The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 41

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Chapter 41 Targeted Tent

The tent was more comfortable than I had imagined and I could sleep at ease.

I feel like I have relaxed too much, I have to be careful.

I put Sora in the bag and head to the simple kitchen area.

I boiled a water and make tea with leaves I found in the forest.

I’m glad I can drink warm things first thing in the morning.

After finishing the things I need to do in the morning, the first thing to do is heading out to the forest.

It is to avoid danger, but it is hard to wake up in the morning, although I’m already used to it.

As I returned to the tent and paused, I saw several adventurers approaching.

Somehow they look stern and their atmosphere is scary.

“Oi! You thief!”


They are probably a team of two male adventurers and two female adventurers.

And one of them shouted at me.

Because it was a sound that reverberated to the surrounding, the crowded plaza became quiet in the instant.

“Aren’t you mistaken?”

“Ha~a, there’s no doubt. This tent is mine! This guy stole it”

The man shouts loud enough for everyone in the surrounding to hear him.

What is he saying?

This tent is definitely what I purchased yesterday.

I don’t know what kind of person is the old man is, but I don’t think he’s the kind of guy who would sell stolen things.

“Be honest! You stole it right!”

Because of all the shouting, my body twitched.

But, he’s wrong.

I didn’t steal it.

“I’m not stealing anything. This is the tent I bought”

“That’s a lie! You don’t look like someone who can buy such a tent!”

The man grabbed the collar of my clothes.

My body floats in the air.

I’m scared, I’m scared, I’m scared.

“Geez. How do you grow up to be such a liar?”

“Really. I don’t get it~”

The female adventurer is sneering at me.

The adventurer around is also buzzing.

My body starts shaking with fear.

I don’t want to cry, I didn’t do anything wrong……

My tears blur my vision.

“What are you doing!”

A man slipped in holding the hand that grabbed my clothes.

When I see the man, he was the administrator of the square who gave me the permission board.

“Catch this guy!”

“He stole a fellow tent. That’s why catch this guy”1

Such a thing.

What should I do.

“And the proof is?”

“I couldn’t attach it because it was stolen right after I bought it. But, it’s definitely this!”

“How do you know?”

While listening to the talk of the administrator and the adventurers, I was puzzled and don’t know what to do.

What should I do if the administrator believes what the adventurers say?

“Could a kid like this afford to buy this tent? You can understand it even with common sense”

“Is that it?”

“Is that it? That’s plenty enough!”

“That’s right~. Do your job”

“Right, right”

The administrator was badmouthed too.

It’s frustrating.

……The tent, should I give it up?

“This tent belongs to this kid”



“What you say! I told you that it was stolen by this kid!”

“Where did you buy the tent?”

“Baki’s shop”

“It’s a store that only sells new products”

“Aa, what do you mean”

“This tent is second-hand, so it’s not what you are looking for”

“There’s no way that’s true! That tent was brand new! Don’t fucking kidding me!”

“This is definitely a second-hand item from Ragu’s2 father’s shop”

Ragu’s father’s shop?

Does he mean the old man?

But, why is this person know?

“Moreover, it was Captain Ogut and Vice Captain Verivera who introduced the shop to the kid”


Captain and Vice Captain.

Now that I think about it, I completely forgot to introduce myself because of the surprise and commotion.

“Let me ask you again. Is it true that your tent was stolen?”

“That is….no. I wonder if I was mistaken?”

“I would like for you guys to follow me because there still a lot that I want to hear about”

“N-No. It was our mistake. There’s no more problem”

“Unfortunately, I have a lot to ask. I won’t forgive you if you run away, okay?”

The administrator’s friends show up and start to surround the adventurers.

When they saw it, they tried to escape, but were immediately caught and taken away.

“Um, thank you very much”

“No, I’m the one who has to say sorry. I was a little late to come”

“No no. You really helped me there. Um… did you know that the tent was mine?”

“I just saw you enter the old man’s store. And after that I met the captain and was told about you”


“Kukuku. You were alone and he was worried about your tent”

So you say that he was worried about me…’s somehow felt a bit embarrassing.

I have to thank him again when we met.

“You’re not injured, are you?”

“Yes. I’m okay”

“Is that so. That’s good”

After seeing the administrator go back to work, once again, I start to take a rest.

Thanks to what happened previously, my body still shaking a little.

I take a deep breath and drink my tea slowly.

Haa~, I’m glad that the administrator came.

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  1. 訴えるから捕まえろ”
  2. ラグ

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