The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 Set Off!

I have 5 degraded version of magic bag.

Fold 1 of the bag in half and wrap it around the waist with a string.

The remaining 4 are put to the right and left, 2 on each side.

Pack as much as I can into each bag.


Many potions of degraded version. For healing wounds, curing diseases, supressing pain, and a potion to break curses too.


Because all of them are a degraded version, I don’t really know the effectiveness of it before I use it.

Unless it’s the worst version, it should heal to some extent.

I knew it from my experience.


As I run through the forest, I collect all the things that I have hidden in preparation for the journey.

I don’t want to leave any things that I collect or hide with the Fortune Teller.


The food is dried meat.

I borrowed it from here and there…..I got it as a gift for the journey. (あちらこちらから拝借……旅の餞別にもらっておいた。)

Is there a problem?


Put the spring water from the forest in a bamboo tube and put it in the bag.

It’s not enough, but I can’t help it.

I also got a book from the Fortune Teller.


After I collect the broken sword, I’ll left the village.




It just sort of happened. (たまたまだった。)

Perhaps I was lucky.

I came to hide in the village once every five days to get information.

Because I learned from experience that information is important.

I went down from the forest yesterday to get information.


Hiding myself in a meeting place where people don’t come often.

There’s usually no one here, but today I feel the presence of people.

When I focus my ear, I can hear them talking.

Looks like there’s two men.


“I found it. It seems to hide in certain part of the forest.”


“Is that so, Tablo(タブロ). That thing make this village unhappy, you understood right?” (T/N: they call her it/thing here, but below they call her normally. Should I change ‘it’ to ‘her’ here?)


Tablo is my father’s name.

I don’t know who the other person is.

Slowly breathe out, and carefully check the voice from the shadow of the building in the meeting hall.

……It’s the village chief.


“Of course. There is no such thing as no stars in this world. That child will be happy that she can go and meet God.”


……Don’t screw around!

I’ll be happy if I die?

I want to live, like hell I want to go to God’s place!


They pissed me off.

I take a deep breath and control my anger.

To avoid being found, I gently leave the place and recover things that I had hidden in the forest.

I was ready to leave at any time.

I just couldn’t get the chance to.

….I was also afraid to leave the village where I was born.

But if there’s a chance that I’ll die here, I’ll leave the village.

I will not hesitate anymore.


At the edge of the forest, far away from the village, there is a large tree that can be said to be the largest in the forest.

There is a cavity in the root of the large tree that can hides things.

Put my hand inside the cavity, and take out the things that I grab.

An important sword to protect myself in the forest.

This is what the fortune teller searched for according to the size of my body.


It was still a bit too big for the 8-years-old me, but she couldn’t find a smaller sword.

A slightly dull sword. (刃先が少しかけた剣。)

Take it and run in the opposite direction to the village.


I only look back once, at a place far away that I could only see the light of the village.

I have been greatly indebted to the forest around the village.

I wanted to thank the Fortune Teller.

Hold the sword to suppress the various thoughts that overflow.


As I shift my gaze from the village, I see a light in one of the places where I was hiding.

I had several places in the forest where I could sleep.

It seems that they found the place closest to the village.

Next time I find a place to live, I’ll be careful.


I move my feet that had stopped.

I will never return to this village again.



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    1. There is some side chapters dealing with the village later on, but they do not start for a while and there is only a couple side chapters at the moment.

    2. No no no… You are wrong in your hope.
      You should hope the MC return to the village and kill all people there.
      That village is abominable one, where they abandon a little child because the gift and also didn’t save an old fortune teller because she is a kind one.
      Revenge at the right times is the right answer. 3:)

  1. たまたまだった – It was by chance , we’d say “It just sort of happened”
    刃先が少しかけた剣 – Kaketa =/= sharper. It’s the opposite. A slightly dull sword.

  2. I would definitely return… there is a debt to be payed and I will come to collect.

    Of course by then they won’t be in any position to refuse…

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