The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 52

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Chapter 52 Commerce Guild

While heading to the Commerce Guild, Captain Ogut told me a lot about it. It’s an organization that was created to protect merchants from criminal organizations and corrupt royalty. It’s an organization that is different from adventurer guild.

Its power gradually increased, and it seems that you can’t do business in the royal capital, towns, or big villages without registering in the CG. It was said that they started to gradually expand to small villages too. There are still many things that I don’t know yet, I’ll make sure to remember this.

Next to the adventurer guild, a building similar to it, stands the CG. I was surprised because I thought that both of them were Adventurer Guild buildings. Now that notice it, the signboard is different, I didn’t notice it because I thought that it wasn’t important.

A lot of people are moving around when I enter the commerce guild following Captain Ogut. Looking around the room, there was a person spreading cloth on the counter. Following my gaze, Capt explains, “That’s a description of the sale….. I think. When your registering in the guild, you need to show what you sell.”

Nodding, I reply, “Is that so….”

In the corner of the room, a lot of doors are lined up, I wonder if those are for individual use….. It’s amazing!!!. Seeing an open counter, Capt starts walking towards it, calling for my attention. “This way, Ivy” Coming back from being distracted, I follow him.

Reaching the counter, He asks the tells the receptionist, “Lugilett1, I want to make an account” She is a beautiful woman with a gentle impression.

Smiling, Lugilett replies, “Captain Ogut, thanks for your hard work. An account you said?” Nodding, Capt replies, then points at me,”But it’s not for me. It’s this child” Being introduced, I shyly smile, “Nice to meet you, please treat me well.”

Seeing me, Lugilette gasps, “Oh my, so cute.” She then puts a piece of paper on the counter. Taking in a breath, “Then, I will explain what an account is.”

Smiling, I ask, “Please do.”

Thinking for a moment, She starts explaining”When you make an account, you will receive a plate. It is free for the first time, but if you lose it, you will have to pay 500 Dal to reissue it, so please be careful not to lose it. There is also a management fee, we will deduct 100 Dal per year. Do you have any question so far?”

So it’s 100 Dal for the management fee. I’m at a loss, but I have 4 gold coins now,i t’s scary to always walk with it……as I thought, I need it.

Thinking of a question, I ask her, “Do I have to pay 1 Dal now for the first year?”

As if remembering something, she says, “Ah, I skipped the explanation…..please forgive me. Errr, the fee is exempt in the year you create the account, so you will start to pay it the next year. Do you want to create one?”

I nod, “Yes, please.” nodding, Lugitte hands me a form, “Then, could you please fill the necessary information here? If you can’t write, I will do it for you.”Shaking my head, I reply”It’s okay, I know how.” After receiving the paper, I look around and find a desk and chair nearby.

When I sat down on the chair and check the paper, there was a place to write place of birth, name, and age, but there’s nothing else apart from those…… I can make an account with this.

From behind me, Capt says, “You don’t have to write where you came from.” Looking behind me, I ask, “Eeh? Really?”

Lugitte nods, “It’s okay” With a relieved smile, I thank her, “Yes….. Thank you!” I filled my name and age then took it to Lugilett at the counter, after checking the paper, Lugilett looks at Captain Ogut with a slightly suspicios face.

With a neutral expression, Capt responds,”There’s a problem with the village chief, that’s why he ran away from the village” With a pained expression, Lugitte replies,”I understand, alright then, with this, I’ll start to process it”

It got rough…… Wouldn’t it be a problem, I wonder? I look at Captain Ogut worriedly, and noticing my gaze, he gently strokes my head.

“If the lord or village chief causes problem, it’s the villagers who will suffer. To protect the escaping villagers, as soon as the CG was created, a law was made so that account can be created only using name and age. There are quite a few cases where opening an account with the adventurer’s guild will cause your location to be found and your property to be taken away by the lord. It was created to prevent that. However, to create an account, someone is needed to guarantee that person.”

Not understanding, I ask, “Guarantee?” Realizing he should give details, He replies. “Aah, someone who knows the current state of the village where he was, or someone who can get information like me”

I see, I’m indebted a lot to Captain Ogut. Even so, is Ratomi village is really in that terrible of a situation?I guess, because there’s nobody that I was close with there, I don’t have any particular thoughts about it.

Bringing me back to at hand, Lugitte comments, “The preparation is finished. Can you give me a drop of blood here?” Coming back, I reply, “Yes”

Looking down I see a round transparent object on a white plate. This is, what should I do about it? Seeing my hesitation, Lugitte smiles ask tells me, “There is a portion that sunk in there, please put your finger there. There is a little needle there, so it will hurt a little, I’ll be in your care.” If I look closely, certainly, there is a recess there.

I gently insert my finger and press firmly. There was not much pain, and the white plate glowed shortly, then name and age emerged. Picking up the plate, Lugitte hands it to me, “Thank you very much. Here is the plate. Would you like me to explain the deposit method?”

Capt then mentioned”I will be the one that do it, so it’s okay”

Sad, Lugitte replies, “Is that so? Then, I’ll be counting on you…. And Ivy, for using our service, thank you very much!”

After the conversation ended, I looked down at the tablet….. And see letters appearing!

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