The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 40


Chapter 40 The Tent is Comfortable

The story of Ratomi village’s chief was honestly surprising.

The chief was replaced by the time I was born.

I wonder if the previous chief was suddenly died of illness.

“Um, thank you very much for telling me this”

“It’s okay, it’s okay. Are you an adventurer now?”


It’s hard for you, even though you are still young. That’s right, take this with you”

The elderly man came from the back bringing 2 zaro fruit with him.

“It’s too ripe, it won’t sell anymore”

“Thank you”

When I receive the zaro, sweet and sour scent spread.

I don’t have any memories other than the fortune teller, but I miss them.

I bow to the two and get back to the square.

Speaking of that, the village of the chief who was caught in embezzlement was also deserted, but will Ratomi village be like that?

First of all, if zaro’s income decreases, I feel the village will come to the same fate.

Even so, I thought that the mayor who was arrested by embezzlement and tormented the villagers was terrible, but I was surprised that the head of the village where I was born was worse.

But, It was nice to know in detail what happened in Ratomi Village.

From now on, let’s say that I ran away from the village.

It’s true anyway.

At the square, I show the permission board and go inside.

The person who is managing the square is also changed again.

How many vigilantes are in this village?

It’s amazing.

I put away the luggage I left at the square.

To make a room, so that I can set up a tent.

While taking out the tent I bought, something kinda welled up in me.1

When I fled the village, I had no idea.

To be able to buy a tent with the money I earned.

It felt like a dream.

I stroke the tent a little and switch my mind.

As I thought, it’s easy to assemble alone.

Driving the pile and fixing it into the ground and it is complete.

I take off my shoes, enter the tent and put my luggage there and immediately close the entrance, and after that I take Sora out of the bag.

Sora is looking and jumping around.

Apparently, he looks happy.

“Sora, don’t let out any voice in this place”

At my words, Sora stretches and shakes his body vertically.

It probably means okay.

“Still, this really is a good tent”

I lay the rug at the bottom of the tent and sit down.

Because of the thickness at the bottom of the tent, it is more comfortable to sit on than usual.

Moreover, I don’t have to worry about other people’s gaze.

I don’t have anything else to do, it’s a bit early but I’ll eat and prepare for tomorrow and sleep.

Un, I want to enjoy the tent!

I have to prepare the trap too.

Let’s do that.

I take out twenty portions and arrange it in front of Sora.

I gnawed at the dried meat while looking at the potions that turned to bubbles.

Today is dried meat from hare.

The meat is thicker than wild rats.

The taste is, maybe the wild rats are better?

The hare is delicious enough.

After eating the dried meat, this time is the zaro.

I ate the two zaros after enjoying it sweet and sour smell after a long absence.

“Fu~, it was delicious. Sora, how about we go hunt tomorrow?”

Sora glances at me and shakes his body and then start eating again.

I take a book out of the bag and check the trap for hare.

The mechanism is relatively simple, I can make it.

And because it’s a type where we put the trap, I can hut safely.

Looking at the material, I can make it with what I have now.

If I can make a few today, I can start hunting tomorrow.

I bought a tent, so I need an income.

I’ll try my best hunting hare, and earn money.

After eating his meal, Sora enters his bag, shake his body and closed his eyes.


Even though he already finished eating, there are still bubbles coming out inside his body.

When I was wondering about it, it calmed down after a while.

What was it?

He always starts bubbling when he starts eating.

When I poke him, sora woke up and stare at me.

“Are you okay?”

Sora seems to be appealing that he is okay by stretching and shrinking his body vertically.

I was surprised because it was the first time I saw it, but it looks like there is no problem.

……Could it be he just ate too much?

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  1. 購入してきたテントを取り出しながら、何だかにやけてしまう。

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  1. thank you for the new chapter
    i really appreciate it
    and just a few questions
    1. why does the village name always start with Rat? is the author really love rat?
    2. what is the name of the kingdom?
    thanks beforehand
    and if you don’t know the answer just ignore it
    once again thanks you for all your hard works

    1. For the first question, just like you said, he just might be deeply obsessed with rat, or he just can’t come up with anything for the name and just go “the hell with it” and use rat as part of the towns name.

      For the second one, iirc, it hasn’t been told yest.

      Thanks for the appreciation and for reading the translation ☺

    2. It could be that the name of the road is Rat and so any village on that road uses Rat in the name. Would make it easy to find any village or town you learn about. Need to get to Ratomi, just follow Rat Road. An enemy nation is attacking Lessiria, have the army follow the Less Road.

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