The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 37

Chapter 37 Should I Look Around the Forest?

Shortly after checking the things I picked up, I felt presence of people approaching.
I hide Sora that was swaying into the bag and look in the direction where the presences are coming from.
There, I saw three men dressed as guard approaching.
I’m a little nervous, but Sora is already in the bag, so it should be fine.
Some adventurers bring their trash directly to the dump, so there’s nothing wrong with me being here.
But still, what business they here?
Are they perhaps patrolling around the dump?
I hold the bag and walk towards the men to return to the village.
The three looked at me but I walk past them without being stopped.
Thank goodness.
A little further away, I stopped and looked back.
They look around the dump and go straight into the forest.

“Maybe they are patrolling the forest next?”

If so, it might not be possible to sleep in the forest.
If it’s far away from the village, there would be no problem to sleep in the forest.
But Ratme village has a well-maintained open space.
I can’t think of a reason to sleep in a dangerous forest.
What to do.
Sleep deeper in the forest?
But I don’t know how far they are patrolling, and I’m worried about the number of adventurers in this village.
I feel like it’s almost twice the number from the previous villages.
If so, the encounter rate in the forest will increase, so I wouldn’t be able to release Sora freely in the forest.
Which means, as I am closer to the village, the frequent of me putting sora in and out of the bag will increase more and more.
Haa~, guards are patrolling around, and there are many adventurers too.
Is this what a big village feels like?
I’m going to town next time, so I have to find a fundamental solution.

At the gate of the village, a different person is now standing as a gatekeeper.
I wondered if I would be asked again, but this time I was able to enter the village without being told anything.
Could it be, at that time, I looked suspicious?
I’ll be careful next time and try to avoid any suspicious behavior.
Looking around the village, as expected, there are still a lot of people, and there are people that are walking around too.
It’s dangerous to bring out Sora in the village.
While looking around, I entered one of the butchers.
My purpose is to buy dried meat and check if they are buying meat.


When I entered the shop, and elderly lady came out from behind.
I looked around for the dried meat, while feeling a little nervous.
There are two types of dried meat I found, small and large bags. The large bags seem a little better.
I take out 300 Dal and buy the Large bag one.

“Excuse me. There’s something I would like to ask”

“What is it?”

“is the dried meat from wild mouse?”

“It’s from wild mouse and hare1. The one you bought just now is from hare, it’s a little bigger than a wild mouse and easier to catch, that makes it a little cheaper. There are also wild pigeons but it’s expensive because it’s harder to catch”

I heard that there are different types of dried meat in towns and surrounding villages, so it’s true.
But still, it’s from hare, I thought it was from wild mouse.
I stared at the purchased dried meat.
….I can’t tell the difference because it’s a dried meat.

“Will you buy the meat if I hunt some?”

“Of course! But it would be good if it’s fresh”

“Got it”

“Do you hunt alone?”


“Is that so. There are animals around this area that has fang we called wild boar that are a little troublesome, so be careful”

“Thank you”

Wild boar?
I never heard of it.
An animal, not a monster.
When I left the butcher and return to the square, the people in charge changed.
I how the permission board and go to the reserved place.
A small tent comes into view on the way.

“A tent, huh”

If it’s a tent, it might be okay to bring Sora out.
A one-person tent, I wonder how much it cost?
I’m worried about the weight, but it would be better to see and make sure of it first.
Looking around, I see a signboard.

[Introducing only high-quality second-hand goods!]

Can I afford a second-hand goods?
There’s the reward from the information fee, so I might be able to afford a little.
Considering the future of me and Sora, I might want a tent.
I check the location of the store on the signboard, then turn towards the street.
I enter the store I found at the side road of the main street just like the signboard says.
Looking inside, there seem to be many adventurers.

“Is there something you want to buy?”

I suddenly heard a voice and looked back, while holding my mouth that was about to shout.

“Ah, my bad. I didn’t mean to surprise you”

The man behind me was the gatekeeper at the entrance of the village.
A stranger was next to him.

“Oi, don’t make a kid surprised”

As the stranger reprimand the guard, I calmed my heart with taking a deep breath.

“Hahaha, my bad my bad. So, do you want to buy something?”

“Yes. I need a second-hand tent for one person”

“A tent? …..If you are not given money when you got kicked, Ratomi village is in poverty seems to be true.

Ratomi village is in poverty?
Although the village is not rich, because it has a specialty goods, I don’t think it will be in poverty.

“That’s it! Let me introduce you. It’s my dad’s shop”

Saying that, he grabbed and pulled my hand to make me start walking.
Somehow, it became me introduced to the owner of the shop for some reason.
However, the pulled hand is a little painful because our stride length is different.

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  1. It’s a species of rabbit native to japan.

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