The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 51


Chapter 51 Rewards


Grinning the Capt looks at me, “Are you surprised?”

Nodding my head with a gulp, I look at the money, “Yes. I’d heard that it was supposed to be less than the monster information fee.” With a heavy nod, Capt agrees, “It usually is….. But two of the four people caught are wanted for murders”

Surprised, I gasp, “Eeeh!” With a sigh, Capt explains, “While we were trying to get one of them to talk, they said ‘There’s someone in my companion who had killed someone. And that guy threatened me’, is what he said. Of course, at that time I was also surprised.”

Thinking about what could have been, I take in a ragged breath, “Haa”

Continuing his explanation, Capt’s face gets even grimmer, “When we investigated the person mentioned, he had a similar face and stature to a person wanted for murders in the bounties on record. But, the name was different. When we looked up the name, we found a search request that came from his family. It was the tallest man, do you remember him?”

Thinking back, I shuddered, “Yes, I think he was the one who has the scariest aura”

Looking at me with a thoughtful look, Capt’s voice gets sad, “Is that so…..Well, when we looked up about that man, we discovered that the one who had that name originally already died. He killed him and took his name. Using his own name would have made him easier to be tracked, that’s was his reason. But, when we interrogate him about it, “I’m not the only one, that woman is involved too”, is what he said.”

Still stunned, all I can respond with was, “I-I see…..”

Massaging his neck, Capt. complains to himself, “Investigating them was really tough”

I thank him whole-heartedly once I hear the full story, “Thanks for your hard work. So the reason the money is more than it normally is was because they are wanted?”

After hearing my question, Capt explains,”Nn? Aah….. The 2 Radal is from the guild. The two people who had committed murder had a bounty on their heads. The bounty was 1 Radal per head, with two of them, that makes it 2 Radal for both. The reward is usually 500 Dal per person, but the murderers are 1 Gidal each, and the other two are 500 Dal each, that makes for a total of 3 Gidal.”

Looking at the money, I decided to tell him the truth, “……Um, I’m not registered in the guild, is it still okay?” Surprised for a second, Capt replies,  “Eh, really? Aa, this bounty can be taken even if you are not registered in the guild.”

“Is that so. But still, for them to be wanted and had a bounty on their heads. I’m glad they got caught”

“The two murderers went into slavery with no chance of liberation. The remaining are to become long term slaves, so you can rest assured”

I Nodded “Yes”

With a confused expression, Capt continues”Even so, this time it took a little longer to confirm because the fortune teller Altora1 isn’t present. I’m sorry that it’s late”

I shake my head, troubled, “No, don’t mind it. Um…..” Seeing my hesitation, Capt asks,  “What’s wrong?” When asked, I reply, “If the fortune teller Altora was here, would you know about them faster?”

Smiling, Capt explains, “Ah…. That, those who have the fortune teller skill can judge people. If it’s a 1 star fortune teller, they can tell if the other person is lying or not. If it’s 2 stars, they can judge if the person has commit any crime or not, which is amazing. With 3 stars, they can tell who did what”

Now I understand, “So that’s how it is.” I reply. Nodding, Capt continues, “Because in this village, Altora, is a 2 stars fortune teller, he can tell if someone is lying or not. He’s an excellent person, he can guess roughly the type of your sin. I feel guilty for always relying on him.”

Shocked, I reply, “He is amazing, isn’t he.” I don’t know that fortune tellers had such a job. The fortune teller who helped me talked a lot, but she never talk much about her work. I didn’t even know that the situation was related to our specialty products.

Bringing  my attention back to the current situation, Capt asks, “Speaking of which, aren’t you going to register in the guild?” Ah, I have to explain it properly. “Yes. Uhm, I ran away from Ratomi Village”

Surprised, Capt asks, “Ran away? Not kicked out to reduce the mouths to feed?” Nodding my head,  “Yes, I’m sorry for keeping quiet until now. My family is close to the village chief, he said that I… an unnecessary existence…..”

Giving a low whistle in shock then commenting angrily, “So that’s how it is. So you had no choice but to run away, even though you’re still young. What is the feudal lord over there doing!?”

The feudal lord if I’m not wrong is, someone who governs the village. It’s good that the village is only pretty close to to the feudal lord. I have seen them from a distance, but honestly, they are more like an acquaintance or better yet, stranger.

Thinking back on his words, Capt says, “But, if you are running away, I think it is better to register in the guild when you’re an adult.” Not understanding, I ask, “When I’m an adult?”

Nodding his head, Capt explains, “Minors might be reported to their parent’s village. You can explain the situation, and not be reported. But you won’t know if or when it’ll leak. There is no problem if Ratomi village has changed, but it can’t be expected with the report that came in.”

A report huh….. Ah, I can’t register even if I’m an adult.

Curious, Capt asks me, “How old are you now?” Seeing no reason to lie, I reply, “I’m eight years old, but in a month I’ll be nine”

Stunned, Capt takes a few seconds to respond, “Even though you’re still that young……… you are amazing, Ivy!!!” Shyly, I deny the praise, “No, such a thing is…….”

As if just remembering what we were supposed to be doing, Capt knocks the desk, “Oh, the story trailed off. Um, what was it? Ah…. That’s right, I have to hand out the money.”

2 gold coins and 3 silver coins are placed on the desk. It’s the second time I’ve seen gold coins. I take out a small bag that I received from the old man where I bought the tent. After that, I put the money in and tied it around my waist in a slightly larger bag.

I have decided to save money for winter but, I’m worried because the bag is getting bigger. I have to be more careful during the journey.

Seeing my actions, Capt asks me, “Won’t you create an account in the guild?”

Surprised by the unexpected question, “Eh?” Capt continues,  “Nn? Aren’t you worried carrying it around?”

Confused, I ask, “Um…… Don’t you have to register in the guild to deposit money?”

Hearing my question, Capt responds,”Eh? No, not at all”

Eh? What do you mean? Is the knowledge I have wrong?

Seeing my confusion, Capt responds, “It’s true for the adventurer guild, but no registration is required for the Commerce Guild”

Surprised by this new information, “Account in Commerce Guild?” You can create an account in commerce guild?

Nodding, Capt explains while standing up, “For the time being, it’s too dangerous if you bring your money like that. Let’s go deposit it.” Surprised, I ask, “In the CG, can I deposit money without registering?” Capt nods in reply, and then I ask, “But if you want to do business you have to register, don’t you?”

Nodding again, Capt replies, “Yes, and to make an account, you need a drop of blood to judge you, but that’s it” Thinking on it, I comment,  “Is that so, I didn’t know that you can create an account in commerce guild.”

Smiling, Capt explains, “Ah~, the CG has only been around for ten years. It’s only in the royal capitals, towns, and in the big villages But i guess its not in the in small villages yet.”

I see, it is only in a place with a lot of people. Creating my own account huh, I’m so happy. I also learned a lot… today was surprisingly eventful already!




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