The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 53

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Chapter 53 Deposit to Account

When I followed Captain Ogut, he stopped in front of a door at a corner of the room. Opening the door, I entered together with Captain Ogut. Even thought I said that, it wasn’t big enough for both of us to fit in, so I went inside and with the door opened, Captain Ogut explained the situation to me.

“Here is the place where you make deposits and withdrawals. There is a small window in the front, so tapping it several times will open the small window in response. Tell the person inside whether to deposit or withdraw. Until here, do you have any questions?”

Shaking my head, “…..No, I’m okay”

Smiling at me, Capt continues to explain, “Un, if you want to make deposit, give your money and plate. In case of withdrawal, give the plate with the amount of money you want to withdraw. When the plate comes back, there should be a white board in front of the small window, right?”

I nod when I see it, “Yes, there is”

Tapping my plate,Capt then continues, “When you place the plate on it, the date and time of the deposit or withdrawal are displayed. Go give it a try”

I nod, “Yes” I place the plate I received earlier on the white board in front of the small window. Then, what appears to be just a white board, on it, the words “Today’s date” and ‘Establishment” emerge.

Amazing, it make me feels excited. When I look at it seriously, a laugh can be heard behind me. Looking back, Captain Ogut was laughing with his shoulders shaking. “Sorry. It’s because you were looking at it so seriously, hahaha”

My cheeks feel a little hot, they must be turning red. I turn my body back to the small window to hide it with a guilty smile, Capt apologizes, “Sorry. My bad.” still turned away, I hold my face….. Its so embarrassing!

Awkwardly clearing his throat”Now, do you want to make deposit?” Relieved to be back on track, I agree, “Yes. Is it okay?” Nodding his head, Capt adds, “Ah…. If you have any questions, just ask the person inside. If it’s hard for you to ask them, you can ask me. I’ll be right here.”

Smiling, I thank him, “Thank you” After seeing Captain Ogut closing the door, I tapped the small window twice feeling nervous and wondering if it’ll really be alright?

The small window open and a man responded, “Yes?”

“Depo- I want to make a deposit, please”

“Please put your money and plate here”

I take out 4 gold coins, 1 silver plate, 5 silver coins from the bag holding the money.

I put the money and the plate on a plate served through the small window and handed it to the man inside it.

It feels like the sound of my heart could be heard till outside.

“Yes. It’s completed. Please confirm it”

“Hah, yes!”

So fast!

It surprised me.

I place the returned plate on the white board.

Under the establishment, today’s date and the amount deposited are displayed.

Gold coins: 4 Silver plate: 1 Silver coins: 5


I felt it was a bit different from what I imagined, but I don’t know what the difference was.

“Is there something wrong?”

“No, it’s okay. Thank you”

“Likewise, thank you for using our service”

While putting my plate inside the bag, the small window closed.

Leaving the small room, Captain Ogut who looked worried come to me, so I laugh and thanked him.

“Thank you. You really helped me a lot”

“Hahaha, don’t mind it”

When we leave the commerce guild, the Vice-Captain Verivera with a scary face, stands in front of Captain Ogut.

I wonder what it is, is there something happened?

“Captain! Please tell the people around you where you are going”

“Eh? What were you saying again?”


Vice-Captain Verivera let out a long sigh.

“I’m sorry. It’s my fault”

“”That’s not true””

Another voice overlaps with Vice-Captain Verivera’s voice.

Wondering about it, there was the administrator of the square I have seen several times.

When I lowered my head slightly, he waved his hands.

“Haa, first of all, captain, don’t push your work to your subordinates and run away”

“I didn’t run away. It was because there was something more important”

After all, it is my fault, right?

I made him abandon his job.

“Captain! Just because it is troublesome to deal with nobles, don’t just push it to me and run away! That idiot, was so rude. Inside the empty head of that noble bastard, if it wasn’t Captain, he would start complaining, he would rant non-stop”

“Verivera, I don’t understand what you’re saying”

“Eh? Aa, my real feeling comes out. Fuu, for now, let’s go”

“Ha? Isn’t it over?”

“Ee. He kept complaining for an hour, it became pretty irritating, then he take a little nap”

“…..Ha? What happened?”

“Who knows, maybe he was tired”

“No no, wait. He is a noble you know. Even if it’s that” (T/N: “That” here means the noble)

“It’s okay, because it’s that”

This is what I heard, I wonder if it’s a good story?

What should I do.

I wonder if it’s better to leave quietly?

“Both of you, Ivy looked really troubled you know”


“Oh, sorry, Ivy. It looks like a I got a job to do”

“N-no problem. Thank you for today”

For now, let’s join the conversation.

I haven’t heard anything!


“Please forgive me. I’m a little stressed because of a shitty noble”

Vice-Captain Verivera, you face is so scary!

“For you work, thank you for your hard work”

Vice-Captain Verivera strokes my head.

Ah, his expression has become a little softer.

I’m glad.

I said my thanks again and we split up in front of the commerce guild, then I head back to the square.

It’s tough being Captain and Vice-Captain.

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