The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 47


Chapter 47 Eh! Captain Ogut!


“Welcome back, Ivy”

“Ah, I’m back”

I was distracted by other things, so I return Vice-Captain Verivera greetings in a hurry.

“Um, where is Captain Ogut?

“Do you need anything with the Captain?”

“You could say I have, I met someone called Ganzbell at the dump, and “It’s Ivy, the one Captain said” is what he said. So I thought it has something to do with Captain Ogut”

“Ah~ sorry, so it already spread that far. The Captain is walking around and telling people around him to help if and adventurer called Ivy were in trouble”


Because he is a small adventurer who is working hard alone, please watch over him”


Wha-what’s that, that’s so embarrassing.

My face feels hot, so maybe it turns red.

Vice-Captain Verivera is laughing looking at me.

I can’t hide my face…..

“My bad, I stopped him at once. Kukuku, but when I noticed, it was already spread. Hahaha, the Captain is not a bad guy, but when he does something, he won’t stop until he does it. Ahahaha….”

In the end, he can’t hold it anymore.

Or rather, this itchy gaze from the gatekeepers and patrols is because of Captain Ogut.

Captain Ogut……is not such a bad person!1

“I’m really sorry”

“No, it’s okay”

I bow my head to Vice-Captain Verivera and enter the village.

Before arriving at the square, some people were calling my name and said “welcome back” to me.

Every time it happened, my face becomes hot.

Maybe, it will be like this in the whole village?

Uu~ so embarrassing.

My name was called by the administrator of the square.

…..Captain Ogut, how far did you spread it!

I drop down inside my tent.

Somehow, I feel like I’m imagining myself taking damage from something that’s not existed.

I take Sora out of the bag and spread ten blue and red potions.

I make sure Sora to start eating before leaving the tent.

I hang a rope on a tree nearby and dry the wet clothes.

Returning inside the tent, Sora was happily shaking and eating the potions.

When I entered the tent, the shaking became a bit more intense.

Removing the picked up item in the bag, I sort and start checking them.

After I put each item bag in the bag, Sora already finishes his meal.

Like I thought, the bubbles still there.

N~, I feel like the red parts around his body are increasing.

That’s right, let’s go to the bookstore.

It might be impossible to know about Sora, but if there is a book about slime, I may know about something.

“Sora, let’s go to the bookstore!”

Sora, who was exercising up and down after the meal, jumped at me after he sees me.

However, he jumped too high and hit the ceiling of the tent and fell down.

“……Are you okay?”

Tears are floating in Sora’s eyes.

……I have found a new expression of his but, I can’t rejoice.

“……That must be hurt”

I stroke his head and put him in the bag.

I have never heard a slime crying before.

What should I do, he becomes an existence far away from slime…..

I look at the bag.

Hahaha, there’s no way.

When I leave the square and walk down the main street, several people called out.

One of them asked me where I was going, so when I talked about bookstores, I was introduced to a number of famous bookstores.

When I entered the bookstore, I was in trouble because it was quite different from the bookstore I had imagined.

It was the image of books lining up on a shelf.

Surely shelves were there, but there are only several books that lined side by side.

That’s strange, why was the image I was thinking was books packed tightly on the shelf?

Grab a book on a nearby shelf and look inside.

It looks like a weapon type of book.

I return it to the shelf and check each book.

I found a book called Beginner Taming, so I checked what inside.


It was like a book about a tamer’s star for one person.2

Only the names of monsters that can be tame and their rank of strength are listed.

I wonder if there is a more detailed book?

I searched for a book about slime, but can’t find any.

I mean, there is no book like the Fortune Teller gave me.

Sure, there were books that introduced traps, but only traps to stop superior monsters.

Moreover, it was a book that only says the size to dig a hole.

Customers are coming while I was searching for books, and they are all buying and leave the store.

I checked all the books, but they were all rough.

Did everyone, satisfied with this kind of information?

I give up and leave the bookstore.

“Oh, found it!”

“Eh, ah, Captain Ogut”

I was surprised to hear the sudden voice and it was from Captain Ogut.

He somehow looked in a hurry.

“What is it, suddenly yelling?”


Eh, Eee~!

Captain Ogut bowed in front of the bookstore, what’s this! What is it!”

“Haa~, like I said, see your surroundings before doing something!”

Immediately, Vice-Captain Verivera comes in and raised Captain Ogut’s head.

I don’t know what is going on……but we become stand out.

“No, because. You’re the one that said he was angry”

“I’m angry?”

What he is saying?

I’m angry at Captain Ogut?

“You’re wrong! I was just saying that your troops will only be troubled!”

“Eh? Is that so?”

I see.

…..Captain Ogut is just an Idiot.3

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  1. オグト隊長……悪い人では無いけど!
  2. テイマーの星が1つの人のための本の様なのだが
  3. ……オグト隊長の暴走か

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