The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 36

Chapter 36 In The Square1

I put my luggage on the chair and get ready to set my things in place.
Adventurers with tents set up their tents to save space, but some people, like me, don’t have tents.
In such a case, you can secure a place by laying a rug and put luggage that wouldn’t be a problem if taken.
When I first used the square, I learned by looking at other adventurers.
Although there are no solid rules about it, it seemed to be minimal rules among the adventurers.
Take out the rug from the bag and lay it down, leaving only one bag on the rug.
It’s done.
Looking around the plaza, I can see that there are nearly 10 large tents near the kitchen area.
Top adventurers use large tents but not in the squares, so they’re probably beginner or intermediate adventurer teams.
They would be noisy when drinking, so it was good to be away from them.
There are many individuals in the place where I was taught, with one-person tents here and there.
There are places like me where there are only rugs and luggage.
It is a relatively quiet place, so I’ll be able to sleep in peace.
I’m glad I was told a good place.

I leave the square and head to the forest.
The same person is guarding at the entrance.
I lower my head slightly and quickly head to the forest.
I’m not used to the guards, so I get a little nervous as I go by.

I always felt relieved whenever I was in the forest.
In the forest, I was looking around searching for the dump.
Because this is a big village, could it be that the dump will be big too?
No, if they have many contracts with tamers, I guess it will be okay if the dump wasn’t that big.
I was able to find the dump in the place with similar conditions to the other villages, and like the village, the dump was big.

“It’s huge~”

I was surprised at its size.
It was bigger than I expected.
And there are a wide variety of things being thrown away.
I thought about putting Sora near the dump as usual, but I was at a loss because of the size of the dump.
If there was a presence of people, I wouldn’t be able to return to Sora immediately.
What should I do.
The safest way is to enter the dump together.

“Sora, can you try not to be buried in the garbage?”

Sora has a bad sense of stability.
When he enters the dump, he often buried in garbage.
Sora looked at me while stretching his body upwards.
Oh, a new move.
So he can do that kind of move now…..wait, that’s not it.
I thought a little, let’s take a way that he won’t be seen by people.

“Sora, let’s go into the dump together”


When he jumps into the dump, he rolls and gets caught between the bottles.

“Sora, listen to what I’m saying…..”

After rescuing Sora and hold him up on one hand, I continue to pick up things I need in the dump.
I was glad that I can still hold Sora on one hand even though his size is bigger now.
I put blue and red potions one after another inside a bag for Sora’s food.
As expected of the place this big, it keeps coming even after I pick one after another.
It seems likely that a significant amount would be gathered.
Oh, I found a magic bag…’s pretty torn….. As expected, this is impossible.
Aside from that……what is this?
It’s clothes, but it’s too big.
Was it because there were many adventurers?
A considerable number of swords have been thrown away.
Some of them not even in a sheath, if I’m not careful, My feet would be hurt.
After looking around to some extent, I leave the dump.

I sit and leaned my back on a large tree slightly away from the dump.
Sora has already jumped from my hand and shaking in front of a bag meant for Sora.
He definitely asking for potions.
While I was picking up a potion, he was shaking violently on in my hands.
I laugh at the usual Sora.
I then place ten blue and red potions side by side in front of Sora.
Sora starts to eat the potions I line one by one.
The potions quickly became a bubble and absorbed by Sora.
As always, the way he eats is strange.
…..Speaking of which, I have never seen the other slimes eat.
I want to see it.
Is the way they eat the same as Sora?

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