The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 50


Chapter 50 – Sopuna1 Fruit


After returning to the village, I headed to the butcher. Thinking about whether the wild dove meat will sell or not, made me nervous.

Entering the butcher, I get the Aunties attention – “Excuse me?” Hearing a voice, she turns towards it, “Yes yes…” After seeing it was me, she smiled, “Oh my, good morning!”

Happy for the warm welcome, I continue, “Good morning. Is it okay to sell meat today too?” Hearing this, she nodded, “It’s okay”.

After getting the OK, I remove the meat wrapped in Bana leaves from the bag and show it to the aunt. Seeing the amount, she murmurs,”Oh my, there’s a lot again today”.

Knowing it is thanks to Adandara again, I could only smile wryly. Especially the wild dove meat. Thinking about it, I don’t know how to answer if I get asked how I caught it.

The Aunt checks the meat one by one, pauses and picks up the last one – “This is, wild dove right?”

Nodding, with a sheepish grin, “Yes. But, I made some mistakes while I dismantled it”.

Glancing at it again, the Aunt looks through the bundle, “N? Aa, it’s okay. There is no problem if it’s only like this. Eh? How about the wild dove bone?”

Confused, I ask, “Bone?”

Taking a second glance at me, Auntie explains, “Ah, could it be that you didn’t know? You can sell wild dove bone too you know.” Regretfully, I reply, “Eh, is that how it is? I have already thrown them away…”

Not dwelling on it, she smooths over the matter, “Oh my~, if it’s like that then it can’t be helped. I hope you bring the bone too when you get wild dove again.”

Thinking to myself, I was trying to figure out what the bone is used for? Is it to eat? No, that’s not it, cause when I dismantled it, the bone was hard. Then could it be an ingredient for something? With curiosity, I ask, “Um, what are the bones used for?”

Answering my question, she turns to me, “The bone will be cleaned here and then sold to the pharmacy”.

Surprised, I ask to make sure I heard correctly – “Pharmacy?” Nodding her head, the Auntie clarifies, “That’s right. If it were boiled with medicine and other ingredients, it could be sold as a soup to restore physical strength.”

Now understanding, I think about the importance of such an item, “Is that so…” If only I knew its value and use beforehand… What a waste…

Getting back on topic, Auntie counts up my payment for the meat, “Yes, about the money, three wild rats are 300 Dal, five hares are 475 Dal, and one wild dove is 150 Dal. The total is… 925 Dal. Is there no problem?”

Shaking my head, I take the money. But before leaving I thank her for the info and the kindness, “Yes! Thank you very much!”

Thinking to myself, one wild dove is 150 Dal… which is a great price, but there are no bird traps in the book… So, sadly, I can’t catch them.

Now then, what’s next… That’s right, let’s wash the clothes. Then, let’s explore the forest to find my favorite nuts, maybe find some sopuna too. I feel that if I wash my hair with sopuna, the dirt will be removed, and my hair will look pretty.

Aside from nuts and sopuna, I want to look for some food too, especially since I have to make preparations to go to Otorwa town soon.

While I walked towards the river, I checked the trees on the way. Sadly, I couldn’t find the trees I’m looking for, but I managed to secure some food.

Almost reaching the river, I finally find the sopuna tree, and there’s a lot of fruit growing on it.

Happily, I cheer, “Hooray!” Then carefully, I put the sopuna fruit inside my bag. following that, I continue on my way to the river. After getting there, I hang my clothes on a tree that’s nearby.

Stretching out, I feel a twinge, “Uu~, my back hurts”. After stretching,  I check for presences around me, making sure that there are no monsters, animals, or people.

After making sure no one is nearby, I wet my hair, crush one sopuna fruit in my hands and rub my hands together with the crushed fruit. I wash my hair with the fruit until it foams a little, I rinse it with river water, then I wipe it with a towel.

While washing my hair, I noticed “My hair has grown a little, maybe I’ll cut it later”.

Suddenly, I hear – “Purupu~” – from behind and turn around to see Sora who’s moving up and down, seemingly in a good mood. I noticed that lately he’s been going up and down more than his previous shaking. Although it seems meaningful, I don’t know what it means.

Fuu, after my hair dried to some extent, I take my clothes and return. I think I’ll also create traps when I return.


On my way in, I bow my head to the gatekeeper and enter the village; But he steps towards me, and obviously not wanting me to mistake him for having bad intentions, he calls out: “Ah, wait a minute. You’re Ivy, right”.

Feeling shy, I confirm, “Yes.” With a gentle smile, he asks, “If it’s okay, could you follow me for a bit?”

Worried that something happened, “Is there something wrong?” Shaking his head, he clarifies, “The reward has been decided, the captain told me that if I see Ivy, I have to bring him to the office. If there’s something you need to do, you can come after that, how about it?”

Seeing no issue with the current arrangement, I agree, “I’m okay if it’s now”.

I completely forgot about the rewards.

Following the gatekeeper, I was guided to a slightly larger building. It was the building I thought strange when I was looking around the village.

It has many doors, it is neither a house nor a shop. It’s different from the guild, I don’t know what the building is for.

Wandering further in we reach the weird building. “We’re here. Thanks for your hard work~, Captain”.

Once inside, I can see many people come and go.

Are the people leaving going on patrol?

In the back of the building, I can see several doors, which must mean that there is more room in the building.

Popping out of a side door, Captain Ogut greets me, “Good morning, Ivy. Sorry for calling you suddenly”.

Rather than that, everyone’s gaze somehow feels warm or cold. It makes me feel itchy and restless, so I can’t feel calm.

Captain Ogut smiles at me, then asks”Please follow me”.

With a meek nod, I agree, “Yes”. Hopefully that lets me leave sooner, I think to myself, and then I hurriedly enter the room after Captain Ogut.

Inside, there are simple desks and shelves. The shelves are packed with something.

After telling me to sit down, Captain Ogut prepares tea. Taking it and feeling the warmth, I thank him, enjoying the relief it gives.

Then Captain looks at me and says, “So… about your reward”

Quietly, I ask, “Yes?”

Placing the coins on the nearby table for me to see, “It’s 2 Radal and 3 Gidal” he said with a big smile.

Shocked, I stutter “…Eh?” I thought he said that it was less than the monster’s information fee?

2 Radal is a gold coin, right?

I wonder what that means.

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  1. Hey there! Thanks for the chapter!
    Near the end of the chapter there were a few mistakes here and there(could tell you were probably getting sleepy) :

    *Thinking about will the wild dove meat be able tosell or not(tosell – to sell)

    *Happily, i cheer tp myself, “Hooray!”
    (happily, I cheer myself up, “Hooray!”)

    *Iy all had to happen to nnither It has many doors, it was neither a house nor a shop. It’s different from the guild, I don’t know what was the building for.
    (top line is clunky, hard to understand and has a few spelling errors which doesn’t help.)

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    2. No prob, I actually feel bad pointing out said errors, I always feel like I’m criticising it, but at the same time I know that if was me I’d want to be a shown where I made a mistake if I legitimately made one.

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