The Weakest Tamer Trash Picking Journey Begins Chapter 35

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Chapter 35 Arriving in Ratme Village


The number of adventurers passing by on the village road has increased due to the proximity of Ratme village.

I felt sorry that Sora is always in his bag.

I glance at the slime in the adventurer team…..but the body color is opaque or muddy.

I saw some with beautiful color but they were not translucent.

After all, you cannot encounter translucent slime like Sora.

I might not be able to take him out of the bag…..


The entrance to the village was visible.

I was so surprised at the completely different village compare to the previous one that I stopped.

Until now, the entrance of the village was a simple gate, but in Ratme village there is a fine gate.

Isn’t it a pretty big village?

Did I pass through Ratme village and arrived at Otorwa town?

As I approached with some doubts, I saw a sign that read Ratme village.

And a high fence that extends to the left and right from the gate.

This is something I have never seen in a village before.

My heart pounds so much that it was noisy.

There is a gatekeeper standing at the entrance, confirming who is coming and going.


What should I do, do I need something like a certificate?

I had left my village and had not brought my certificate.

Besides, it would have been long since it was disposed of.


It can’t be helped, I gave up and approach the gate.

The gatekeeper noticed me and called out.

My heart pounding hard.


“Are you alone?”




“Where are you from?”


“From Ratomi village”


“Ratomi! You come from a very far village alone?”




“Is that so. That village was in trouble, so there is no choice but to reduce the mouth to feed”



I wonder what he means by that.

In trouble?

Reducing the mouth to feed?


“It’s hard, but if you’re an adventurer, you can eat. Do your best”


“…..Thank you very much”


I don’t know what happened, but he seemed to be worried and cheered me on.

And something happened to Ratomi village.

I didn’t hear anything in the village so far…..what happened?

Can I found out in this village?



It was quite different from other villages from the doorway, but it seems that the inside of the village is also quite different.

As I enter the village, a large road continues, with shops lined to the left and right.

I was surprised at the number of stores, but I was overwhelmed by the number of people.

It’s a bit before lunch, but there are already adventurers that are having lunch, and the shop is quite noisy.

There seem to be people dressed the same as the gatekeeper patrolling around.

It might be the village vigilante.


For now, I’ll look around the village.

I want information about this village, and also want to know about Ratomi village.

I move to follow the flow of people, but there are too many people.

I felt a little…..

After a short walk, I arrived at a place that seems to be the village square

Let’s take a break, I felt dizzy because of the number of people around.

There are benches in the square, and I looked for an empty bench to sit down.

Looking around, it is very lively and many of the villagers has a smile on their face.

This village seems to be a very nice place.

But, I feel like there are too many people.


Various voices can be heard.

It doesn’t seem to have the information I want.

A new shop or somewhere has created a new menu.

……It’s like a really calm village.

Like the first time I entered a village, I was troubled about what to do.

For now, let’s secure a place to sleep today.

Looking around, there are many merchants and adventurers.

Are there many adventurers in the open square?

Should I settle down in the forest?

Just in case, I’ll look for open space in the square.


“So big”


The square, open to adventurers, was so large that I had never been seen before.

There seems to be a hotel exclusively for adventurers in the vicinity, and it is quite busy.

A person is standing at the entrance when I tried to enter the square.

I was a little surprised, but the appearance was the same as the one who stood at the gate of the village door.

Does Ratme village manage the square too?


“Are you staying?”








“…..Is that so. That place there is safer”


He seems to be puzzled seeing me alone.

This is probably because I look like minors.

However, he checked the square and told me a safe place.

It was a place away from the kitchen, but relatively with few people.

I borrow it because it is an ideal place.


“Is it okay?”




Perhaps, it was necessary to give money?

I was a little anxious and was given something.

If I look closely, there is a mark on the board.


[Permission Board]


“Permission Board?”


“Aa, is it your first time?”




“It is because the more people it is, the more problem arise. So that is why the number of people is limited. You can’t enter without it. ”


“I see. Thank you”


After all, there seem to be quite a lot of adventurers in this village.

Never would I have thought that the number of people using the square would be limited.

There is a bench near the place where I was taught, so let’s use it.

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