The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 49

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Chapter 49 – Today Too

Uuuhhh, while I stretch my back, Sora is swaying next to me.

I give Sora its morning potion, and then go to boil water in the square’s simple kitchen. Returning to the tent, I make tea with it and put the remaining hot water in a slightly large bucket.

I put a towel in the hot water, squeeze it and use it to wipe my body. I’m happy I can get hot water in the square…
It’s hard to prepare hot water while travelling, so I would normally wipe my body with normal water, but it gets hard in cold weather.

The coming season is summer, so I think it will be okay, but I have to save more money for winter. Especially since It’s difficult to hunt wild rats and hares in winter. Even with the monster information fee, I got more money than I expected, but it’s still not enough.

“Fuu~, so refreshing” I change into a clean set of clothes and put the used ones in a bag for dirty clothes. I have to wash them again when I have the time.

I think about today’s schedule while eating some nuts. …..Umm, today I have to check the wild rats’ traps. Ah~ right, I couldn’t make a trap yesterday because I ate too much. My body felt heavy, so I didn’t want to move.

It’s my first time feeling that way. As I thought, I overdid it. Maybe I should have stopped after eating two and saved the remaining one for dinner today.

I finished my short break drinking tea after a few minutes. “OK! Sora, let’s do our best today too” I grab Sora’s bag and call him over to climb in. After that I throw the dirty laundry bag into the magic bag, and leave the tent. I should check the rat traps.

Before that, I dump the used hot water in the drainage and return the bucket to my tent. I then double check I’m not forgetting anything before closing it and making my way towards the forest.

On my way to the village, I was greeted by the administrator and the guard. I still feel slightly nervous about it… But not as surprised as the first time, I think I still need time to get used to it.

When I entered the forest, I felt that same strange feeling again, but I can’t place it. I look around, but there’s nothing. Then I suddenly hear, “Purupupu~”, from under me… Looking down, I realize it was Sora in the bag. Curious, I ask, “What is it? Sora, do you know?” I wonder if Sora’s reaction means that it’s okay?

Thinking about it, I look for the sign, but it disappeared again… For now, let’s check the wild rats’ traps. After reaching the first one, I found a bad sight, “Ah, not good. This one broke.” Was it done by some rampaging beast? It looks crushed.

Let’s go check the other traps. Thinking about it now, the probability of traps getting crushed in this forest is high since there’s an animal called wild boar here. But it did taste delicious yesterday.

It was said to be the specialty of this town. Does that mean it has a significant number in this forest? Thinking about that, I continue to the other traps I laid out.

But to my disappointment, “Aa~, here too huh” I check a wild rat trap and a hare trap from the day before, but both were crushed. That’s too bad.

Giving up, I decide to just wash my clothes for now and return to the square to make more traps. If I make a lot, it will probably work.

I arrive at the river, but when I tried to take out my clothes, I felt a presence behind me, turning around, I see it’s the Adandara, and just like yesterday, it has something in its mouth. It walked up to me with a low growl, and I started petting it. Wondering why it came up to me, I get a feeling of nostalgia… I wonder if this is ok?

After finally feeling satisfied, the Adandara put the things it held in its mouth in front of me. Taking a look, I can see it’s not just hare this time, I count 5 hares, 3 wild rats, and… a wild dove I recognized from the encyclopedia.

Looking at the Adandara, it pushes them to me with its forefoot, seeing that, I decide to accept it all. “Thanks!” As if happy I accepted the animals, it growls and rubs its face on mine… Its face is a little scary, but it’s cute. Thinking that, I hugged it and felt its warmth.

… Wait, no good, I have to dismantle the animals soon. With that thought I let go of the Adandara and begin dismantling. Finishing quickly, I wrap the meat in bana leaves.

The last one is the wild dove. This is the first time I’m dismantling a bird, so I start while feeling nervous. After a while, I sigh in relief, “It’s done~”, it doesn’t look horrible, though I made a small mistake… Oh well, If I can’t sell it, I’ll just eat it myself. I wrapped the wild dove meat in bana leaves and put it in the bag.

“Now then”, Getting up and cleaning my hands, I start looking for Sora, I turn around, it’s sleeping with the Adandara. They look comfortable… Not good, we have to hurry.

Slightly raising my voice, I call out, “Sora, wake up~. We need to sell the meat” Hearing me, the Adandara wakes up, and because of that, Sora rolls down… waking up from the descent, he shakes his body, dissatisfied at being woken up.

After Sora gets up, I turn to the Adandara, “Thank you, for yesterday and today too. But it’s not good to push yourself too hard you know” As if in answer the Adandara lets out a growl and dashes away.

Seeing it disappear in the distance… Like I thought, its running figure is cool.

Turning my head to look at Sora, “Sora, what do you think?” In response, he moves his body up and down and lets out a “Puppururu~” sound.

Un… Yeah, I don’t understand… Putting Sora back in his bag, I start making my way back to the village to sell the meat.


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  3. Thank you for the translation ❤️ … I’m being too suspicious right? Because my brain is telling me the Adandara is ruining the traps to increase its usefulness 😅 so fluffy cute! And Sora is amazing!! Plus I’m so happy Ivy is getting some more care ಥ‿ಥ she deserves it!!!

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