The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 48


Chapter 48 Wild Boar Skewers

Vice-Captain Verivera has a really tired expression on his face.

His breathing is rough.

Maybe, he was looking for Captain Ogut to stop him?

If so, I felt sorry.

When he noticed my gaze, he let out a bitter laugh.

“It’s just like usual. This guy would run away and I would have to stop him. The other guys are, they don’t want to do it”

“If you say it that way, wouldn’t it be like I always running wildly?”

“Please have some self-awareness”

At Vice-Captain Verivera words, Captain Ogut furrows his eyebrows.

They have a good relationship.

“Ah right, Ivy. Let me treat you to a meal as an apology”

“Eh! Don’t mind it, such a thing. Just, don’t spread too much about me”

“Aa~, about that…….”

Captain Ogut avert his eyes with a troubled look on his face.


“Just confessed already”

“Sorry! I already said it to all my friends”

“……Is it too late?”


“My bad, I never thought it was already spread to everyone”

“I’m really sorry”

Captain Ogut scratches his head and bows his head slightly.

I don’t think he was doing it with bad intention.

On the contrary, he tried to help me.

But when I think about it…..I feel like the power from my whole body disappeared.

“It’s okay. You do it because you were worried about me”

“Then, let me treat you as an apology”


“Is this village has any specialties?”

“Specialties? No?”

“It’s wild boar skewers. You can eat a lot!”


Is it decided?

He grabs my hand and walks towards the square.

Different from the last time, he grasps my hand loosely and walks slowly.

But, he seems to already decide to treat me.

I look at Vice-Captain Verivera who was walking behind us.

“Thank you for the treat. Wild boar is delicious, you know”

If it like this, I won’t be able to stop it.

Certainly, I’m also curious about it.

During the trip, I only ate dried meat or roasted wild mouse with salt lightly sprinkled on it.

“I’m looking forward to it”

Hearing my words, Captain Ogut show a broad smile and stroke my head.

I was a little surprised.

When was the last time since someone strokes my head?

…….I can’t remember.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I was just feeling hungry…..”

Seeing my expression, Vice-Captain Verivera comes and calls me.

I have become a little sentimental.

Even though I already abandoned my past.

When we arrived at the street where the stalls are lined up, my appetite appears because of the good smell of the foods.

This is a place I never been to before.

Captain Ogut goes straight to one shop.


“Isn’t Captain Ogut… he your illegitimate child?”

“Hahaha, He’s cute, right”

“Eh? Hah? Eh?”

Illegitimate child?


“Haa, even though he was just told to not make any trouble again”

“Oo, my bad. He is an adventurer, Ivy”

“Umm, nice to meet you”

“She is Tegra, the landlady of Nonoshi Skewers”1

“He is pretty cute for an adventurer”

“Landlady, give me ten”


The landlady Tegra, insert the wild boar meat on the skewer, put it on the net and roasted them.

……It’s big.

“It’s big, isn’t it”

“Is that so? You can eat ten of them, right?”

“Eh! That’s impossible. Impossible”

“…..Impossible? How many can you eat?”


I see the roasted wild boar.

Two pieces of meat as big as my fist are stuck on the skewer.

At any rate, two or three is my limit.

“It’s about two or three skewers”

“Wha, isn’t that too little!”

“But, the meat is so big”

After all, three is my limit.

I still think it is too much for me.

As the meat is roasted, a black sauce is poured on it.

It’s drop to the fire and the appetizing aroma spreads around.

Looks delicious.

I can’t avert my eyes from the meat.

“Although he is an adventurer, he is still small, so ten wouldn’t be possible”

“Really? The previous guy ate more than ten”

“Think about the physique difference between him and Ivy”

“Captain, what would you do? I already roasted it”

“Hahaha, divide it into seven and three, landlady”


The roasted meat is wrapped in a leaf I have never seen.

What leaves are those?

The landlady, Tegra, hands three and seven wrapped meats to Captain Ogut.


Captain Ogut give me the three wrapped meats.

“Thank you very much”

“You don’t have to say that, in the first place, it was because of me”

“You’re right”

Charis and tables are also put where the stalls are lined up.

On the way there, Captain Ogut and Vice Commander Verivera were called upon.

Apparently, there was a problem.

“Sorry, Ivy. A job has come in”

“It’s okay”

“Aa~……it will be dangerous if you are alone”

“Um, I’ll go back and eat it there”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. Please do your best at work”

“You’re such a good boy~”

He stroked my head while saying that.

Looks like my hair will be a mess.

“Sorry. Let’s go”

“Then, see you”

“Yes. Later”

Listening to the conversation, Vice-Captain Verivera seems to feel glad.

On my way back to the square, I could smell good fragrance from the meat at my hand.

I then hasten my step to the square.

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  1. “ノノシの串焼き屋の女将のテグラだ”

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    1. Thanks for telling me! I just fixed it but I can’t check it because my internet is sooooo slooooow, I can’t even open google. I fixed it using wordpress apk, so I hope it is fixed. 😄

    1. I’m just hoping we don’t get a “good guy turns out to be a bad guy” situation where guard plans to capture and sell her as a slave. To many stories turn their good characters into slaves or have character assassinations that do the 180 turn on the “goodness” of characters.

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