The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 45


Chapter 45 I Got A Lot

I was able to wake up feeling refreshed thanks to sleeping at ease.

The trap for the wild rats was completed yesterday.

First of all, I will check the hare’s traps and go back to the village once I have the meat.

And maybe I’ll set up the trap for wild rats.

I made the schedule for today while eating the nuts from the forest.

Ah, this is the last nut.

I’m sure there are some trees near the river that could be harvested, and I want to wash my clothes too, so I’ll go to the river later.

After that……I guess it’s picking up potions and materials for the trap at the dump?

I look at Sora who is eating the potions vigorously.

Eh, I feel that it was somewhat different?


Sora’s color should have been blue, but now I can see a tinged of red on him.

Is his body color changing?

N~……I don’t understand Sora’s state.

He has a good appetite, and juping energetically, so I don’t think it’s a problem.

Finished eating, he starts to stretch up and down vigorously.

Even so, he has become able to stretch quite high.

I wonder if it is okay?

After drinking tea and taking a break after eating, Sora seemed to calm down.

I put Sora in the bag before opening the entrance.

There’s a chance I might not be able to secure some meat, so I put the traps and the dirty clothes in a bag and leave the tent.

It’s a bit dark because the sun has just risen.

When I arrived at the entrance of the square, it’s somewhat noisy.

Apparently, the adventurers have just returned from the bar.

They seemed to be saying something to the administrator.

Ah, they start rampaging.

While wondering what to do, it was already resolved.

The administrator seems to be strong.

I get out of the plaza in a hurry with my head slightly lower besides the adventurers who are winding1 on the entrance.

When I see the administrator’s face, it the first time I see him.

…..Even though he was smiling, I was a little scared.

I wonder what those adventurers were saying?

I exchanged greetings with the gatekeeper of the village and walks deep into the forest.

I’m getting used to exchanging greetings little by little, but I’m still nervous.

When I walk to the place where I set the trap, I feel something strange.

I stopped, but when I check the surroundings, there is nothing unusual.

I wonder what it was?

I take a deep breath search for the presence, but the presence is already disappeared.

Is it just my imaginations?

For now, let’s check the traps I had set up.

Two traps were destroyed.

Is it useless?

I was able to secure a hare on the third trap!


Sora jumps out of his bag and land next to me, he was joyfully jumping around the hare.

I put the hare in the basket I had already prepared and moves to the next trap.

The last trap was near the river, it was so that I can dismantle it immediately.

The last one was as it was when it was set up.

“So I can only gather one huh~”

If I make more traps, would I be able to get more hare?

I go to the river with a basket containing one hare.

While preparing for dismantling at the riverside, I look around for trees that have fruits that are ready to harvest.

Not far from the riverside, I found several types of nuts.

Remembering to harvest it later, I start the dismantling.

When I was dismantling, I felt a presence behind me.

Looking back in a hurry, I can see the monster I met yesterday holding something.

After reading the book and learn the feature of Adandara, I compare it with the monster in front of me.

After all, this monster is Adandara.

Its big nail, the color of its eyes, the pattern on its tail…..It is Adandara, which people called death.

A grow could be heard from the approaching Adandara.

I wash my hand quickly, and when I stroke its head, it narrowed its eyes.

I wonder if what was written in the book were lies?

It is, not scary at all.

The Adandara take a step back and drop what it has in its mouth to the ground.

I thought I was mistaken, but no doubt, it was a lot of hares.

It seems to still be alive because it is slightly moving.

When I was looking at the hare, its paw is pointing towards me.

……Could it be.

“Are you giving it to me?”

The growl becomes slightly louder.

When I was slightly at lost, the Adandara bring the hare to me with its nose.

I guess I’ll take it, because It looks like giving it to me.

“Thank you”

For giving me eight hares, I’m grateful.

Moreover, the eight hares are fainted and still intact.

How did it catch them?

“For now, I’ll dismantle them!”

Looking at Sora, I found that he was poked by Adandara using its forepaw.2

The poked Sora rolled.

I tried to stop them, but I feel that Sora’s atmosphere like he was having fun, so I just watched them a little.

The rolled Sora returns to the Adandara and shakes his body.

And then again, the Adandara rolled Sora.

They repeated it many times.

……Is that, fun?

Ah, rather than that, I have to dismantle it quickly.

Freshness is important when you want to sell meat.

“Fuh~, it’s over~”

After the meat was dismantled, I put two meats on a bana leaves and wrap them, then I put them in the bag.

I’m beat~.

When I searching for Sora, he was sleeping on top of the Adandara stomach.

……Well, that’s good.

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  1. グルグル
  2. Sora was so fragile the first time he was found. Easily swept by the winds, and will die with only a poke. But now, even when he was poked by a monster nicknamed death, he is still alive. I’m happy *sniff

6 Replies to “The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 45”

  1. D’aww. That’s cute! Though have to wonder what’s so tough that it can grievously wound a beast nicknamed “death.”

  2. Watch this, turns out even a level 0 tamer (or even not a tamer) could just tame a creature the old fashion way if it actually wants to follow you.

    Watch it get the crest somewhere on it cause it wanted it and let it happen.

    1. The probability of taming a monster is corresponds to the rank of the tamer (like 1 star, 2 star, or 3 star) and the strength of the monster that want to be tammed. For Sora he is a the weakest rare species and a slime, so the requirments of him to be tamed are low. For the Adandara, we still don’t know if it was tamed or not. But from what I see, the Adandara just felt grateful to her and want to repay her, that is not mean that it was already tamed.

      In summary, the way to tame a monster is to have corresponds rank and mana to the monster. And for the monster wanted to be tame themself (no proof of this as of now). ☺

  3. Thanks for chapter.
    Hmm… from what I see Sora able to take ability from potions he eat, blue pot is for healing injury and maybe healing injury is trigger for his evolution(?) or he is taking magic power from injury?
    Also I hoping Ivy get tamed Adandara… she really need more friends as it’s seems she is pretty lonely, also need means to protect herself.
    Our Loli need guard to protect her from that sH1tTy world.

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