The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 38


Chapter 38 Searcing For a Tent With The Gatekeeper

“Oi, it will hurt if you pulled like that!”


The gatekeeper’s companion grabs his arm who walked in a hurry.

In a hurry, he let go of my hand.

“My bad! Are you okay? Does it hurt? Uwa~ it’s becoming red”

“Haa~, sorry. He’s not a bad guy……he just can’t see the situation around him”

It’s the first time for two adult men to bow their heads at me.

Certainly, my wrist is slightly red, but I don’t understand why they have to bow their heads.

“I-I’m okay!”

“Really? I, grab your hand without holding back you know?”

“I’m really okay”

“Is that so? Alright, as an apology, I’ll find the best tent for you!”

He didn’t seem to give up on looking for a tent.

Rather, I feel like he’s getting more excited now.

He walks without listening to my reply, can’t just leave him be, I followed behind him.

And the other man follows behind me……this, is it okay?

After a short walk, we arrived in front of a store, it looks like a store that needs a courage to enter from outside.

“Here it is. This store is reputed for its product that can be used for a long time, that’s because even though it’s a second-hand, it is fixed first before being sold. Well, it’s the old man’s small habit”1

Looking inside, the place was messy and I couldn’t even tell what the product was.

It’s a place that has the opposite meaning of organize.

From the gap between the piles, a man could be seen in the back.

I was at a loss, but the gatekeeper entered the store vigorously.

“Old man, I’m coming in”

“A? oh, it’s you, what business you have coming to the store?”2

“I’m a customer”


The two people looked at the entrance, so I bowed my head once.

“This is a rather small customer. So where are your parents?”

“Oi. He’s a child from Ratomi village”3

“Ratomi… it’s true that they need to reduce the mouth to feed then. Geez”

What to do, should I say that it doesn’t upset me.

But, that can be use as an excuse for a minor to be traveling alone.

This is troubling.

“Is there anything you want?”

“Second-hand one-person tent”

“Tent huh”

The shop’s old man moves between the overflowing objects and looks over several tents.

The gatekeeper checks the performance and the fabric one by one.


It’s like that I already decided to buy it.

Well, I’m thinking of buying one, but it depends on the price……

What should I do, even though they already looking for me but what if my money is not enough……


“O? What’s wrong? Tell me if you have a request”

“That’s not it. I don’t know anything about the performance. Um, how much is the price?”

“Price? It’s depend on the item, how much do you got?”

My budget… 5 Gidals good?

I don’t want to use the gold coins, so I’ll give it up if I can’t afford it for 5 Gidal.

“5 Gidals”

“Eh!? 5 Gidals?”

The gatekeeper makes a pretty surprised face.

Not good, Is it wrong?

“Was that 5 Gidal is provided from Ratomi?”

A voice came from the man who was with the Gatekeeper.

“No. I received it at Ratom village for the information fee of a monster”

“A monster information fee……5 Gidal was a pretty dangerous monster”

“Yes. It was a wood monster that can use mimic”

“Oh, so it’s that. Do you get hurt? That monster is dangerous”

“Yes. I was lucky”

“I see. So it’s the information fee of that monster”

By the way, if it’s 5 Gidals, is it many or not, which one is it?

Is it okay to ask?

“You can buy a pretty good tent for 5 Gidals. Moreover, if you’re a boy, it’s better if it’s lighter”

I looked at where the voice of the store’s old man and find him holding one of the tents he had repaired.

When the Gatekeeper picked it up, he spread it out and see the condition of the fabric.

“Oo~. It’s definitely a good product”

“Of course. It’s the best product right now. I’ve also made some adjustment”

While listening to the Gatekeeper and his old man, I check the weight of the tent by touching it.

I was surprised when I lift it, it is certainly light.

I wanted to bring my tent when I left Ratomi Village, but I couldn’t do it because I had too much luggage.

At that time, I wanted to make my luggage as light as possible, considering the possibility of being chased.

And when traveling alone, you don’t often use tents.

It is dangerous to use tent when there is no one to watch in the forest.

Especially when it rains, it makes monster harder to see, so it’s better to hide in caves and tree holes and wait for the rain to stop.

But if you’re going to use a square in a big village or town, you will need a tent.

While I’m at lost, the Gatekeeper goes out of the store with the tent.

“Let’s go check if you can set the tent alone”

In response to the old man words, I hurriedly follow him and went outside, and was given a tent.

While listening to Gatekeeper’s explanation, I’ll try to see if I can set up the tent by myself.

It seems to be a type that can be easily stretched, and I could do it alone.

When I go inside, the surface that touches the ground felt a little thick and warm.

Closing the entrance creates a larger space than I had expected.

This is good.

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  1. ここだ。中古でもしっかりと修理して売っているから長く使えると評判なんだ。まぁ、少し親父に癖があるけどな
  2. “あ?なんだ、お前はこの店に用なんてねぇだろうが”
  3. Just for a remainder, but most of the people see him as a boy, so I used he instead of she here.

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