The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 54

Another chapter from Abrahan Leung ☺


Chapter 54 I Wonder If It’s Time To Start Preparing

After returning to the tent, I stare at the account plate. My name is engraved on it.

Somehow, I’m glad that my presence has been recognized a little. It’s about time, let’s get ready to go to Otorwa town. It’is hard to leave from Ratme village, but I want to see more villages and towns.

Also, the fortune teller, who has taken care of me in Ratomi village, told me to go to the city next to the royal capital. I don’t know why, but she told me to go there.

I heard the reason a few times, but it was clouded, and the fortune teller at that time was serious.

I don’t know what is there, but I want to keep my promise. Un, let’s get ready for the journey. Ah, I was about to forget. I got sopra fruit. (T/N: It seems the Author change the Sopuna fruit to Sopura fruit, but there is no notice from the Author about this changes. So I’ll just follow the raw and use Sopra.)

Let the skin dried and turn it into a powder. For now, let’s complete this before we go on a journey. While waiting for it to dry, I’ll create traps to increase my money. After I decided to do so, I first peel the skin from the sopra fruit.

“I’m beat~”I was doing my best to harvest it, so there was more sopra fruit than I thought. It’s a lot of work to peel the skin one by one. While loosening my stiff shoulders, I spread the cloth outside the tent and line the sopra skins.

It will take about 2 – 3 days to dry. It’s okay because the weather is likely to continue, but I have to be careful about rain.

Then, next is….. After drying the sopra skin, I returned to the tent and found Sora rolling around.

“What’s wrong?” Sora’s gaze moves to the bag. Could it be he is hungry?

I take out Sora’s exclusive potion and arrange it in front of him.

He immediately got on a potion and started eating, looks like he was hungry.

“Now then, I’ll go make a trap”

I made a traps for wild rats and hares.

When the Adandara comes again, let’s talk about me leaving this village.

Still, it had helped me a lot.

Sora was the one that saved him, but in the end, I was the one it helped.

Is there anything that I need to prepare for the journey?

Clothes are fine, no traps needed during the trip, I still got ropes.

After that, I want a little more nuts for food, I’m a bit uneasy about it.

About Sora’s potions, I just need to put it in the bag then we can go.

“It’s done!”

I made ten pieces each and put the traps in the bag.

Sora is sleeping as usual.

I check the dry state of the sopra fruit and look at the sky.

I’m worried about the weather until night, let’s put it in a tent.

Boil hot water to make tea.

Put dried meat and nuts as accompaniment for the tea.

I feel relieved with my usual meal.

I boil new hot water, wipe my body with it in the tent and rest early.

Tomorrow I will walk a lot in the forest to set up the traps.

I hope I can find a good place.

“Sora, good night”


When I slightly opened my eyes, the inside of the tent became slightly brighter.

I thought it was a little early, but I stretched my arms on my back and relaxed my body.

If I will leave he village, I need to restore my caution a little.

Maybe it’s been a bit too loose since I started sleeping in a tent.

“Sora, good morning”

Eat meal with Sora, and take a break while sipping tea.

With a bag packed with traps, I leave the tent with the bag containing Sora.

I say hello to the administrator of the square and lightly bow to the people around. As expected, after doing it numerous times, I was able to do it without being shy. This too, is it growth?

With a smile, I was greeted, “Oh, Ivy is early this time, good morning”

With a sheepish smile, I reply, “Good morning. Vice-Captain Verivera, was it okay yesterday?” After all, I’m curious, it should be okay if it’s this much.

Laughing, Verivera says, “Ah…… That, I have thrown everything to the Captain.”…..I wonder why, he has a very refreshed look. Is Captain Ogut okay? Awkwardly, I say goodbye, “Umm, is that so…..then, I’ll be going!”

Nodding, He replies, “Ou, be careful.” I wonder if it’s good that I didn’t asked about it? I’m worried about Captain Ogut.

I walk around the forest looking for traces of hares and wild rats. Even when I found the traces, I can see the traces of big animals when I look around.

Even if I set a trap, it would likely to be broken. I can’t find a good place. Ah, it’s this presence again.

This is….. I stop and look around. I wait for a while but nothing happens.

Is it just my nerves? All of a sudden, I hear, “Gururu” behind me. As I thought! When I look from where the sounds come, Adandara stood there with something in its mouth.

After sensing the invisible presence, Adandara will come, so I thought it was probably the right answer.

Smiling at the now familiar beast, I wish it good morning, “Good morning, Adandara.” As if understanding me, it responds, “Gururu.” and starts walking away from me.

Looking at it and thinking that it was strange, Sora chases after Adandara. In a hurry, I follow it too.

After a short time, we arrived at the river. Worried something might’ve happened, I ask, “What’s wrong?” Then Adandara puts what was in its mouth and pulls it towards me with its forefoot.

It was hares and rats Seeing the animal, I look back at the beast feeling a little guilt, “Adandara, this is your food, right? You don’t need to worry, you already thanked me enough.”

I speak staring at its eyes and the Adandara approaches me again.

What should I do. It’s more then enough, I already accepted your thanks.

I look at Adandara again and it’s ears fell down. Seeing that, I felt my heart soften a little, “This is the last time I’ll take it. Thank you,”

Happy, it lets out a growl while perking up its ears, “Gururu.” When I stroke its head, it narrows its eyes and shows a pleasant expression.

So cute. Alright, back on track, let’s start the dismantling.

Looking at it, there’s a lot today too.

Ah, the trap……let’s quickly dismantle them as well.



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  1. If only the lowest tier tame skill had the ability to tame a strong monster like the Adandara. It is a friendly friend after all.

    Thanks for the update.

  2. Will Ivy have to leave the Adandara behind? Too bad, he’s such a good doggo!
    I wonder if the only merit of having a weak tamer skill is the ability to tame the healing slime… Since even though the Adandara is already tame in the general sense, but Ivy still can’t use her skill to tame him.

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