The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 42

O.o Could it be…..

Chapter 42 Hare’s Trap and Monster

I take a longer rest to calm myself.

Nevertheless, taking off from young adventurers, what a dangerous group.

Looking by their appearance, they seemed to be intermediate-rank adventurers.

Ah, but their atmosphere is different from other adventurers.

I’ll be careful as to not get deceived by someone’s appearance.

Now that I calmed down, let’s get the hare’s trap.

According to the book, hare moves around in the morning.

It says that it doesn’t move much during the day or night, so the result of the trap can be seen tomorrow morning.

I made 4 traps for hare yesterday.

I put it in the bag and head for the forest.

Looking inside Sora’s bag, he is sleeping comfortably.

Seeing Sora at his own pace, I felt relief.1

I’m healed.

After entering the forest to some extent, I probe the surrounding presence.

There seems to be no sign of people nearby.

When I take Sora out of the bag, he starts stretching vertically in my arms.

He seems to like to move like this recently, and he is good at it.

If I’m not careful, I might drop him.

While holding Sora, I look for traces of hare, such as at the root of a tree or a hole in the soil.

After searching for about an hour, I found small animal feces.

When I checked around, I found something like a footprint or a place where tree was cut down.

I Check the footprints and set a trap nearby because the possibility of a hare is high.

I set the traps where there are similar traces as well.

After all the traps have been set, I go to the dump.

It’s to find the ingredients to make traps for wild rats.

At the dump, Sora suddenly jumps out of my arms.

While still surprised, he jumps with pyonpyon and goes in a different direction from the dump.


When I hurriedly followed Sora and looked for presence around me, I felt that there’s something a little far away.

There is no other presence around, so Sora might be heading there.

Did he notice something?

Questioning what is happening in my mind, I follow Sora.


Body dyed red with blood, there’s a big animal lying in front of me.

I thought it was dead, but the area around its chest is still moving.

When I approached it, it shows its fang to threaten me.

But, it looks to be in pain.

I thought it was an animal, but it seems to be a monster because I could feel magic power from it.

It seems to be weak enough that you won’t notice it until you get closer.

Sora was moving without fear and wrapped the wounded monster.


Wrapped up?

“Sora! This is, errr, um, no! Fuuuh~, alright! ……you did well to wrapped up something this big, no?”

For now, let’s ask the question that came to my mind.

The injured monster in front of me appears to be over two meters in size.

I never thought that Sora could wrap something that big.

It was completely wrapped up.

Honestly, I don’t think it is something to worry about now, but I felt a bit calm after letting out my voice.

The injured monster seems to panic a little by Sora’s actions, but calmed down after a while.

The pain is probably gone now.

Did it notice that it was being treated?

Or it gave up thinking that it was going to be eaten?

I can hear something coming from Sora.

I don’t know if it was from the treatment or from eating, either way, I hate to wait a little more to figure it out.

Does Sora like dying injuries……I don’t want to think about that for now.2

I don’t know what to say seeing this situation, so I watch out for any presence in the surrounding.

…..But, I can’t run away even if a presence approaches…..

But I wonder what monster it is?

After a while, Sora does a big jump and came to my feet.

“Did you finished?”


A little cry was arranged.3

But, it was the usual cry.

I turn to the monster released from Sora.

I’ve seen it in the book, it’s probably Adandara4.

It’s a monster that was said that you would die if you encounter it in the forest.

The Adandara stands up and stretches its body.

I wonder if I can escape?

When I move my feet a little, it gazes immediately turns to me.

Ugh, what should we do…..Sora~.


I close my eyes tightly at the Adandara as it approaches with a growl.

It’s too scary.

Adandara sniffs my smell for a while and starts to rub its face on mine.


When I open my eyes, it was rubbing its face on my head while growling.

Did it misunderstand that I helped it?

That I ordered Sora to help it?

So that means that I won’t be attacked?

Anyway, it seems I was saved.

I’m glad.

When I felt relieved, I dropped down and sat there.

Sora jumps up and down like he was playing around.


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  1. マイペースのソラを見るとほっこりする
  2. ソラは瀕死の怪我が好きなのだろうか……それはちょっと考えたくないな
  3. ちょっと鳴き方がアレンジされた
  4. アダンダラ

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