The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 39


Chapter 39 Special Product of Ratomi Village

“Kid, is there any problem?”

“No. It’s just the first time for me to know that such a light tent exist”

“The latest tent that is light and durable is popular”

“Latest? …..isn’t this second-hand?”

“That is, the guy who bought this had a woman he liked and quit being an adventurer. And immediately put it for sale”

“Is that so. This one, please”

“Got it. That right, why don’t you mark it up?”


“Aa. there might be a problem with a similar tent, so put a mark on a place that only you know. Any name or symbol is fine”


I see the tent that I just bought.

Where would it be best?

“…..Why don’t just put it here?”

“Umm, then, please”

“No, think about it yourself”


I have the tent spread out, I try to write Sora at the ceiling but when I realized, what I wrote was “Sky”.1


…..This is, maybe from my previous memory?

It may be read as Sora, that is what I felt.

“Oh, a symbol? This is hard for others to understand”

I don’t know what it means, but I think it’s a word.

But it seemed like a symbol.

…..I can’t explain it, so let’s just call it a symbol.

“It would be hard from now on, so do your best”

Ugh, I felt a prick in my heart.

I need to find out what happened in Ratomi village.

The Gatekeeper and the other man who was talking at the entrance with someone, return to the back of the store.

“Oh! Did you bought it?”

“Yes, thank you very much. I got a really good product”

I was a little surprised, but thanks to this guy, I could buy a really good tent.

He’s a nice person.

“Hahaha, praised me more”

“Oi, isn’t it about time to look around?”

“Ah, this is bad. Later, kid”

“Thank you very much”

When I bowed my head deeply, the two lightly raised their hands and leave the store in a hurry.

“That guy, he’s as busy as ever.. …..Then, 5 Gidals”


I take 5 Gidals out of the magic bag.

I give the money to the old man and receive the tent.

The old man is, taking out a small bag from the back of the store.

“This will do”


“It’s small, but it’s a regular magic bag. Yours is a degraded version right?”


“It’s easy to be seen by others when taking or putting gold inside the degraded version. They will know how much you have, so it will be dangerous”

“Thank you very much”

After taking the magic bag and bowed to the old man, I left the store.

On the way to the square, I remembered the Gatekeeper and the old man, which makes me smiled.

They are good people, and the other man that was with him too.

He never complained and keep accompanying us.

One of the stores on the main street had something that I was familiar with.

It is a special product of Ratomi village.

I heard that the fruit called Zaro, it is nutritious and popular in town.

But, I was surprised at the price.

It is four times the price of Zaro I knew.

“So high”

“Nn? the Zaro?”

The shop owner come to me when they heard my voice.

Looking at the person that rushed to me, he seems to be an elderly man.

In the back of the stores, there seems to be someone who seems to be his wife.

“Yes. Is this Zaro from Ratomi village?”

“Hahaha, Zaro could only grow in that place. …..Are you perhaps from Ratomi village?’


“With your parents?”

“……No, I travel alone”

I want information about Ratomi village so I will answer honestly.

“Alone! …..Sure this year is pretty tough. Haaah~, it’s because of that stupid village chief”

“The Village’s Chief?”

I remember the man that told my parents to kill me.

I honestly want to forget about it.

“Did you leave the village without knowing anything? Aa. that’s not it. Were you kicked out?”

“…..I ran away”

“Ran away……is the village has really become that bad”

The elderly mand shakes his head while letting out a large sigh.

“There’s a fortune teller name Louva2 there right?”


“The zaro from the Ratomi village has been protected by her. This fruit is very difficult to harvest. If the timing is a little different, it won’t become a product. That’s where her divination came and she took advantage of it3

“The village chief just did not like it!”

Suddenly another voice is heard and that surprised me.

When I look at the voice, the person who seems to be the wife come here.

“Ratomi is a village that cannot be sustained without a source of income from the zaro. It is natural that many villagers who support Louva that protect the income source of their village. And that fool village chief did not like it. He did not give medicine to Louva when she was sick”

“He lied to the surrounding villagers that he had given the medicine. They only know the village chief’s waist drawstring”4

“Because Louva knew what the zaro was for the village. She told the villager that, If something happened, make sure to contact the other fortune teller, it should have been like that. It’s nothing, was what the villagers received after asking about the waist drawstring and make villagers felt strange about it. In addition, he seemed to have blamed a child at first. The previous village chief was fine, but now it is useless. The village is now ruined”5

“That village chief, to save himself, he kicked out the villagers, is what I heard”

“It’s also said that a child without a parent was also kicked out… said you ran away.”


“Why you did?”

“…..It’s more of my parents than the village’s chief….that is, the problem was…..”

“Your parents, huh……you sure have it hard”

“Eh! no, that’s not it”

…..The village chief is more of a problem than what I thought.

My parents who followed him……Well, they are already a stranger.

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  1. What she tried to write was Sora(ソラ), but then she realized that instead of Sora(ソラ) what she wrote was Sora(空) which is the kanji for “Sky”
  2. ルーバ
  3. だから彼女に占ってもらって、それを活かしていた
  4. 知っていたのは村長の腰巾着だけだ”
  5. This sentence is not accurate, so if you have a correction please tell me. Here is the raw: ルーバは村にとって、ザロがどんな存在なのか知っていたからね。自分に何かあったら、必ず他の占い師に連絡を入れてくれているはずなんだ。それが何もない、これはおかしいと村人が村長の腰巾着を問い詰めて分かった事なんだよ。しかも、最初は子どものせいにしようとしたらしい。まったく前の村長は立派だったけど、今のは駄目だ村は今荒れているそうだよ

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  1. Bwahaha! Stupid village chief! You spite the fortune teller for giving a child that’s being abandoned by her parents aid, killing the fortune teller, and there goes your village’s cash crop! I wonder, will you be happy being united with god?

    1. The fortune teller was the only decent adult in the village, and the only one they could not afford to lose. I guess their chief figured “God” would see them through for getting rid of the “abomination”…

  2. Maybe it turns out that the way they interpreted her appraisal was wrong as well, and was some sort of plot.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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