunting. Moreover, they’re still alive when it brings them. How does it hunt?

When I went to my usual butcher, after coming everyday, she was surprised. I received a total of 1165 Dal, then leave.

Maybe next time, should I come to a different store to sell? Anyway, let’s hurry to the forest and find a place to set the traps.

While looking for a place nearby, Sora and Adandara was playing.Well, Sora just rolling around.

Hmm~, there’s none. We search for a while, but it’s quite hard to decide the place.

Suddenly, I hear a voice from behind me, “Ivy, what are you doing here?” Scared, I yelped “Uwah!” Desperate to find a place to set the traps, I forgot to check my surroundings. In panic, I quickly search for Sora and Adandara. They’re, not here.

Not expecting them to be gone, I mutter to myself, “Eh?….. wha?”

The voice behind me sounds out again, sounding closer and concerned this time,”…..Is there something wrong?” Turning around, I see it’s one of the guards. Putting my hand over my heart, I take in a breath, and respond, “Eh, no, it’s okay. Um, if im not wrong you are Gan, Gan…..”

Chuckling at my attempt, he tells me his name, “kahaha, it’s Gunzbell.” Embarrassed, I apologize for forgetting his name. “I’m sorry.” Hearing my apology, he waves his hand, “No, don’t mind it. Still, why are you here? It’s dangerous, you know”

While looking around, he seemed to find me and come to see me. Seeing he was just worried, I smile in gratitude and tell him, “I want to set up a trap.”

Cocking his head, he mutters, “Trap? ……Ah, a trap huh. Hee~ what an unusual way of hunting”

Unusual? Certainly few people set traps. It was to hunt safely is what I thought. As if an afterthought, Gunzbell adds,  “In this area, it is easy to get wild boar. Maybe, going a little more downstream to not ruin the traps?”

Realizing it could have been troublesome, I thank him, “Is that so, thank you!” As I bow and thank him, a voice calling to him could be heard.

Knowing his time is up, Gunzbell starts to turn around, but stops with one last thing to say, “Ou! Then, later. Also, don’t get too distracted” Nodding my head, I agree, “Yes. Thank you, and I will.”

After the patrolling people left, I check my surroundings. There is neither Sora nor Adandara….. What should I do? When I was worried, something suddenly fell in front of me from above. It surprised me and I went stiff from fright for a moment. Then I heard a familiar sound,  “Puppuru~”

Hearing that, I look up, “Eh…..” It’s Adandara, and Sora is on its back. Apparently, they were hiding on a tree. I’m glad they hid, and more so that their safe. Feeling the adrenaline leave, strength left my body, and I sat down on the ground.

Adandara comes close to me, it rubs against me. Petting it, I thank it, “Adandara, thank you for hiding and helping Sora” If they wouldn’t have hid, I don’t know what could’ve happened. Especially if Adandara was found, it may have been targeted for subjugation.

As I thought, I’m a little too relaxed. Like Ganzbell also warned me, I have to tighten my awareness. I go to downstream where I was told and set the traps. During which, I checked the surroundings several times.

I finally finish when the sky began to darken. I separate with Adandara and hurry to the village. According what I heard, the wild boar would begin its activity around the evening. Hearing about how huge it is…. I really don’t want to meet it.

I put sora in the bag and start making a dash for the village. When I managed to return to the village before it was dark, I was relieved.

Seeing me breathing roughly, the gatekeeper asks me if there’s something wrong. I tell him that I just ran here since I wanted to get back before it’s dark.

Hearing that, he lightly smiles, “Certainly, if it’s start to get dark, the wild boars will start coming out and monsters come out more easily as well. Thanks for hard work and congrats on coming back on time.”

I gently lower my head and head for the square. Because I ran with all my strength, I feel hungry.


Early in the morning, when it began to brighten, I get out of the tent and stretch lightly. Alright, let’s go check the traps. But before that, I look up to check the condition of the clouds.

I wonder if there’s any sign of rain. I dry the sopra skin outside the tent just like yesterday. It’s drying up nicely, I wonder if it can be turn in to powder tomorrow?

I head to the forest and check for the traps. Adandara joins on the way. It didn’t seem to hold anything today because I asked it yesterday. That’s good, I’m glad it listened to me.

But, is it alright to be appearing in places close to people? At present, the information about the appearance of Adandara is not circulating in the village.

But, it comes near the village every day, it makes me worried. Worried, I pet it and murmur, “Adandara, if someone see’s you, you will be targeted for subjugation, so be careful.” Purring, it leans into me, “Gururu”

Somehow, looking at its face, it has a happy expression. I wonder why?

Now then, it’s about time we arrive where I place the traps. I hope something was caught in the traps. When we get there, I sighed, “Hmm~ it’s so hard. More than half was destroyed”

Theres only three hares and a wild rat. I wonder if I have to feel glad that it wasn’t zero. For now, I have to dismantle them. Dismantling four finishes in no time.

Now, let’s go to the butcher to sell it. I separate with Adandara and head towards the village. Worried, I murmur to myself, “Is it good in the usual butcher? She won’t think of me suspicious, right?”

I was at a loss……Well, let’s hope for the best and go to the usual butcher. Placing the meat on the counter, “Please.” She comments about there being only four, “Yes, eh? there’s only a few today?”

With a sheepish smile, I reply, “……Yes” Nodding slightly, she tallies up the price, “It’s 385 Dal. Speaking of which, isn’t it about time for the wild boars mating season?” Surprised to hear about it, I ask, “Mating season?”

Putting the money in my hand she nods her head and explains, “That’s right, during the mating season, it become very aggressive, it will be near the village during the day, so be careful”

Understanding it’ll start to get a little dangerous, I thank her for telling me, “Thank you”

Mating season huh. Speaking of which, it was not about wild boar, but adventurers were saying that animals in mating season get dangerous. I wonder, will it appear on the village road during the day?

If it’s like that, it will be a bit dangerous to travel. I kinda want a better map. The map I picked up was written only up to Otorwa town.

In addition, there was something wrong with the map, and because of that, I was lost in the forest. I want an accurate map. There isn’t any when I went to the bookstore before, I wonder if I could find it if I go to a different bookstore?

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