The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 43

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Chapter 43 A Viscious Monster?

The Adandara looks at me as I sat down.

I reach out my hand and stroke its neck.

Its fluffy fur feels good.

I think it’s okay because Sora has already treated it, but I stroke its entire body with my hand to check for any injuries.

The Adandara doesn’t get angry no matter where I touched it.

Stroking around the bottom of its neck makes it narrow its eyes as if feeling good.

……Maybe, it’s not an Adandara?

I feel like it was written in the book that Adandara is a ferocious and untouchable rare monster.

If I’m not mistaken, five high-level adventurers are needed to defeat one of them?

The monster…..that looks like Adandara are letting out low *Gurururu* growl.

Is there anything else that was written?

Ah, it was written that if your gaze met, you will be killed.

…..I think that our eyes already met since earlier.

I see at the monster that looks like Adandara in front of me.

Our gaze is perfectly aligned.

No matter how you think about it, it doesn’t match what was written in the book.

It could be that, there are similar monsters.

Let’s read the book again and check the characteristics of the Adandara.

Anyway, it’s fluffy and comfortable.

It has slightly long black hair, and how to say it, it got style.

…..It would be great if I can tame it, but it is impossible with my magic power.

I wish I had more magic power.

What a shame.

Looking at Sora, he is shaking with satisfaction.



Bubbles are generating inside his body even though he is not eating.

I wonder why is that.

I’m worried, but I can’t ask anyone, I can only watch.

When I was concerned about Sora, I felt that some people are coming here.

Are they in a hurry, they are coming here fast.

“Someone will come, go now!”

I push the bottom of the monster that looks like Adandara while pointing at the forest.

It rubbed its head at mine with a growl then dashed into the forest.

“So fast! It’s amazing, right, Sora!”

I also have to hide Sora.

I hurriedly hide Sora inside the bag, I then tried to stand up……..but I still haven’t recovered my power.

Let’s take a break here before returning to the village.

There were three people rushing here, they seemed to be patrolling.

When they see me, they approached me while watching the surroundings.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes. I’m a little tired and just taking a break”

Taking a break in the clearing inside a forest……I guess it’s impossible.

Uwa~ my heart is pounding.

I was thinking what would his replay is, but just say “I see” and starts to inspect the surrounding forest.1

I feel that their atmosphere is different from usual.

Has something happened?

“There’s no problem it seems”

“Did something happened?”

“We have received a report about a monster that has never be seen and came to investigate it”

“Did you see anything?”

Monster that has never been seen?

Is it the monster that looks similar to Adandara earlier?


“Is that so, from the report, it seems the monster is rampaging”


Apparently ,there was a different monster.

Now that I think about it, the monster that Sora treated was dying.

The monster that injured it, is somewhere around here?

In a hurry I look at the surrounding.

“Hahaha, it’s alright. According to the information, it was around here, but it apparently has moved”

“Aa, it doesn’t seem to be here anymore”

“Oi, there’s bloodstains”

Ah, that’s the bloodstain of that monster.

What should I do.

“Did you see any injured animals or monsters when you came here?”


Uu~ forgive me.

This is bad for my heart.

“Did it bring its prey to a safe place?”

“That’s likely”

“However, it’s a fair amount of bloodstains. It’s either a big animal or a monster. Did it take it away?”

“It’s definitely a high-ranking monster”

“I wish it just came here chasing after its prey”

There is only the monster similar to Adandara.2

Did he escape when he was about to be hunted?

Or did it return?

I try to put a little power in my body…..It seems that I can get up.

“Thank you very much. Let’s return to the village”

I stand up and bow my head once.

Listening to the talks, my heart tingles.

The patrolling guys said that they will investigate the area a little more.

That monster must be already far away, so it’s okay.

I walk towards the village.

But still, why did Sora help the monster?

When it was the wood monster, he told me it was dangerous.

Did he knew that. the Adandara-like monster won’t attack and decided to help it?

…..You won’t say that you did it just because you like to eat wounds, right?

I stare at the bag containing Sora.

Because I wouldn’t understand it, let’s just let Sora do what he wants to do.

It might make sense.

or might not…….

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  1. 何かを言われるかと様子を見るが、周辺の森を調べている。
  2. アダンダラ似のあの魔物だけだったけど

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