The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 46


Chapter 46 Let’s Go for Hares


I have to get Sora to return to the village.

He seems to so sleep soundly, and he didn’t give any reactions, which is bad.

We were in the forest, so I want him to be a little more cautious.

“Sora, I want to sell the hares, so let’s go back to the village”


He finally woke up.

He Bouncing away from the Adandara.

The Adandara is, seems to stretch and relaxing its muscles.

I’m sorry about Sora.1

“Um, the meats, thank you for giving me a lot of it”

I say my thanks to the Adandara who looks at me, and wave my hand.

After it let out a growl, it dashes away just like yesterday.

It’s as fast as ever.

Worried about the freshness of the meat, I hurriedly return to the village.

Sora is happily bouncing next to me.

Speaking of that, Sora’s moving speed also becomes faster.

His jumping power too.

Looking at Sora, he stumble on a tree roots where he landed.

I don’t think it has improved.

As I approach the village, I put Sora in the bag.

I need to find out about slime quickly.

When I greeted the gatekeeper, I don’t know why, but he greeted back with a big smile.2

I was wondering about it, but I need to sell the meats quickly, so I go to a butcher.

“Excuse me”

“Oh my, during a time like this”

From the back of the store, the Aunt who told me about the hare came out.

And behind her, there is a man who looks a little strong.

I’m a little scared and become nervous.

“Ahaha, it’s okay. This man is my husband”

“Ah, I’m sorry. I wonder if it’s okay for me to sell hare meat”

“It’s okay, can you show me the meat?”


I arrange the meats on the desk in front of the Aunt.

“Oh my, you hunt this much”

Most of the meat I got are from the Adandara, so I can only let out a bitter laugh.

“Its’ condition are good. The meat is also thick, so it will make for a great dried meat”

Thank goodness.

I was a little worried because it was the first time for me to dismantle hare.

The way to dismantle it is almost the same with the wild rats, but it took more time because the meat was thick.

“Un, there is no problem. There are nine in all. The total is 855 Dal with each of them for 95 Dal, is there any problem?”

“There isn’t. Thank you very much”

One wild rats is 100 Dal, and one hare is for 95 Dal, huh.

They said that it’s easier to hunt……but I find it easier to hunt wild rats.

This was what the Adandara gave me.

I wonder if it’s better for me to just hunt wild rats?

As soon as I received the money, I leave the butcher and head to the forest.

It was to set a trap for wild rats.

I have found a good places to set the trap while I was looking for a place to set the hare traps, so it won’t take much time.

It’s longer to find a place to set them than the time to set up the trap.

At the gate, I met people who seemed to end their patrol in the forest.

“Have a safe trip, be careful”

“Eh, yes”

They called out to me for some reason.

The gatekeeper is also waving their hands.

What was it for a while now?

I go through the forest while wondering about it.

Once I have set the traps on the place I found, I go to the river.

It’s for harvesting nuts and washing my clothes.

There was so much for me to dismantle so I was a bit behind the schedule.

After washing in the river away from where I dismantle the hares, I look for nuts while waiting for the water in the clothes drain a little.

When I approach a tree, I always look at Sora.

One attack is enough.3

My favorite sweet and sour tree nuts found!

I’m happy with this outcome.

I could also secure nuts with high nutritional value.

After harvesting them, I put the wet clothes into the basket.

What left is just to dry them in the square.

Next is to rush to the dump.

When I arrived at the dump, there is more garbage than what I saw before.

This is, you have to pay with money to process it, right.

That’s hard~

I start to look for Sora’s potion, but I don’t have to, because many of them are just lying around.

I pick it up randomly and put it in the bag.

Next is, to find the materials for the trap.

How much do I need for a hare trap again?

Anyway, it’s almost the same as the wild traps, so 10 is enough, I guess?

After that is…….ah, someone is coming.

I hurriedly put Sora in the bag who are moving up and down nearby.

When I got out of the dump, it seems that someone on their side had noticed me.

“Ah! So it’s Ivy, the one that captain talk about?”


May I ask who’s speaking?

“Yes. Um, and you are?”

“Aa, I’m Ganzbell4. We should have met when I was the gatekeeper, probably”

I check his face, but I can’t remember.


“No, it’s okay. Because there are a lot of people”

“Why are you bullying her?”

“Senior, that’s terrible. I’m not bullying you, right?”

“Um, yes”

“Sorry. You guys, let’s continue patrolling. Ivy be careful too”

“Eh, yes. Thank you”

The two seemed to be patrolling, and after they checked the dump, they entered the forest.

…….Rather than that, why is my name known.

“The Captain said” right, did they hear it from Captain Ogut?

For now, let’s just pick up what I need and return to the village.

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  1. ソラが申し訳ない
  2. 門番に挨拶すると、なぜかものすごく笑顔で迎えられた。
  3. I can’t make sense of this sentence. In the previous sentence, I guess that she looked at Sora because of her experience with the wood monster(or treant if you don’t know) and Sora for noticing its presence. But I don’t know about this one. Here is the raw: 襲われるのは1度で十分だ
  4. ガンズベル

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